Cigar Ratings Helps Smokers Find Sticks That Tickle Their Palates

Cigar ratings are a tool by which the average smoker can evaluate new stogies, as well as the classics that continue to top the lists. This is useful information that will help a smoker choose the particular brands they might like to try. While it is largely agreed that some of the systems are rather subjective, they are still effective tools to which one can draw information. With the various cigar ratings that are available, the smoker will be able to determine which column is best aligned with their own preferences. Choosing reliable and well known rating systems and cigar reviews will help him determine which cigars he would like to try in the future.

Most cigar ratings are going to take a number of the same things under consideration, even if there are some differences. The flavor and smoking experience, as well as the characteristics of the stick are all things that will likely be evaluated in the review process. The average smoker, who only has a few favorites at the moment, might not know where to start when wanting to try other brands. If this is the case, he can rely on a very well-known system to make his selection among a few fine cigars that will suit his tastes.

One particular system of cigar ratings has four aspects, and allots a total of one hundred possible points. The points are not evenly distributed into quarters. Something like the appearance will be worth slightly less points while the overall experience will be worth slightly more. This is an excellent way to compare the various flavor profiles and discover new brands that may not have been previously considered.

Dominican Cigars Are Among the World’s Best

Producers and manufacturers all agree that because of the tobaccos used, Dominican cigars are the best. There is something about the richness of the soil and the hardiness of the people who tend the fields that turns the tobacco into something spectacular. Perhaps it is the fact that the seed is derived from the tobacco fields of Cuba.

The reason behind this it is that so long ago, people began to immigrate to the country with all of their worldly possessions and something more; their heritage. This heritage included the principles and the experience they had from all the hard work of being in the tobacco fields. Generations of expertise were handed down from father to son, and they carried this knowledge with them to their new country.

Many different companies including Montecristo and Ashton are proud to report that they offer tobacco products such as Dominican cigars in their inventory. The rich countryside just outside of Santiago is the place where most of the splendid tobacco is grown. It is a region that is not large in square miles. Even though much of the country is definitely able to be farmed, it is this region that remains the sole area where key manufacturers grow and cultivate their tobacco products.

Aficionados will be quick to say that any smoke that includes blends from this country is sure to please. Dominican cigars offer a different type of taste notes that are just not found in those from other regions. While many of the makers of these products use blends from other countries, it is the inclusion of tobaccos from the Republic that make the great Dominican cigars. It is the mystery of the soil that produces the  best cigars in the world that continue to wow the connoisseurs.

Cigars Direct from the Manufacturer is Often NOT the Best Way to Buy

From language barriers to limited quantities, there are many reasons why buying cigars direct from the manufacturer is not possible. Customers have become undoubtedly frustrated when they have trouble finding the rarer cigar brands or smokes.  They sometimes think that they will just surpass the middle man or the shop, and go straight to the company that makes their favorite sticks.  After all, this is something that is done in other industries.  While this is true for many products, it is definitely not the case with the tobacco industry.

When a producer makes their fine tobacco products, they put a lot of time into aging the tobacco and selecting the best leaves for the stick.  Many of these manufacturers produce their product one smoke at a time because they are made by experienced cigar rolling masters. The end product is a wonderful offering that is extremely limited in quantity.  The companies making the smokes then send their products to carefully selected shops to sell to retail customers.  There simply is no supply left to offer cigars direct to the individual customer.

Most manufacturers do not have business models that would allow for them to take orders from individual customers.  They do not have the staff to handle the calls, or the shipping processes that would be necessary to handle single customers.  Many also have contracted retail dealers that they have to supply, and offering cigars direct to the customer would be breaking those contracts.

How to Buy a Cigar?

Long story short: buy cigars online or at a favorite cigar shop. A trusted shop is the best way to purchase the brand that is desired.  They will be able to offer the retail customer many different cigars, direct from their shop to the customer’s door.

Draw Enhancers Let You Enjoy Great Cigars to the Very End

Draw Enhancers let you enjoy great cigars all the way to the end! Draw enhancers are among the many cigar accessories offered by cigar shops.  Along with the cigar lighters, cutters, clips and humidors, these small tools perform a huge service to the aficionado that uses them.  In the past, people have been very creative with using different devices to punch holes small enough to be able to pull smoke through a very tightly woven stick.  Everything from knitting needles to toothpicks have been used as a make shift way to carve a small opening in the stick.  The problem with using these types of items is that the smoker usually ends up with scorched fingers, or they find that the hole is now too large and the cigar is burning much too fast to enjoy.  It can also lead to the stick burning only down the middle of the inside of the cigar.  This is not a desired result and will ruin the smoking experience.

