San Lotano Oval Cigars Are Deliciously Rich and Complex

San Lotano Oval Cigars Are Preferred by Many.Welcome to San Lotano Oval Cigars, the newest from A. J. Fernandez.  Like all of his cigars, this one is hailed for being just as complex and enjoyable as his others.  Unlike his other offerings, this one comes as an oval shaped smoke that has been box pressed into a gorgeous oak box.  The box is topped with a leather inlay, and sports the San Lotano Oval cigar emblem in gold leaf. They are offered in the following sizes:

Petite Robusto 0.5 x 54            Corona 5.5 x 44            Robusto 5.5 x 54

Toro 6.0 x 54                               Gordo 6.5 x 60              and Pyramid 6.5 x 54.

These hand-made cigars come from the AJ Fernandez factory that is located in Estelí, Nicaragua.  He uses a Habano 2000 wrapper that has been aged at least four years.  This smoke has a binder made from Nicaraguan tobacco leaves.  The fillers are a blend of the famous AJ Fernandez secret formula of Honduran and Nicaraguan leaves.  The delightful, complex notes combined with the medium boldness make this offering perfect for just about any level of smoker.

All the reviews were unanimous as to how a San Lotano Oval cigar feels and tastes.  From the creamy, thick smoke to the perfect burn line, they all felt it was exceptional.  The flavor notes ranged from mocha and coffees to pleasant spices, roasted nuts, and sweet maple.  It finished off with earth, coffee, and spice notes.

The San Lotano Oval cigars have a rich, complex flavor profile that reviewers are hailing as being very pleasing from the first light all the way through to the last exhale.