Gurkha Titan Cigars Are Considered among the Best by Many

Gurkha Titans Considered among the Best Cigars by ManyThe British soldiers love for the local Indian tobacco gave this cigar its name, the Gurkha Titan.  The company is known for the way it only uses binders, fillers, and wrappers that are aged for half a decade.  This makes the blend of tobacco very unique and highly sought after.  While the company began in India, it was later purchased, and eventually moved to the Dominican Republic. It finally settled once and for all in Honduras.

Those in the industry behold the Gurkha Titan as being one of the best cigars in the world.  Reviewers rave about the great flavor and taste, as well as the aroma that is produced by these cigars.  Flavors that are detected include leather, pepper, spice, sweetness, coffee, cherry, grass, herbs, anise, and even floral notes.  While some reviewers reported a few of these and others reported more, it is clear that these flavors come through to the most discerning and talented palates.

There are those that will admit that they will only smoke the Gurkha Titan and other lines from this company.  Reviewers continue to give this a high cigar rating between eighty-eight and ninety-two.  This is a favorable and high rating that would be the envy of many other tobacco producers.

This is the choice for those who like a complex cigar that is a medium to full body offering.  The Gurkha Titan is definitely one to fit that bill.  The aroma is just as tantalizing as the flavors and taste profile.  The smoke is delightful, and the draw is easy and smooth.  This is one cigar for sale that every aficionado should try and keep in their humidor.