601 Cigars Are Delectably Strong Bodied

601 CigarsMade by the EO Company, which has now become one with Rocky Patel, 601 Cigars embody the bold offerings that so many aficionados crave.  They also lay claim that they are in short supply throughout the industry.  With the generations of know-how and expertise matched by the great Nicaraguan tobaccos, it is no wonder that these sticks have received a lot of very favorable reviews.  Many cigar smoking enthusiasts are more than happy to sing the praises of these sticks throughout the various different lines that 601 cigars have to offer.

601 Cigars pack a bold punch.  Some of the line is billed as being medium to full bodied, but all of the reviewers, regardless of the sizes and the types of sticks, said that it was their belief that they were full bodied.  Each of the reviews stated that the ‘medium’ did not really come into play.

From the taste of roasted almonds and roasted walnuts to the sweetness of creamy and delectable cocoa, the flavor profile is sure to please even the most discerning palate.  The spiciness of the offering seemed to be a pleasing complement that went hand-in-hand with the sweetness and the creaminess that existed in the same puff.

601 cigars are definitely a step up from other types of sticks.  Knowing that they are made in Esteli, Nicaragua is another valuable hint that they are derived from greatness.  From the wonderful tobacco, the skilled cigar rollers, and everyone that adds their expertise to the mix, there is no denying that this is one superb smoke.  Perhaps the best way to demonstrate this would be to go to the smokers’ shop and pick up a package of these wonderful sticks and give them a try.