Cigars Online Bring Camaraderie & Cigars Home

More and more cigars online is where people learn about and buy cigars.   It’s a trend that seems to be growing in nearly every retail sector and is expected to continue to grow as time goes on.  Some people like the huge selection that the internet offers while others just like the convenience of choosing an item without having to sort through various stores or fight huge crowds.

Buying cigars online opens up the entire global retail tobacco market to the internet user. People in rural areas or small towns may have no physical stores in their area or may be limited to just one or two.  Being able to browse the availability of a certain type of tobacco product on the internet is a great help to anyone who may not live in a metropolitan area.

While many people like to purchase cigars online, they also find all of their cigar accessories and needs on the internet in addition to the sticks.  It is possible to find a wide variety of humidors, from the extremely expensive to those that are travel sized.  In addition to finding the humidor, the internet can also be a great source of information about how to care for both the humidor and the smokes that are housed inside it so that they will be protected and fresh.

Gift giving needs also lead some consumers to buy cigars online.  Everyone has someone on their gift list that is difficult to buy for simply because they seem to have everything.  A cigar gift basket made up of wonderful tobacco products and accessories can be the perfect remedy.  These baskets can be purchased already packaged or the contents can be chosen by the shopper.

All told, this internet marketplace brings camaraderie and stogies to everyone everywhere.

Esteban Carreras 5150 Cigar Stirs the Imagination

Esteban Carreras 5150 Cigars Capture the Imagination Esteban Carreras 5150 cigars immediately come to mind when one imagines the possibilities of having a reasonable price tag on an amazing, high quality stogie. Better quality does not have to cost more, and all a smoker has to do is enjoy the experience to understand the truth.

What makes an Esteban Carreras 5150 cigar so popular?

Taste – Many cigar reviews note that the wonderful taste starts out with a slightly fruity flavor, enhanced by an apricot flavor that comes forward. The slight spiciness left behind plays with the tip of the tongue. Even as the fruitiness gives way to a wonderful barnyard flavor, the spiciness still holds consistent. Yes, Esteban Carreras 5150 cigars provide a flavor sensation through and through.

Construction – A few people say the Esteban Carreras 5150 cigar is a bit loose initially. However, the firmness is not a consistent issue with all cigar smoking aficionados. In fact, the construction utilizes a combination of Nicaraguan tobaccos within a Sumatra wrapper and is said to be absolutely stunning!

Boldness – This is a medium-bodied stogie that starts at the mild end of medium and slowly works its way up to a bolder flavor sensation. The boldness levels make the stogie popular for any time of day or occasion. Whether smoked as a dessert after a delicious meal, or enjoyed early in the morning after a good night’s sleep, smokers appreciate more from this exquisite stogie.

Esteban Carreras 5150 cigars are a wonderfully affordable addition to any humidor, providing elegance and class without an enormous price tag.

Esteban Carreras Dias Anos Cigars

Esteban Carreras Dias Anos cigars have been available on the market for a couple of years now.  Developing a reputation as a medium to full-bodied tobacco product, the Esteban Carreras Dias Anos cigar is bound to be part of most aficionados’ humidors.

This box-pressed item, produced in Esteli, Nicaragua, has a decorative band with a tantalizing orange-red color surrounding the griffin-like symbol and the name.  An amber-yellow fills-in the background of the symbol, leaving the impression of a passionately burning ember.  The band evokes visions of a fire on a cool evening at the cabin, matching the rustic look of the Nicaraguan leaf wrapper with a rustic round cap.  The visual appeal opens the taste palate to the earthy, rich tones that many reviewers have found to be pleasant.

After applying the flame of a handy cigar lighter, these Nicaraguan puros reportedly take little effort to pull through a draw that echoes the tones of an earthy goodness. Known for their symphony of flavors, the Esteban Carreras Dias Anos cigars are experienced with a little kick of black pepper accompanying the woodsy themed notes.  Some smokers have noticed a slight hint of sweetness from the tobacco that fades in and out throughout.  The clean edge produced by the burn slowly creeps up the stick as a slightly flaky gray-white ash solidly forms to take the wrappers place.

Overall, reviewers found the Esteban Carreras Dias Anos cigar to be pleasant and appropriate for even the middle of the day, despite its leaning toward full-bodied. An enjoyable experience awaits a tobacco connoisseur about to embark on partaking of one of the Esteban Carreras Dias Anos cigars.

Esteban Carreras Connecticut Cigar Are a Perfect Start

Esteban Carreras Connecticut cigars are a perfect pairing with a nice cup of coffee early in the morning.  For those smokers looking for something light, smooth and beautifully made, then these are a great option.

The Esteban Carreras Connecticut cigar has received accolades for its high quality tobacco and for the way it is artfully, skillfully and individually crafted.  They come from the La Aurora factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic and were aptly named Esteban Carreras after the man who vehemently opposed Fidel Castro politically.

