601 Habano Cigars Are Better by the Box

601 Habano Cigars are better by the box.

The 601 Habano offers some pleasant choices for the cigar aficionado. There are a few different labels offered in this brand, and even some limited editions. Overall, these have been considered to be really well made in a number of cigar reviews. Like anything produced at Don Pepin Garcia’s farm in Nicaragua, they are also considered a good value, and definitely worthy of storing by the box.

The 601 Habano Robusto Red Label stick had a heavy note of leather, although was augmented by spices, thanks to the wrapper. It also got sweeter in the second half. The review noted pepper in the flavor, but indicated that it was a different pepper flavor than that experienced in the Connecticut.

The limited edition 601 Habano was remarked upon as having a smooth texture and a perfect appearance. This larger sized stogie lit well, and had great burn lines. Hay and cedar flavors in the first third led to hay, vanilla, and sugar in the second.  The profile then changed to chocolate and cedar, with notes of spice for the last third.

A common point to all of the reviews is how well the ash held on, even up to a few inches in one case. One reviewer even had trouble ashing the stick, since it held so well.

If someone is interested in trying one of the plentiful 601 Habano offerings, he should check with his local cigar shop, or look online. The personnel at either of these should be able to direct him to some good options. Alerting the staff to the preferences of the smoker can help make it a perfect fit.