It is possible to find two sizes of draw enhancers.   They are available in three and six inch sizes.  The smaller size is made for those stogie nubs that become difficult to pull smoke through, while the longer is perfect for a full sized stick.

They are made of stainless steel and they are rather small in cylindrical design. The design also includes small indentations on the shank of the tool to help pull the tobacco to the side ever so slightly.  To make them even more appealing, designers are offering draw enhancers that look like small works of art.  The art work makes these great cigar gifts fun as well as functional.  There are even those who collect the various designs available.

Nearly every aficionado knows that draw enhancers are necessary tools.  This allows the smoker to enjoy an entire favorite stick that might have been too difficult to enjoy without these tools.

Gurkha Titan Cigars Are Considered among the Best by Many

Gurkha Titans Considered among the Best Cigars by ManyThe British soldiers love for the local Indian tobacco gave this cigar its name, the Gurkha Titan.  The company is known for the way it only uses binders, fillers, and wrappers that are aged for half a decade.  This makes the blend of tobacco very unique and highly sought after.  While the company began in India, it was later purchased, and eventually moved to the Dominican Republic. It finally settled once and for all in Honduras.

Those in the industry behold the Gurkha Titan as being one of the best cigars in the world.  Reviewers rave about the great flavor and taste, as well as the aroma that is produced by these cigars.  Flavors that are detected include leather, pepper, spice, sweetness, coffee, cherry, grass, herbs, anise, and even floral notes.  While some reviewers reported a few of these and others reported more, it is clear that these flavors come through to the most discerning and talented palates.

There are those that will admit that they will only smoke the Gurkha Titan and other lines from this company.  Reviewers continue to give this a high cigar rating between eighty-eight and ninety-two.  This is a favorable and high rating that would be the envy of many other tobacco producers.

This is the choice for those who like a complex cigar that is a medium to full body offering.  The Gurkha Titan is definitely one to fit that bill.  The aroma is just as tantalizing as the flavors and taste profile.  The smoke is delightful, and the draw is easy and smooth.  This is one cigar for sale that every aficionado should try and keep in their humidor.

A Turrent Puro Corojo Series Cigars Live up to High Expectations

A Turrent Puro Corojo Series cigars live up to aficionados' high expectations.The 2011 A Turrent Puro Corojo series was created by Alejandro Turrent as an amazing follow-up to his successful Triple Play cigar.  These great cigars did not disappoint the high level of anticipation that was awaiting their introduction. With the deep family history behind it, there is no doubt as to why the A Turrent Puro Corojo series was and continues to be a winning smoke.

With the immigration of Alejandro’s great-great-grandfather Alberto from Cuba to Mexico’s San Andres Valley in 1880, the business began with a small amount of Cuban seeds he brought with him. Years later, Alejandro slowly immersed himself into all phases of production and became the fifth generation in the family business. He is now President and co-owner of Nueva Matacapan de Tabaco in Mexico. The company, jointly owned with his father, is widely known for its 2000 acres of top of the line tobaccos.

The A Turrent Puro Corojo series is made entirely of quality Corojo tobaccos. The wrapper is Mexican San Andres while the binder is Nicaraguan and the filler is both San Andres and Nicaraguan tobacco. This medium to full bodied stogie is available in sizes such as Belicoso, Churchill, Toro, Gran Toro, and Robusto.

Cigar reviews agree that the A Turrent Puro Corojo series demonstrates its strength from start to finish yet feels easy and relaxingly smooth at the same time. Pre-lit, this smoke is a light brown color, lightly oiled and feels solid in the hand. When fired up, the first third is said to have woodsy and pepper flavors. In the middle the spicy taste remains with a reported nature undertone. To finish it up, the last third was said to have a stronger woodsy kick, making its full bodied nature apparent. This fine cigar is a staple in the humidors of cigar smoking aficionados of all smoking preferences.

601 Ecuadorian Connecticut Pepin Quality with a Milder Profile

The 601 Ecuadorian Connecticut cigar has been noted as being far richer in flavor and fuller bodied than any other Connecticut cigar on the market.  Don Pepin Garcia sought to create this smoke to evoke a level of flavoring not found on the scene.  Eddie Ortega, the president of EO Brands, was quoted to say, “The consumer that wants 601 quality in a milder cigar is going to love 601 (Ecuadorian) Connecticut”.  In August of 2006, they released this exceptional cigar to the public.

The Tabacalera Cubana factory in Estelí, Nicaragua is where this 601 Ecuadorian Black Label Connecticut cigar was conceived.  The creamy, brown, oily wrapper is from Connecticut seed and is Ecuadorian grown.  Pepin Garcia himself developed the process for which these leaves are blended and cured.  He did so in a way that would give them a flavoring that would be more complex and have more depth.  This process, combined with the perfectly aged Nicaraguan binder and filler, creates a medium to full strength and body.