The Ecuadorian wrapper is a light, almond color and is aged seven years before the artisans can use these leaves.  A few small veins will be noticed along the seams, but overall it shows very little in imperfections.  The filler is a Dominican leaf while the binder is a single Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf.  The top, or cap, of this Esteban Carreras Connecticut cigar is wrapped three times.  It has a striking black and white band wrapping the cap that bears the smoke’s name and displays the lion logo.  Each stick will have little or no soft spots from head to foot.  As with most Connecticut wrapped sticks, this one is a mild to medium bodied.

A few cigar reviews of the Esteban Carreras Connecticut cigars noted that the burn was slightly wavering in the beginning, but quickly straightened itself out.  They are known for a fairly nice resistance upon first draw, with  the ash holding on well, almost to an inch.  The smoke is thick and creamy.

The Esteban Carreras Connecticut cigar expresses itself as slightly earthy, woody, and creamy throughout the smoke. Smooth from beginning to end, these fine cigars are a perfect way to start or end the day.

Crowned Heads Cigars Keep Aficionados Coming Back for More

Two tobacco companies merged and some of those employees left to form Crowned Heads cigars.  With a vision of what they wanted their tobacco products to be, they enlisted the help of EP Carillo to manufacture their products at the factory in the Dominican Republic.  The newly designed line, called Four Kicks, has been an overwhelming sensation with cigar smoking enthusiasts everywhere.  This has helped to boost the reputation of the Crowned Heads cigar company line.

Reviewers state online that they like the variety of flavors that are offered in the Four Kicks line.  From sweet citrus notes to the tangy grapefruit ones, there is something in it for every cigar aficionado.  There are notes of pepper, spice, leather, earthiness and a hearty nuttiness that makes the tobacco products of the Four Kicks line very pleasing to any cigar smoker.  Even those with the most discerning tastes can enjoy these great offerings from Crowned Heads cigars.

These aromatic sticks feature the greatest blends of Nicaraguan tobacco as their filler and their binder.  The wrappers feature the wonderful Ecuadorian Habano.  The tobaccos of these regions are aged and grown in fertile fields by those farmers that have a lot of experience and skill in growing the best.

A smoker only has to try a Crowned Heads Cigar from the Four Kicks line, to fully appreciate the flavor profile and the skill that is involved in producing one of these high quality sticks.  So far, everyone that has tried them has gone back to buy a box of them for their own personal humidor. Reviewers agree that it will only take one stick and the most discriminating connoisseur will be hooked for life!

Esteban Carreras Cubana Real Semilla Cigars Are Deliciously Rich

Esteban Carreras Cubana Real Semilla cigars are the perfect experience for those who enjoy and appreciate a medium-bodied smoke that is a little on the mellow side. Delicious, 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos make up the filler, binder, and wrapper of this dark, lightly veined stogie to the delight of enthusiasts. Everything about this cigar screams high-class, except for the price.

Having a delicious cold draw ensures maximum enjoyment, and reviewers say that these Esteban Carreras Cubana Real Semilla cigars do not disappoint. Imagine having a wonderful, citrusy, and sweet aroma, coupled with the bitterness of dark cocoa and the spiciness of mild peppers. That is what the smoker gets with these amazing stogies.

Of course, the first-third and the second-third have the earthy deliciousness that has come to be expected from this amazing manufacturer of premium cigars. The Esteban Carreras Cubana Real Semilla cigar is a great example of why the company has such a positive reputation in the industry.

Esteban Carreras Cubana Real Semilla cigars are a great addition to any humidor, with a mellowness that is perfect for morning, and a strength perfect for that after dinner stogie. Reviewers have noted that the sweetness stays consistent throughout the experience, with a touch of spice added to the final-third. Of course, the deep cocoa flavor adds to the delicious richness one has come to expect from the best.

Knowing what makes a great stogie is never easy, but an Esteban Carreras Cubana Real Semilla cigar is a definite must for anyone who is looking for a better smoke. Cigar smoking aficionados frequently note their affinity for the delicious tones of espresso and cocoa.

Viaje Platino Cigars Are Treasures Within

Cigar: Viaje Platino Cigars Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo 99 Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan Strength: Medium
Sizes: Belicoso (6 x 52), Chiva (5 x 52), Lancero (7.5 x 38), Sueno (6×54)

Viaje Platino Cigars are handmade in the Cuban fashion in the Honduras. Viaje Platino cigars are as hard to find as a treasure, and reportedly just as valuable.  Each Viaje Platino cigar is crafted by hand in superior Cubano fashion in the Honduras factory.  The combination of the practically flawless construction and complex flavor palate make these as highly sought out as a precious metal.

All reviewers feel compelled to comment on the beauty of the handmade cigar that they are about to embark on enjoying.  Their pleasure at the virtually seamless coffee brown wrapper with minimal veins is obvious in their write-ups.  Adding to the eye appeal is the green, silver, and winter white band that surrounds the stick.  This paper features an image of three detailed tobacco leaves.  Complementary to this, on the Lancero, is a silvery cloth band at the foot.

