Smokers Can Add Individuality With Personalized Humidors

Personalized Humidors For Cigars With Laser Engraved DesignPersonalized humidors add a touch of individuality to any cigar smoker’s set-up. Whether it is a gift or for personal enjoyment, this type of equipment is vital to protecting the flavor and condition of any number of cigars. Available in a range of sizes from a compact travel size to a full room layout, they give off a steady amount of moisture into the space. Ideally, the concentration should be in the 68-72% range in order to avoid tobacco beetles and ensure a desirable burn rate.

Exterior casings may be metal and plastic materials, but most commonly construction is of wood such as American Red Cedar, Honduran Mahogany, and Spanish Cedar. The latter is quite popular due to its ability to keep harmful beetles away and retain proper levels of dampness without warping.

From casual smokers to sophisticated connoisseurs, they are sure to enjoy receiving personalized humidors to store their prized collection. Serious Cigars utilizes a top notch laser engraver that allows for an endless amount of options. Sports team or company logos, monograms, family crests, or particular words of wisdom are just a few of the possibilities to consider displaying. They are an excellent gift idea for birthdays, graduations, wedding party, or even to pay tribute to a new man cave. With the recipient in mind, these unique boxes are sure to make any celebration one to remember.

When Can Personalized Cigar Cutters Make Strong Impressions?

Personalized cigar cutters are the perfect way to make a strong impression on a tobacco enthusiast and can be done with nearly any design or style. Any image or phrase can be etched into the item’s surface using laser engraving technology, so they are appropriate for any situation. The laser used during the process is safe and gentle so it will not affect the accessory’s durability or function. Engraving other accessories can also be done in this way so they can be placed together to form a beautiful collection.

A laser engraver can be used to customize just about any cigar accessory, including ashtrays, humidors, lighters and even the stogies themselves. Because the laser is gentle, it will not alter the taste of a blend or ruin the integrity of the stick’s wrapper.

Customized accessories are the perfect gift for any occasion, including Christmas, birthdays or other holidays like Mother’s or Father’s Day. Personalized cigar cutters are also perfect for just showing the aficionado that you are thinking of them. Smokes are a popular gift following the birth of a child, but without the right accessories to pair them with, the smokes cannot be enjoyed. Such an event can be made more memorable with a beautifully crafted and customized accessory.

These items are also a smart way to make a lasting impression on a business partner or client. When meeting with a client or executive that is a known tobacco enthusiast, a customized accessory can break the ice and help bring a couple of businesses together.

Tobacco enthusiasts typically take pride in their hobby, and any way to make it more individual is something every aficionado can appreciate.

What Are the Benefits of Using Promotional Cigar Accessories?

When it comes to promotional cigar accessories, Serious Cigars’ custom laser engraver can create the perfect gift for any client or occasion. The addition of a unique design to a hearty cigar or a lighter offers an excellent and classy form of advertising for any business. The tradition of giving these luxurious items in honor of professional accomplishments, celebrations, and other occasions is well established, and you can set your business apart with a personalized design. An elegant engraving of your company logo will certainly make a long lasting impression on clients or anyone else when it is presented on a well-crafted product. The accompanying fittings and equipment for smoking offer the advantage of numerous uses. This multiplicity allows your client or recipient to be reminded of your business for quite some time.

Serious Cigars can personalize an expansive list of promotional cigar accessories with their state-of-the-art laser engraver. From humidors and holders to cutters, lighters or ashtrays, you can customize just about anything with an engraved design. The laser can even cut patterns onto the cigars themselves, and it does this without compromising the structure or quality of the smoke or the wrapper. The engraver etches delicate and detailed contrast images into the surface of the product.  It allows for precision and a fine readability. By personalizing a product with your company logo, you are creating a point of recognition through distinction.  You are also aligning your practice with a product that connotes craftsmanship and satisfaction.

Take into account the benefits of using promotional cigar accessories to endorse your business. This form of advertising immediately affiliates you with the elegance of the artful smoking experience. The act of smoking is a pleasurable one, providing the user with a moment of reflection and refinement.  The products that can be engraved will surely be reminders of high-quality and sophistication, proving to be a worthwhile advertisement for any company.

How Can A Laser Engraver Be Used On Custom Cigar Accessories?

Custom cigar accessories can be the perfect addition to any aficionado’s collection, making their hobby a personal one and impressing other enthusiasts. A laser engraver is used to craft the lettering or image and can be used to create nearly any message or look a person could want. The engraver is also extremely safe and uses a low power setting that doesn’t affect the durability of the item or the taste of the stick.

Ashtrays, cutters, humidors, lighters, holders and stogies can all be turned into custom cigar accessories. With a variety of items available, an aficionado can find the perfect item for their message or image. They can be used for weddings, the birth of a child, Christmas gifts, birthdays or anniversaries. They are also perfect for building or maintaining a close relationship or friendship, using a humorous or uplifting message.

