The Gurkha Wicked Indie Is a Must Try for All

The Ghurka Wicked Indie CigarEven those connoisseurs that are hard to impress raved about the Gurkha Wicked Indie.  The parent company, Beach Cigar Company, put out a press release saying that this cigar was a very complex one.  Many online aficionados admitted that they had doubts as to whether the cigar would live up to the hype.  However, they were happily surprised to find that not only did it live up to what it was billed to be; it proved much more!

The Gurkha Wicked Indie is a product of Nicaraguan tobaccos.  Its filler is allowed around thirty six months to mature.  The binder and the wrapper are also Nicaraguan.  This cigar is available in different vitolas.  The most popular to be reviewed and sought after was the Toro.

Cigar smoking enthusiasts stated online that the Gurkha Wicked Indie started out as a simple yet very flavorful smoke.  They also stated that it continued to bring more and more flavor to the table throughout the length.  The cigar featured flavors such as a fresh hint of mint, a refreshing note on the flowery side, and a nice, sweet cedar taste.  Also reported were strong hints of pepper found from the very beginning and then remaining in the background throughout the duration of the cigar.

The Gurkha Wicked Indie is said to start out mild and finish in the medium range.  All of the reviews noted that the burn was quite good, as was the draw. This smoke did not require much more than a touch up.  It is billed as a very complex medium flavored cigar.  Many of the reviewers said that they were pleasantly surprised to find that it was a great tasting smoke at a fantastic price point. Overall this is defitnitely a must-buy for all palates. Check your favorite online cigar shop today!

Unique Gift Baskets for Cigar Smokers Are Sure to Please

While there are many types of unique gift baskets that could be included on the giving list, a cigar arrangement is perhaps one of the best ideas for the person who is otherwise difficult to please.  Many stores and websites offer cigar arrangements to choose from that are made in advance.  They offer the ability to put together a flavor profile or size arrangement that would suit the person that the present will be given to.

There are unique gift baskets of cigars that will surely please just about anyone who is an aficionado of great cigars.  Perhaps the greatest thing is that there are different price lines as well.  This makes it possible to select a price break that works best for the person that is giving the present.

Of course, unique gift baskets of cigars can also offer more than just cigars.  It is definitely possible to add other items that are essential for the smoking experience.  Items such as personalized cigar lighters can be added to the arrangement or different styles of cigar cutters.  There are bands and holders that can be placed in these unique gift baskets.  Think about purchasing a small or travel sized humidor made of leather.  What a great idea for that connoisseur who enjoys a smoke when out away from the home or who has to travel a lot.

For the cigar smoker who has everything or the one that is just plain difficult to please, an array of a carefully chosen assortment cigar accessories combined with a cigar sampler possibly arranged in an attractive cigar ashtray is definitely going to be an appreciated gift.  It is something that will be long remembered.

Room 101 Connecticut igars Are Deliciously Robust

Room 101 Connecticut cigars are subtle yet remarkably robust in flavor.Deciding on a good cigar often brings the smoker to explore the deliciousness of the Room 101 Connecticut by Matt Booth.  Wonderfully robust for a medium bodied stogie, but with a subtleness that definitely places it firmly in that strength, the cigar melds past and present to make something wonderful for the future.

The blended tobaccos are grown in the sunny fields of Honduras, and the wrapper is a thick blend of light leaves grown in Ecuador from tobacco seeds first produced in the most northeastern part of the United States.  This Room 101 Connecticut is a wonderful addition to all humidors providing a richness that is spicy with a touch of sweet molasses.

The Room 101 Connecticut cigar is a delicious blend of tobaccos that produces a stable ash that starts dark and ends light.  In fact, many smokers claim to be able to smoke the entire stogie without dropping ash once.  Now that is a good stogie!

When smokers start with the Room 101 Connecticut, the spicy flavor of Asian spices fills the senses.  But not to be outdone, the slightest hints of molasses seep ever so finely through the stout spiciness.  This sweet and spicy mixture makes for an outstanding example of how one cigar can produce amazing results, out doing all the predecessors.

Choosing just one line of cigars is not easy, but, if the smoker appreciates good, medium-bodied cigars that are stout with hints of sweetness, the Room 101 Connecticut is the perfect addition to any humidor.  Deliciousness emits even as the strong ash hangs on, meaning the smoker can truly experience the full effect of one amazing smoke.

Cigar Reviews Take the Guesswork Out of Buying Sticks!

Cigar Review Cigar reviews are extremely helpful guides for the novice or the experienced smoker.  It can make all the difference in the world when buying a stogie to know what to expect before actually buying it.  Many times a smoker may make a purchase and feel obligated to smoke the stick because they have tied the money up in it already.  Or worse yet, they are left with a humidor full of sticks that they really aren’t too fond of but now have a box of them. Cigar reviews take the guess work out of buying sticks.

For the aficionado, knowing where the tobacco was grown, as well as what the foot and wrapper are like, is valuable information.  They also want to know what the wrapper is made of as well as what the filler tastes like.  The cigar reviews deal with all of this information with ease.

