San Cristobal Cigars Are Timeless Nicaraguan Puros

San Cristobal Cigars are timeless Nicaraguan puros. San Cristobal cigars have recently emerged on the world to take it by storm.  In a relatively short time, compared with the overall history of crafting of this item, the producers of the San Cristobal cigars have been able to bring a quality product to market.

Ashton bought the name in the 1980s but didn’t obtain a trademark in the United States for it until the mid 1990’s.  Finally, in the 2000’s, they began the process of finding a partner that could help them produce the amount and quality that they desired.  They found such a partner and proceeded with development that spanned two years.

Using seeds that hail from the original birthplace of this product, Cuba, Don Jose Pepin Garcia and the Ashton company have collaborated to make the new San Cristobal cigars.  The entire creation, including filler, binder, and wrapper, is grown and rolled in Nicaragua.  Rich black soil in the Nicaraguan fields contributes to some of the excellent aspects of the ash produced when smoking this tobacco product.  The dark, oily wrapper is visually pleasing under the colorful and alluring band.  This band sports the name of this brand in glittering gold lettering and a flamboyant parrot.  The quality of the product is vital to these collaborators and is evident in the construction and final Cuban style triple-cap that it has.

So, despite the seemingly slow start to the Ashton production of this brand, the final product is a fine cigar that was worth the wait.  Yet, in view of the hundreds of years this smoking pleasure has had to evolve, the masterpiece brand, San Cristobal cigars, was created in a short period of time. Order some of these timeless Nicaraguan puros today from our online cigar shop!