601 Mi Barrio Cigars Showcase the Art of Nicaraguan Richness

601 Mi Barrio Cigars Showcase the Art of Nicaraguan RichnessEO Brands proudly presents the 601 Mi Barrio cigars as an offering combining fine art with wonderful tobacco.  One puff will assure even the most discerning connoisseur that this is the best of the best and definitely is worthy of its limited edition label.  With a stick this good, it is easy to see why there is such dedication to the quality and why the quantity is so limited.

When a tobacco is grown in Nicaragua’s famed Esteli and Jalapa regions, it is almost a guarantee that the leaves will be rich and that they will embody abundant flavor profiles.  That is what this area is known for, being the premiere area in the world to grow tobacco.  EO Brands took advantage of this superior Nicaraguan tobacco product and enlisted Pepin to create a magnificent blend from it.  The result is a great tasting stick that is sweet, earthy, and smooth.  The 601 Mi Barrio cigar is a top-notch stick that enthusiasts are very happy with.

This cigar is certainly unique.  The packaging that was chosen for this stick was one that is adorned with a renowned Cuban artist’s work.  Each quarter, a new blend that features a new painting is released.  This makes the 601 Mi Barrio cigars a feast for the eye as well as the palate.

Aficionados are quickly including the 601 Mi Barrio cigar in their humidors.  They are grabbing them as soon as they hit the shelves because the supply is only offered as a limited edition.  Reviewers are raving that this is one of those smokes that everyone has to try to believe!