Smokers also like to know what flavor and taste notes are present in a smoke as well as whether or not it is a milder tobacco or a stronger and fuller bodied tobacco.  All of this information speaks to the personal preferences of each and every aficionado.  This also allows for the smoker to make purchases that will be to their liking and taste as well as avoid those that may include notes that aren’t appealing to them.  This can save them a lot of time and money in the long run and keep the humidor full of only those smokes that will be savored.

Cigar reviews are available from smoker clubs, specialty shops and many places online.  Some manufacturers include them on their own websites while others do not because they want the customer to buy their product and try it for themselves before forming an opinion.

Drew Estate My Uzi Weighs a Ton in Size & Flavor

Drew Estate My Uzi Weighs a Ton Is Packed with FlavorChoosing just one cigar is not an easy task, and adding this Drew Estate My Uzi Weighs a ton into the fray definitely spices things up a bit.  Filled with all the deliciousness of those high quality cigars without the expensive price tag, this is an amazing smoke either after dinner or first thing in the morning for the cigar smoking enthusiast.

What makes the Drew Estate My Uzi Weighs a Ton so amazingly popular?

  • Well, the size is quite robust coming in the mega Churchill size, Toro size, and Robusto size.  A lot of people enjoy a large smoke that can take up to 2 hours to complete.
  • The flavor is consistent throughout the experience.  There is a delicious woodsy flavor topped with a touch of cinnamon and the sweetest of the dark chocolates.
  • The Drew Estate My Uzi Weighs a Ton is affordable.  No need to break the bank stocking up on these bad boys.  Enjoy a classy smoke without the big price.

What are people saying about the Drew Estate My Uzi Weighs a Ton?

The reviews have been a mixed bag of comments with some people leaning towards the amazing size and consistent flavor; on the other hand, other people think that there should be more taste variation. It must be note that the qualities people dislike or like have to do with personal preferences in a cigar. The price is right for just about anyone, and the size is one of the largest styles.

Critics have given the Drew Estate My Uzi Weighs a Ton amazingly even review across the web.

Is it right for the smoker?  Visit an online cigar store to try it and find out the answer!

Rocky Patel Thunder Lives Up to Its Name

Cigar: Rocky Patel Thunder Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan and Honduran Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran, Costa Rican
Strength: Medium – Full Bodied
Sizes: Short Robusto 4.5 x 54, Toro 5 x 52, Torpedo 6.25 x 52

Rocky Patel Thunder is one powerful smoke!The Rocky Patel Thunder name forewarns the cigar aficionado that they will not be having visions of a leisurely walk in the park while smoking this offering.  The powerful taste palate that the Rocky Patel Thunder introduces to the smoker is packed with a complex set of robust flavors that more closely resembles a powerful storm cell.

Reviews have been very positive about this new blend of Nicaraguan, Ecuadoran, and Costa Rican leaves.  A dual binder surrounds the filler while an oily rich, dark wrapper finishes off the product with sophistication and enticing appeal.  A green and gold band graces the outside with the lettering construction of the name announcing the resounding strength of the cigar.

All reviewers report a peppery blast that greets the tongue upon light-up with a favorite cigar lighter.  The strength in flavor continues throughout the smoke with complex notes weaving the flavor palate.  White pepper and espresso take center stage in the second third, while a sweetness that had been hanging in the background steps up to be noticed in the last third.  The burn that the Rocky Patel Thunder produces is fairly even.  A rich moderate smoke that gives off an aroma of earthy scents fills the air and penetrates the senses.  To top off the experience, the cigar holds on to a solid ash, reportedly, for about two inches.

A robust and complicated array of spicy and striking flavors has reviewers writing rave reviews of this recent offering called Rocky Patel Thunder.  Moderately priced, Minish Desal has blended an awesome creation with a unique combination of leaves that is sure to find a home in the humidors of powerhouse loving aficionados everywhere.


Rocky Patel Zen Is Enlightening

Rocky Patel Zen Cigars by Nish PatelA great way to start the day is to enjoy one of the four sizes of the Rocky Patel Zen, commonly known as the Rocky Patel Xen cigars.  Rocky’s brother Nish Patel has finally put his name to this nice, medium bodied smoke.  They released this product at the 2011 IPCPR as the first box pressed Connecticut wrapped cigar.

With the first look at the smoke, many of the reviews state that the presentation is very nice.  The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper appears to be smooth and has a few small to medium veins, but there are certainly no flaws.  This solidly packed Rocky Patel Zen looks smooth with a slight oiliness to the touch.  It feels slightly spongy yet firm through the length of the cigar with a slight earthy, cedar smell.

Those that have tried the Rocky Patel Zen state that the first draw has a slight resistance and lit easily.  The first draw shows the earthiness and quickly transitions to that cedar flavoring.  Those reviews also state that when pulled through the sinus, there was a little kick of sweet spices with the smoke being smooth throughout.  Once they pass the first third, the coffee and cedar appear to be the dominant flavoring.  Through to the last third that sweet cinnamon spice joins with the nutty components and leaves a tingle to the lips.

