Casa Fernandez Miami Cigars Described as “Hidden Treasure!”

Casa Fernandez Miami Cigars - Are they your "hidden treasure" too?The exceptional qualities of Casa Fernandez Miami Cigars have many enthusiasts raving about these stogies that they describe as hidden treasure. Made from the finest tobaccos of Nicaragua, these stogies have become a quick favorite for all levels of smokers from around the world. Offering a medium-bodied, barnyard flavor reviewers are raving about the consistent flavor and exceptional quality of these premium stogies.

Reviewers admire the deep color of the wrapper. With its light veins and rough exterior that emits a nice oily feel for tactile perfection. The wrapper is a single, lush tobacco leaf with a sweet chocolate coloration that has highlights with the slightest of red hues. It has a superb triple cap that is almost a trademark for the company.

By packaging the stogies in handmade boxes, the presentation is wonderfully suited for all smokers. Each box contains 15 of the finest stogies in the industry, and all Casa Fernandez Miami cigars are guaranteed perfect. In addition, the quality remains consistent from one stogie to the next.

A Casa Fernandez Miami cigar withstands the test of the critics as well as novices. Reviewers generally give these Nicaraguan cigars a score of over 90. The resounding reviews and remarkable ratings prove why these are considered premium cigars by so many aficionados.

The Casa Fernandez Miami cigars are definitely a popular choice for smokers that prefer a well-bodied stogie that offers a consistent and balanced flavor throughout the experience. Whether in the evening or in the morning, the flavor combination promises to become a favorite in any humidor.

San Lotano Connecticut Cigars Combine Quality and Affordability

San Lotano Connecticut Cigars Combine Quality and Affordability San Lotano Connecticut cigars are chosen for purchase by more aficionados who are looking for a rewarding and pleasant experience. AJ Fernandez has a reputation in the industry for excellence, and these stogies do not waver from that reputation.  They have a stable and firm construction that feels nice in the hand.

Deciding to purchase a San Lotano Connecticut cigar often introduces the smoker to what the Esteli, Nicaragua factory has to offer. With its rich, fertile soils and superior craftsmanship, every stogie is guaranteed to be pleasing to the palate while being a fulfilling experience for even the most discerning smoker.

Presentation is always important when it comes to choosing a stogie. These sticks have a light chocolate wrapper and are filled with the best Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been aged to perfection.  Each of the firm, hand-rolled San Lotano Connecticut cigars will stay lit without needing the lighter a second time. One reviewer left the stogie sitting for a few minutes and came back to it still smoldering safely in the ashtray.

Every San Lotano Connecticut cigar comes in four popular sizes: the Churchill, the Robusto, the Toro, and the Torpedo. The Nicaraguan binder holds true regardless of the size, with all of the consistent quality that one expects from this manufacturer.  Each stick provides a superior example of why A. J. Fernandez has such a positive reputation in this bustling industry.

Choosing between the possibilities of superior offerings to put in a humidor, the smoker often turns to San Lotano Connecticut cigars. This is a stick with a reputation for excellence that has an affordable price, thus making it quite alluring for every level of smoker. Whether as a gift or for a personal humidor, these stogies keep the aficionado coming back for more.

San Lotano Oval Cigars Are Deliciously Rich and Complex

San Lotano Oval Cigars Are Preferred by Many.Welcome to San Lotano Oval Cigars, the newest from A. J. Fernandez.  Like all of his cigars, this one is hailed for being just as complex and enjoyable as his others.  Unlike his other offerings, this one comes as an oval shaped smoke that has been box pressed into a gorgeous oak box.  The box is topped with a leather inlay, and sports the San Lotano Oval cigar emblem in gold leaf. They are offered in the following sizes:

Petite Robusto 0.5 x 54            Corona 5.5 x 44            Robusto 5.5 x 54

Toro 6.0 x 54                               Gordo 6.5 x 60              and Pyramid 6.5 x 54.

These hand-made cigars come from the AJ Fernandez factory that is located in Estelí, Nicaragua.  He uses a Habano 2000 wrapper that has been aged at least four years.  This smoke has a binder made from Nicaraguan tobacco leaves.  The fillers are a blend of the famous AJ Fernandez secret formula of Honduran and Nicaraguan leaves.  The delightful, complex notes combined with the medium boldness make this offering perfect for just about any level of smoker.

All the reviews were unanimous as to how a San Lotano Oval cigar feels and tastes.  From the creamy, thick smoke to the perfect burn line, they all felt it was exceptional.  The flavor notes ranged from mocha and coffees to pleasant spices, roasted nuts, and sweet maple.  It finished off with earth, coffee, and spice notes.

The San Lotano Oval cigars have a rich, complex flavor profile that reviewers are hailing as being very pleasing from the first light all the way through to the last exhale.

Hoya de Monterrey Reposada Cigar Assortment Offers High Quality Variety

Hoya de Monterrey Reposada Cigar AssortmentMany smokers are turning to a Hoyo de Monterrey Reposada cigar assortment package whenever they are looking for a unique collection of stogies. Providing better quality combined with low prices is what this company leader does best.  Smokers are definitely appreciating the high quality expertise this company furnishes to their esteemed customers.