The flavors are of earth and spice with a hint of sweetness.  Some describe the sweet notes as honey and others as cocoa.  Leathery goodness permeates the experience, as does coffee notes.  Touches of oat and cedar also make their way into the blend, fading in and out of notice.  The burn line runs a good record with reviewers.  One of the most remarkable qualities of the Viaje Platino cigars is the tight ash that has been reported by some to hold on for the entire smoke.

Each Viaje Platino cigar delivers the refined experience that its name predicts.  Those who have been fortunate enough to obtain one of these are not disappointed.  To have a Viaje Platino cigar in one’s humidor is to likened to having a valuable  treasure within.

Viaje Oro Cigars Receive Rave Reviews

Viaje Oro Cigars have received rave reviews online.A Viaje Oro cigar comes highly recommended when one looks at the online reviews that are out there. It is certainly worth getting a few opinions in order for the smoker to know if he thinks he is going to like any particular stogie. The appearance was praised, particularly the coloring. The beautifully even and firm structure of the Viaje Oro cigar was commented upon. The flavors were described as being quite balanced.  It was suggested by one reviewer that since the Viaje Oro cigars offered a traditional Nicaraguan product, but was lighter than some other options available, it might be a good suggestion for some female smokers who were looking for a milder product.

Delightful notes of coffee, cinnamon and cedar were all noted in the Viaje Oro cigar reviews online. One particular review was written by a female that enjoyed this smoke.  She suggested getting the sticks with the larger ring gauge as that was her preference. Since these products seem to be offered in limited editions in some circumstances, it would be wise for the aficionado to purchase several in order to enjoy them in the future. They might want to check with their local smoke shop or an online cigar store to see if they carry the Viaje Oro cigars. This is also a great way to learn about other offerings from Nicaragua that may compare to this beauty. This is also an excellent way for one to peruse other accessories such as cigar cutters, ashtrays and personal humidors of all shapes and sizes.

Viaje Cigars Offer Quality in Every Stick

Viaje Cigars offer quality in every stick. Viaje cigars are a great opportunity to taste a premium cigar that pleases and entices even the most finicky of enthusiasts. Few manufacturers of stogies will find a place in history, but this is one manufacturer that has already found a stable place in an often unforgiving market. People thoroughly enjoy these stogies, and the proof is in the smoke. Skull & Bones, Oro, Platino, Holiday Blend 2011, Fifty Fifty Black, and Fifty Fifty Red are all testament to the remarkable success of this young company.

But how does such a small company making a limited edition stogie get the attention of the masses?

A single Viaje cigar is hand rolled to perfection using handpicked tobaccos to insure only the best for each stogie. Every carefully hand-made cigar insures the success of the name depends on each and every stogie instead of the success based on an average. Viaje cigars are an astounding experience for every level of smoker! So, the answer is, by word of mouth multiplied by the power of the Internet.

How does the company do this?

Viaje truly believes that quality is more important than quantity. Instead of pushing out as many stogies as possible to get more smokers involved, this manufacturer understands that quality is more important and that the smokers will appreciate the experience all the more. Each Viaje cigar is treated special just to insure it is better for the smoker.

Viaje cigars are causing quite the stir in the tobacco world. By bringing better to the consumer instead of more, this company is already set in history as a wonderfully committed company with a knack for producing high quality stogies.

History of Carlos Torano Cigars Includes Four Generations of Tobacconists

Light up a Carlos Torano cigar and experience 4 generations of quality.Taking a closer examination of the Carlos Torano cigar includes taking a look at a family that has been making tobacco products for four generations. Don Santiago left Spain in 1916 to find work in Cuba, and what followed was one of the greatest tobacco stories of all times.

After falling in love with tobacco while in Cuba, Don Santiago was joined by three brothers. All the brothers would soon become giants in the tobacco industry, producing some of the highest regarded products in the world. Carlos Torano cigars are a tried and true product, combining history with their love of tobacco and family tradition.

Political unrest caused the family to move production from Cuba to nearby locations in the late 1950’s. However, this did nothing but strengthen the bond of family while increasing the quality of a Carlos Torano cigar. New factories were erected in Honduras and Costa Rica, while some of the family left for the United States.

Carlos Sr. did try to remain in Cuba and save the plantations, but in 1960, the farms were forcefully seized and “nationalized”. Soon, Carlos Sr. would join family in Connecticut. That only meant that the excellence of Carlos Toraño cigars had found a new marketplace teeming with possibilities.

A Carlos Torano cigar is truly a superior smoke filled with excellence and love. Tobacco was a passion, and that passion would find a home no matter where they ended up. The true love of tobacco is experienced by the smoker enjoying these fine tobacco products after the click of one’s favorite cigar lighter.