This Rocky Patel Zen holds its ash well at about an inch before falling.  It will give off a great thick smoke and burn very evenly to the final inch.  This stick will burn slowly for the cigar smoking connoisseur.  All the reviews state that these are definitely worth trying especially as an affordable alternative to other great Connecticut wrapped sticks.

Joya de Nicaragua Clasico Series Are Chocolaty Delicious

Joya de Nicaragua Clasico Series Is a Chocolate Lover's DreamThe Joya de Nicaragua Clasico series may be billed as a chocolate lovers dream come true.  From the beginning to the end, the wonderful flavors of luscious milk chocolate can be detected.  Along with the medium flavored dark chocolate, it is the perfect chocolate escape.  While dark chocolate can sometimes have a bitter taste, these flavor notes only take on a slightly bitter taste toward the end of the cigar.

The Joya de Nicaragua Clasico series comes in five different sizes, and there is a sampler box that includes six cigars that are chosen at random, perfect for cigar gift baskets.  Each of the five sizes can be purchased individually, or they can be purchased in boxes of 25.  They are offered in both Nicaraguan Criollo wrappers and Nicaraguan Claro wrappers.

The Joya de Nicaragua Clasico series has an initial aroma that includes smells and aromas that are found in a barn or pasture, such as hay, wood, pepper and even the taste of earth.  This earthiness gives way to the famed chocolate flavor notes that are doted on by all of the aficionados that gave reviews.  Herbal flavors are also noted, along with hints of a very deep raisin like taste.  The chocolate flavor profile stays near the forefront throughout the cigar, while it does fade in and out from dark chocolate to milk chocolate and back again.

The Joya de Nicaragua Clasico series received raves with all the reviewers claiming that they would recommend this to friends to put in their humidors.  Proving the quality and appeal of the National cigar of Nicaragua, cigar smoking enthusiasts seem to agree that this offering makes them want to try more in the line.

Tatuaje RC Series Are Old Fashioned Nicaraguan Puros

Tatuaje's RC Series cigars mimic the great Cuban Perfectos.The Tatuaje RC Series cigars are available only for a short time.  Proprietor, Pete Johnson, has a deep love for the history of the industry, and with great respect, designed them to mimic that oldie but goodie, the Cuban Perfecto.  This limited edition cigar is half wrapped in aluminum foil at the head.  The ‘RC’ on the label is an acronym for ‘Retro Cuban’.  These premium cigars are tightly wrapped in plastic to ensure freshness during the delivery stages from the Manufacturer to the smoke shops.  The overall presentation of the Tatuaje RC Series cigars is quite impressive, going old style!

There are the 184, which is a nice 7 1/4 by 57, and the 233, which is a hefty 9 1/8 by 55.  Both, being longer than the typical stick, are packed full with rich Nicaraguan tobacco.  The binders and the wrappers are also Nicaraguan.  This Tatuaje RC Series is unique in the fact that they are made with a first generation tobacco.  Reviewers have stated that both of these sticks have a consistent firmness through the entire length.  Being a Perfecto, many reviewers were pleasantly shocked when they lit fairly easily.  Both also received similar ratings as to the fact that they were very complex in flavorings.

The 184 in this Tatuaje RC Series will start off with a cold draw that is pretty rich having very little of the typical peppery notes found in others of this brand.  Many found that it had a sweet, cedar like draw.  After the first light, the pronounced richness of leather and chili spices will tantalize the palate.  The second third will exhibit the cocoa, coffee, and nut flavors.  The finish ties back in the nice, leathery spice from the first third.

These cigars are limited edition magnificence–so they are a definite must-buy whenever seen at a favorite cigar shop.

Tatuaje La Casita Criolla Are Deep Chocolate Expresso Perfection

Tatuaje La Casita Criolla is a special cigar that uses 100% Connecticut broad-leaf to perfection.There are a lot of good things to say about the Tatuaje La Casita Criolla cigar.  With the stogie taking about an hour to complete from start to finish, smokers are learning that a delicious experience can be had for anyone enjoying a medium-bodied cigar that continues to hold true from one stogie to the next.

Just as humidors are a personal choice for the owner, some people enjoy a specific class of cigar.  The Tatuaje La Casita Criolla cigar is definitely a popular cigar combining affordability with excellence.  But why is this one cigar so highly praised by critics and smokers alike?

The Tatuaje La Casita Criolla cigar is a flavorful experience combing deep chocolate overtures with gentle touches of rich espresso.  As the smoker continues enjoying this fine cigar, slight hints of creamy fruit enters the fray with the final third providing a nice peppery aftertaste that cannot be beat.  The flavor is outstanding, and as such, cigar smoking enthusiasts are taking notice.

Of course, the flavor is just one part of the Tatuaje La Casita Criolla that makes it superior to other cigars. Critics have raved about how wonderful it is to have a cigar that burns perfectly even without the need to relight on a continual basis.  The ash is very steady providing structural stability.  Yes, even the exterior beauty is amazing.

Sometimes, a special cigar comes along that deserves a lot of attention.  The Tatuaje La Casita Criolla is one such cigar utilizing nothing but 100% Connecticut broad-leaf to a perfection not found in other cigars.