A laser engraver can create some interesting PR options. Branding them with a corporate logo or slogan makes them the perfect swag for conventions or other corporate events. In fact, they may be the only swag people are happy to receive at an event. Handing out personalized stogies or items to an important client can make a powerful impression, especially if they touch on something important to the client. This could be a good way to help close a deal or forge a partnership that pays dividends for the business.

A classic contrast image is achieved when a laser engraver works at a low power setting. It is completely safe for any custom cigar accessories, including stogies. In fact, the laser doesn’t even penetrate the wrapper, so it doesn’t alter the blend’s chemistry in the slightest. Because the engraving can be used with so many things, it’s best to opt for the service through a company that offers a large selection of items. Serious Cigars is one of Houston’s largest suppliers of cigars and tobacco goods and also provides premium laser engraving. Contact an expert with the company at (281) 397-9800 and learn how personalized items can enhance your smoking experience.

Cigar Themed Wedding Gift Baskets For Groomsmen Are Becoming A Tradition

Start a Trend with Cigar-themed Wedding Gift Baskets for GroomsmenCigar themed wedding gift baskets have become increasingly popular for the groom to give their groomsmen.  It has become custom for wedding attendants to receive a gift of appreciation, and this can be a lot of fun for groomsmen to receive for their participation in the event. A groom can show his gratitude for his wedding party with something that they will enjoy, remember, and discuss for years to come.

Why are wedding gift baskets with cigars and accessories so much fun for men to receive?

For many men, it will be a gift they actually use. Even for traditional nonsmokers, when a special event comes around like a friend’s wedding, they will light up and enjoy a smoke with the rest of the guys. It is also easy to customize. If one of the groomsmen is an aficionado, then it can be packaged with a sampling of their favorite smokes. If there is a novice in the group, then try giving a sampling of milder smokes.

What cigars and accessories can be put together for this gift of appreciation?

A sampling of mild to full bodied smokes is a good place to start. Keeping them enclosed will help them retain their freshness. This container can be used for the packaging of the present itself or as part of the overall basket. Consider getting cigar accessories that can be engraved for the package, perhaps a torch lighter or ashtray. If the groom and groomsmen will be playing golf as part of the bachelor party, then adding the cigar minder would be a great idea.

Stand Out With A Corporate Christmas Gift Baskets For Cigar Enthusiast

During the holiday season, the best way to treat coworkers who are tobacco enthusiasts is with corporate Christmas gift baskets that feature cigar samplers and accessories. Every year around the holidays, many stogie producers make their finest blends available in sampler packs. While sampler cigars were once considered a way to bundle inferior products together, this is no longer the case. Instead, many brands like to showcase their expertise with these sticks, making them an easy choice for impressing a work colleague.

Sampler packs from major manufacturers, like Perdomo, Carlos Torano, Rocky Patel, Davidoff, L Atelier, CAO and Saint Luis Rey can fill out any corporate Christmas gift baskets, but they should be accompanied by other accessories. Humidifying is an important part of this smoking experience because this preserves the stick and encourages flavor development over time. Humidifiers, therefore, are an important piece every serious tobacco enthusiast should have. Fortunately, there are many to choose from, from simple sleeves that can humidify a single stogie to elegant wooden pieces that can store dozens of smokes. Davidoff and Savoy produce a number of Spanish cedar humidors that are both functional and beautiful.

Cigar cutters, draw enhancers and holders are all small items that aficionados can get great use from. Draw enhancers help open up a tight draw on a stogie, making it easier to smoke. Cigar holders allow a smoker to put down their stogie without worrying about it moving around or getting dirty. Ashtrays and lighters can also become treasured keepsakes, especially those that are designed like pieces of art. Porcelain ashtrays and flip-top lighters are nice to look at, but are also highly functional, like the best cigars and humidors on the market.

Personal Humidor Is a Necessity for Every Cigar Smoking Enthusiast

A personal humidor is a necessity for anyone who loves cigars.A personal humidor is a necessity for anyone who loves cigars. This equipment is utilized to store fine stogies which have negative reactions to temperature change. The interior of this cabinet or box keeps an ongoing level of temperature and humidity that is suitable for its contents. In doing so, the freshness and overall flavor of the smokes are retained for future enjoyment. The perfect level of dampness within the unit must be between 62-72%, and the areas of unused space should be kept to a minimum to assist in maintaining the proper moisture levels.

There are numerous styles and sizes to choose from when looking to acquire this type of unit. They vary from a full room format to a pocket sized version. Yet, the most common size that is utilized is the personal humidor. This style will easily fit on a desk top or a counter. If one travels frequently, there are smaller options available, which will keep them fresh and from incurring damage in a pocket or suitcase.They can be as spartan or ornate as one likes, and personalized humidors are popular as gifts, too.