What makes a Hoyo de Monterrey Reposada cigar assortment so popular and unique?

The finest tobaccos in the world are aged to perfection before being utilized for each stick provided in a Hoyo de Monterrey Reposada cigar assortment. A combination of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican Republic tobaccos are used to supply what reviewers are calling a high-quality melding of tobaccos that abound in a superior smoking experience.

An Hoyo de Monterrey Reposada cigar assortment combines a multitude of sizes and strengths to the smoker. Whether after dinner or before the big game, these stogies are the perfect example of why this company stands out in the industry. Furthermore, it is not just being an industry leader that makes them stand out.  It is that this company understands what a smoker looks for in an outstanding stogie.

Manufacturing some of the best offerings in the industry comes with incorporating quality work ethics and unrivaled expert artisans. Each tobacco leaf is treated with care to safeguard proper aging and handling of the leaf. Quality before quantity helps guarantee a better cigar smoking experience for all levels of smokers.

Deciding on an Hoyo de Monterrey Reposada cigar assortment package helps introduce new flavors and strengths to the smoker.  Each stick is tailored to meet the exacting specifications of the company.

La Aurora Gran Reserva Preferidos Cigars Bring the Past Back to Life

The future of La Aurora Gran Reserva Preeridos Cigars is as bright as their name!Made in the Dominican Republic by one of the oldest companies in the industry, the La Aurora Gran Reserva Preferidos cigars have a big name and an even bigger flavor profile.  When tobacco leaves this superb are allowed to be hand selected and then aged to peak maturity, the result is a winning combination.  None of the reviewers that offered up their experience with this great stick walked away with anything less than total palatial satisfaction.

Expectations ran high when it was announced that Guillermo Leon would take over the company.  Those expectations were met with the La Aurora Gran Reserva Preferidos.  This cigar was designed to take people back to the earliest part of the nineteen hundreds to sample the taste that was alive and well when this company was first formed.  This design was an astounding success.  Most reviewers say that the flavor profile is unmatched by any other and that this premium cigar aims to please.

With Dominican fillers and a Corojo wrapper, there is no way that the La Aurora Gran Reserva Preferidos could be anything but spectacular.  From a flavor profile that showcases palate tempting flavor notes such as pepper and cocoa, to a robust finish that integrates the spiciness into the peppery sweetness, the result is a great smoke from one end to the other.

Many cigar reviews state that the body of the La Aurora Gran Reserva Preferidos starts out as a medium offering but ramps up to an impressive full-bodied smoke.  Its large size and football shape makes it something to behold as aficionados hold it in their hand.  No humidor would be complete without one or more of these gems resting comfortably within.

A Turrent Puro Corojo Cigars Showcase Corojo Flavor

A Turrent Puro Corojo CigarsThe name for the A Turrent Puro Corojo cigar comes from the specially developed tobacco leaves of the same name.  Born from the expertise of a family so long ago, generations later this Cuba seed tobacco is producing astounding products like this cigar in a long line of smokes that are offered.  Continually modified to escape the diseases that once crippled the tobacco industry, this very delicate tobacco leaf gives way to flavor notes that are unmatched by any other.

People who reviewed the A Turrent Puro Corojo cigars all enjoyed the peppery notes that were found throughout the smoke.  While some described them as being very hot, others noted that they were much milder than that.  This could be explained by the individual tastes of each reviewer.  Of course, this flavor profile demonstrates much more than just the peppery notes.  There are also notes of coffee that comes in on the milder side and then strengthens toward the middle.  The coffee notes then wane to the background while the pepper ramps back up.  This is the give and take between these two complementary tastes.

There was a green flavoring that was described in a few different ways by reviewers who enjoyed the A Turrent Puro Corojo cigar.  Some noted that there was a wild green onion taste, while others said it was a taste like spinach leaves found in a fresh salad.

All of the reviewers said that they would rate the A Turrent Puro Corojo cigars as highly as the others in this line.  The brother smokes that are featured in this line earned ratings of over ninety, so it is not too much of a stretch to expect the same from this stick.

The Arturo Fuente Holiday Collection Provides Double the Pleasure

Arturo Fuente Holiday Collection is a wonderful sampler pack of their finest cigars. Featuring bold Dominican tobacco taste, the 2011 Arturo Fuente Holiday Collection will make the one giving this gift become the hero of the season!  This is a great way to give that special someone a glimpse of the finest tobaccos that the Dominican Republic has to offer.  Crafted by master blenders and sculpted by master cigar rollers, these cigars are a testament to the quality work that is done by this company.

From medium cigars to full-bodied taste explosions, they are all quality smokes.  Five different, very rare blends are offered.  It is quite a task to locate one of these sticks.  This makes it even better when the recipient finds that there are two of each blend inside the 2011 Arturo Fuente Holiday Collection.  What makes this so special is that the quantity is limited because the quality is important.  Each one is hand rolled by expert artisans.

Many aficionados agree that this region is one of the most successful tobacco farming areas in the world.  The ambient temperature and the fertile soil are perfect for growing the finest quality tobacco leaves.  This is what awaits a connoisseur inside a 2011 Arturo Fuente Holiday Collection.

