Grand Marnier Cigars Add to Your Joie de Vivre

Grand Marnier CigarsGrand Marnier cigars are an actual representation of official French joie de vivre.  The company is now owned and operated by the Marnier Lapostolle family.  The recipe that the family has used for over 150 yrs is still being used today and has the same luminescent taste as it did a century and a half ago.  It is one of the most sought after and unique cigars of its time.  Every smoker that lights up has a tendency to want to keep these beauties around, because they are so very different from all the other smokes that are available in today’s market.

The mild strength and delicious flavors are the distinguishing attributes of a Grand Marnier cigar.  It is loved by everyone, even by full bodied cigar lovers.  This makes the stick popular in its own right.  The Corojo wrapped, Dominican filled and Ecuadorian bound cigar is the perfect compliment after a meal.   You may also enjoy them with an evening cocktail of cognac, or your favorite beverage.  The energetic blend of cognac and orange petals make the excursion of this stick a memorable one.

The one difference between this lovely stick and most others that are available is the distinct process of infusing the Grand Marnier cognac flavor into the blended tobacco. This gives the finished stick the familiar essence and nuance of the famous liqueur.  The herbal and nutty fragrances conjoined with the finesse of the cognac and orange hues make the trademark and helps continue its famous legacy.

The odyssey is so compelling to cigar smoking novices and aficionados alike, that this stick is kept on hand at all times in their very own travel cigar tubes or humidors. Make it a point to experience this world renowned stogie today.