Esteban Carreras 1961 Is a Cinnamon Delight

An Esteban Carreras 1961 Cigar Is a Cinnamon DelightEnjoying a nice Esteban Carreras 1961 is something that many who prefer a mild bodied smoke will experience.  There are many reviewers that enjoy the ability to relax and enjoy the nutty spiciness, as well as knowing that this cigar brand isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, there are numerous humidors across the globe with at least one of these affordably priced cigars in them.

The Esteban Carreras 1961 contains popular Cameroon tobacco leaves for the wrapper, and a wonderful blend of Honduras tobaccos for the tantalizing filler blend. The manufacturing of this fine cigar takes place in the Dominican Republic, and guarantees a more experienced hand is handling each cigar during the creation process.

Of course, people want to know what makes the Esteban Carreras 1961 different from the others. The initial draw of this offering is a tastefully mellow flavor of a nice earthy tone. There is a touch of spiciness about an inch into the stogie that places this solidly into the medium-bodied category. There is a nice sweet and cinnamon aroma that permeates the air when enjoying this stick.

On the other hand, many smokers claim that the second third is very mellow without a lot of change in the flavors. While not all smokers like a consistently flavored smoke, it is preferred by many that like a mellow smoke at the end of a long day.  Many have chosen to purchase the Esteban Carreras 1961 at their favorite cigar shop to try it out for themselves.  With its reasonable price and the famous names behind the brand, it is definitely an offering to be considered for the humidors everywhere.