Reviewers stated that the intense, bitter notes of pepper, coffee, and wood were matched successfully with the lighter notes of roasted nuts and creamy butter.  Those that have tried the 601 Ecuadorian Connecticut all agree that this premium cigar maintains an even, razor sharp burn line with nice, creamy smoke.  The nose and mouth remain captivated throughout the smoke until the smoother, calmer end.  Most of the reviews agreed that this cigar was definitely a robust, medium to full bodied smoke that was very well balanced and unique in its construction.  It is regarded as a brilliant contribution to the EO brand 601 line of cigars.

601 Habano Cigars Are Better by the Box

601 Habano Cigars are better by the box.

The 601 Habano offers some pleasant choices for the cigar aficionado. There are a few different labels offered in this brand, and even some limited editions. Overall, these have been considered to be really well made in a number of cigar reviews. Like anything produced at Don Pepin Garcia’s farm in Nicaragua, they are also considered a good value, and definitely worthy of storing by the box.

The 601 Habano Robusto Red Label stick had a heavy note of leather, although was augmented by spices, thanks to the wrapper. It also got sweeter in the second half. The review noted pepper in the flavor, but indicated that it was a different pepper flavor than that experienced in the Connecticut.

The limited edition 601 Habano was remarked upon as having a smooth texture and a perfect appearance. This larger sized stogie lit well, and had great burn lines. Hay and cedar flavors in the first third led to hay, vanilla, and sugar in the second.  The profile then changed to chocolate and cedar, with notes of spice for the last third.

A common point to all of the reviews is how well the ash held on, even up to a few inches in one case. One reviewer even had trouble ashing the stick, since it held so well.

If someone is interested in trying one of the plentiful 601 Habano offerings, he should check with his local cigar shop, or look online. The personnel at either of these should be able to direct him to some good options. Alerting the staff to the preferences of the smoker can help make it a perfect fit.

La Flor Dominicana Casa de Tobacos Cigars – The Details are in the Wrapper

One reviewer said that he was skeptical about the La Flor Dominicana Casa de Tobacos Air Bender Maduro because he feared that all of the hype about the box was present to overshadow a rather bland offering inside.  However, he was completely astounded to find out that the cigar that he found inside was fresh and full of flavor.  He went on to say that something of this quality definitely deserved this type of introduction, and that the replica of the tobacco storage barn was completely appropriate.  He went on to give the cigar a huge rating of a ninety four.

The reason there is so much interest in the La Flor Dominicana Casa de Tobacos is because of the wrapper that is used.  The company has never before used a Brazilian tobacco product as a wrapper, so this was a unique and a much anticipated variance to the way things have been done in the past.  Of course, once connoisseurs taste the intense profile that the La Flor Dominicana Casa de Tobacos Air Bender Maduro has to offer, they are definitely assured that this is something that is above the bar for the industry.

Many interviews with the Gomez family that owns the farm where this fine cigar is produced have proven that they are very serious about making a very classy product that can be enjoyed by cigar smoking novices and experienced aficionados.  The family takes great pride in their La Flor Dominicana Casa de Tobacos cigars, and they want to make sure that they continue to acquire new customers, as well as impress those that have enjoyed their previous offerings.

601 Murcielago Cigars are Deliciously Affordable

What are people saying about the 601 Murcielago cigars? What makes these stogies really stand out in a crowd?

To start with, these tobaccos are some of the finest in the industry hailing from very popular Esteli, Nicaragua, and Pepin Garcia. The wrapper and binder hail from San Andreas and some of the richest soils in the world, with the filler coming straight from Nicaragua. With a pedigree like that, this stogie was sure to become a favorite.

The pre-smoke appearance is noted as being wonderful with a deep and dark wrapper rolled firmly around the lush Nicaraguan tobacco filler. An oily wrapper helps assure the smoker of the good things to come!

601 Murcielago cigars come in various sizes to insure everyone gets a size they prefer. Whether the smoker likes the Belicoso, the Churchill, the Robusto, the Rothchild, or the Toro, there is a size for everyone’s preference.

Reviewers state that the burn is even with a bright ash that is sturdy and holds well under pressure. Even the smoke is rich, providing a complete smoking experience for all of those who try 601 Murcielago cigars.

Choosing 601 Murcielago cigars for the humidor is a must, especially when one considers the flavor of chocolate holds true throughout the cigar. The flavor notes change so favorably during the experience, from spicy leather to sweet marshmallow.

Ready to pick a favorite of the 601 Murcielago cigars? Reviewers have appreciated the entire experience associated with this sterling stogie. Even the price is perfect, allowing this smoke to find its way into more personal humidors across the globe. When looking for tobacco to buy online, don’t forget the convenience of our cigar shop.