This was a concerted effort by the company to offer their fans the best of the best just in time for the holiday season.  It is no wonder that the 2011 Arturo Fuente Holiday Collection is routinely out of stock at a lot of the popular cigar shops.  If someone has a smoker on their gift list this year, this is a cigar sampler that makes a great centerpiece for a cigar gift basket.

Savinelli Nicaraguan Reserve 2007 Tastes Great All the Way to the Nub

Savinelli Nicaraguan Reserve 2007 CigarsThe Savinelli Nicaraguan Reserve 2007 line is definitely a crowd-pleaser.  This cigar was said to be one that feels nice in the hands of the smoker before it is even lit with one’s favorite cigar lighter.   The pre-light draw and aroma are noted as being so tantalizing that the aficionado is eager to try it.

It has been said that the Savinelli Nicaraguan Reserve 2007 is quite satisfying from the first draw to the nub.  With a taste profile that is complex and simple all at once, and a strength that is not overwhelming, it is no wonder that these smokes are receiving great cigar reviews. The positive feedback is coming from those offering their opinion, as well as those within the industry.

The Savinelli Nicaraguan Reserve 2007 is a treat for the palate with its espresso flavor notes that also feature a little salt and a hint of sweet syrup.  All of these tastes combined might remind someone of a delicious breakfast or a wonderful dessert.

Cedar, pepper, spice, sweetness, salt, coffee and espresso have all been noted by those that have enjoyed this cigar. Some may be ever so subtle while others burst forth from the tobacco.  The grand finale or the nub ends the smoke with a peppery spice that nicely complements the sweetness that was present in the very beginning.  This is the fine cigar known as the Savinelli Nicaraguan Reserve 2007.

With ratings this high and recommendations that abound, it is definitely not hard to see that this is the product that has many aficionados raving.  Flavors that are sure to please even the most discerning palates can be found in this offering.

Padilla Artemis Cigars Are Beautiful Nicaraguan Puros

Padilla Artemis Cigars are box-pressed beauties that have aficionados raving! Padilla Artemis Cigars are Ernesto and Carlos Padilla’s first box pressed stogies that have reviewers in alt!  They were equally impressed to find that this Nicaraguan puro  is handcrafted using Aganorsa’s Cuban-seed criollo and corojo tobaccos for the wrapper and Nicaraguan Cuban Seed for the filler and binder.  This beautiful smoke is produced in Honduras at their Raices Cubano factory.

This fairly new company, which the brothers started in the spring of 2003, is no stranger to the tobacco world.  These men come from a long line of Cuban tobacco farmers.  They are a perfect pairing, one being the businessman and the other being the artisan.  The Padilla Artemis cigar is just one of many masterpieces this young company has put out on the market.

The Padilla Artemis cigar was introduced in the late summer of 2011.  Ernest has once again married exquisitely classy art with unparalleled, fine tobaccos.  The triple wrapped cap is encircled by the bold lion logo with the company’s shield.  Below that is the second band marking the namesake, Padilla Artemis.  These fine smokes have a moderately oily maduro wrapper and reviewers stated that the cap cut cleanly with a variety of cigar cutters.

All those who have tried them stated that the first draw was remarkably peppery with the typical earthy notes and a slight sweetness on the palate as would be expected of a Nicaraguan cigar.  The second third brought forth the sweetness of chocolate and the hardwood notes of cedar.  The final third was stated as being very similar to the first, catching that spiciness of pepper again.  Through and through, reviewers stated that the smoke stayed heavy with a slight sweetness to it, and the burn stayed consistently straight.  The Padilla Artemis cigars were said to be medium to full-bodied from start to finish.

CAO OSA Sol Cigars – It Starts with the Wrapper, but Doesn’t End There!

In a small field located in the Honduran mountainous region, the CAO OSA Sol cigar was born.  Made from the best leaf, the OSA (Honduran Olancho San Agustin) wrapper is the guest of honor to this party.  Because of the very favorable growing conditions, this area lends a lot more of essential oils to the tobacco leaf which gives it a very distinctive flavor during the smoking process.  This is the one thing that sets it apart from other offerings from the same company.

Even though the company has been purchased by General, the taste factor was said to have a wow factor that is reminiscent of past offerings.  It was also noted by reviewers that CAO OSA Sol cigars gave off a wonderful aroma before they were ever lit, tempting the connoisseur to light this stick up and give it a try.  It was noted that the cigar was packed very well with no soft spots that would ruin the burn.

A CAO OSA Sol cigar left nothing to chance and took each step of the process of producing a fine tobacco product to the next level.  Packed with flavor, the sweetness combined with the woodsy notes.  One reviewer said that it will give the smoker tastes of cedar that has had marshmallows cooked upon it.  Others stated that a sweet, peppery note came in during the last third of the smoke which made it even more memorable.

The reviewers were all pleased with CAO OSA Sol cigars.  They all had favorable things to say about theses medium bodied smokes and each ended their review with the thought that they could not wait to try the next product that would come from this new company.