This piece of equipment is commonly made with a wooden exterior and an interior of Spanish-cedar wood veneer. This material is important as it withholds the dampness, contributes to the aroma of the sticks, fends off harmful beetles, and does not warp from the humidity.

To settle on which specific model will be the most beneficial for an individual it is imperative to determine the space it will be located and the number of sticks the aficionado will be storing in it. When a fan of cigar smoking is ready to invest in this type of accessory, they will be able to find them through a favorite local or online cigar store.

Unique Corporate Gifts for Smokers Include Designer Cigar Accessories

Unique corporate cigar gift baskets are sure to please co-workers who smoke.One of the best ideas for unique corporate gifts for smokers  might be a package that includes cigars and accessories for smoking them.  There are so many items to choose from that would make a colleague’s day when they opened up the package and found them.  Thoughtful presents are often those that are appreciated the most.  It is easy to see that a package was given a lot of thought and attention just by taking inventory of its contents.

There are many types of drinking vessels that can be included in a gift basket from those designed for wine to those that are meant for a shot of hearty liquor.  Even a travel flask can be included for those that want to take their favorite beverage along with them.  Coffee cups are a great idea for those that might want a good strong cup of java with their smoke.

Cigar accessories like apparel, lighters, holders, cutters, and ashtrays are great additions as are sampler packs that offer an array of flavors and strengths.  Other items might also include other items such as travel humidors or pocket humidors.  Torches and matches that are made of wood are also sometimes included and available for purchase.

Some unique corporate gifts might also offer chocolates and other types of food items to be enjoyed before, during or after a great smoke.  Mints and breath candies are also thoughtful additions for the smoker that might want to mask the smell of smoke on their breath.

No matter how many premium cigars are offered or other complimentary items are given, this is surely going to be a present that will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

Cigar Gifts Can Be a Single Cigar or a Novice Starter Basket

Deciding on the ideal present for a stogie lover is easy when all of the cigar gifts available today are explored. Giving can sometimes be difficult depending on who the recipient is. However, if the person loves cigars, choosing welcome presents has never been easier.

What are some great gifts suitable for any stogie enthusiast?

  • Cutters – A cigar cutter is a necessity for any smoker. Cutters allow the smoker to have a clean cut opening up the stick for thorough enjoyment. There are a number of styles and prices associated with a cutter. Look for one in a favorite color or in a monogrammed design.
  • Ashtrays – Ashtrays are quite complex these days. There are smokeless ashtrays, USB ashtrays, and even LED ashtrays. As far as this type of present goes, ashtrays provide a lot of benefits to the smoker and those people around the smoker. In addition, ashtrays allow the smoker to have a clean area. From beautiful crystal pieces of useful art to sleek modern stainless steel, decorative ashtrays can also make great containers for great cigar gift basket ideas.
  • Snuffers – A snuffer is nice because it allows the smoker to put out a stogie quickly and cleanly for later enjoyment. Snuffers come in a number of sizes, colors, and styles. Some cigar holders can also be used as snuffers.
  • Sampler packs – One of the best presents would have to be an outstanding sampler pack. These combine a variety of stogies in a single package for maximum enjoyment. Sampler packs range in price and options allowing the purchaser a very personal experience that can be shared with the recipient.

When it comes to cigar gifts, a connection between smoker and purchaser is redefined. There are a number of viable opportunities to give a better present. Whether purchasing accessories, sampler packs, fresh sticks, humidors, or certificates, the buyer can never go wrong with getting any number of items for the enthusiast.

Cigar Cases Protect Any Number of Cigars with Class & Elegance

Cigar Cases Protect Stogies with Style.Having one or more cigar cases helps protect the quality and integrity of an aficionado’s preferred smokes.  There are a number of choices and styles to choose from.  Each style allows the consumer to protect their investment with class and elegance.

What are some types of cigar cases available?

The single containers are ideal for carrying just one cigar when out and about.  Many smokers want to enjoy a fine after dinner or lunch stogie on the go.  These smaller boxes often fit perfectly in a pocket.  They safeguard the stogie against being crushed or broken while carrying it.

Other popular choices for cigar cases are those that are able to carry either two or three sticks.  This is a great option when an aficionado will be out for the day, or perhaps would like to share a new find with a friend or colleague.

Larger cigar cases can carry ten, twenty, thirty, or even one hundred choice stogies.  Maybe that many smokes are not needed for an evening on the town, but aficionados often  find that their business often requires an extended stay out of town.  Having the opportunity to enjoy one’s preferred stogies when they are away from home means carrying more with them during their travels.  Larger containers and travel humidors are designed for instances such as this.

With the available options in decorative cigar cases, the aficionado can carry as many or few of his favorites along as he would like. This is an excellent way to keep the freshness and the flavor where it belongs.