Valentine Gift Baskets for the Aficionado in Your Life

Deciding to give an amazing present to that special someone often comes down to designing or purchasing Valentine gift baskets.  The giver gets to decide how amazingly incredible or superbly dull that present is for that special someone.  Plus, giving presents to men is not always easy with choices often coming down to the humdrum of socks, ties, or cologne.

Marvelous ideas abound when folks look for something uncommon for those Valentine gift baskets.  For example, a favorite for the smoker can be discovered in the purchase of cigars or stogies.  There are a number of choices available for the giver including the ever popular cigar samplers.  Additionally, the giver may already know what the smoker prefers in a delicious cigar.

Cigars come in a variety of options.  There are strong cigars, light cigars, and everything in between.  Some stogies can literally knock those socks off while some cigars are a light beginning to the day.  Adding one or more cigars and stylish cigar accessories such as a humidor, torch lighter, or cigar cutter to those Valentine gift baskets is an outstanding way to show some personality while giving something the recipient will appreciate.

As a person looks for Valentine gift baskets perfect for a man or a woman, cigars can be a favorite.  The musky aroma of fresh cedar or the sweet taste of spices can be an added addition to any moment giving the recipient, and often times the giver, the pleasure of something fine and classy.

Yes, Valentine gift baskets can be exciting!  Thanks to cigars, folks can give the present that will be appreciated and enjoyed for a long time.  Whether secreted away in a canister or as a centerpiece, those cigars make a great present for just about anyone.

Room 101 Namakubi Cigar Is Intriguingly Different

Origin: Medium to Full Bodied
Wrapper: Ecuadoran Habano Binder: Honduran
Filler: Dominican & Honduran Vuelta Abajo Strength: Medium to Full Bodied
Sizes: 4×48 (Roxxo), 7×48 (Sucio), 6×44 (Tiburon), 4×42 (Papi Chulo), 5×60 (Monstro)

Room 101 Namakubi Cigar is for those who prefer a unique smoking adventure.Room 101 Namakubi cigars entice enthusiasts with intriguing packaging and hold their attention with a satisfying smoking experience.  The box that holds these recent market sensations has an appealing design of a blood red face in a circular pattern that reminds the viewer of Japanese warlord days.  In fact, the name of the Room 101 Namakubi cigar is taken from an old Samauri tradition.  Literally translated “freshly severed head”, it refers to the final stage of a competition between two Shoguns.  At the end of such competition, the loser’s head is presented to the victor.  Under the face on the front of the box, the scrawled writing of the name appears in fancy penmanship that compliments the warring theme.  This same writing and color scheme appears on the bands around the cigars.

Having set the stage of an enjoyable experience with an eye-pleasing presentation, the producers of this fine cigar do not disappoint.  The Room 101 Namakubi itself is well constructed with variations of a reddish to caramel colored wrapper being reported by cigar smoking reviewers.

The Dominican and Honduran fillers are firmly wrapped in a Honduran binder.  This combination is said to produce a fine smoke that is solid and strong, yet without overpowering flavor notes.  Slightly noted above other tones are those of cedar on the first half and pepper taking a mildly more significant role at the end.  All the reviews seemed very satisfied with the overall results.

From remarkable packaging to a pleasing smoking experience, this line is a definite hit with reviewers across the board. For anyone looking for a unique and fulfilling smoking adventure, the Room 101 Namakubi is sure to please. Visit your favorite online cigar store today to stock up on these great smokes.


Oliveros Cigars Deliver on Flavor

The flavor of Oliveros Cigars keeps all who have tried them once coming back for more. Oliveros cigars offer the traditional Cuban and Spanish expertise in their wonderful lines of tobacco sticks.  Whether a connoisseur is looking for the classic flavors of earthiness and spice or if they are looking for the wonderful new flavors of peach and cappuccino, this company makes an offering for just about anyone.

Behind all of Oliveros cigars is a proprietary blend of honey and molasses as well as red wine.  This gives their products that signature taste profile that is beloved by many in the industry.  This aspect that makes them unique and also earns them favorable reviews that goes beyond just being supportive.  The reviews are tributes and accolades for the fine tastes and flavor notes that go into each and every stick that this company has to offer.

Oliveros cigars have been around for a little over a decade but rely on the knowledge from both families that dates back generations from two different countries, both with rich origins and a history in tobacco growth.

The wonderful new blends that Oliveros cigars offer, when put together, work together in glorious harmony to create an unforgettable cigar smoking experience.  From the milder type of stick to the most full bodied smoke, this company delivers.

Reviewers all note that one doesn’t have to wait to begin to enjoy the flavor because it begins as soon as the smoke has been lit with one’s favorite cigar lighter.  Even the pre-light draw is described as being tantalizing to the smoker because it is a very good indication of what is to come as soon as it is lit.  From the first third to the final third and down to the nub, the flavor continues to deliver wonderful notes of taste that keep all of the smokers that have tried them once coming back for more.

Oliveros Classic Cigars with Cameroon Wrappers Are Crowd Pleasers

The Oliveros Classic Cameroon wrapper is a very high end wrapper that this company has started using on some of their best cigars yet.  Consumers from everywhere are saying how much they enjoy smoking the cigars with this particular wrapper.  This company has been around since the 1920’s and is respected around the world.  There are two locations in which they manufacture their products.  The Dominican Republic is their home base, and they have expanded to Nicaragua.

The Oliveros Classic Cameroon wrapper is used on a few different cigars, including the Torpedo, the Toro, the Churchill, and the Corona.  Each of these has its own unique flavor, but they are encased in this high quality leaf-made wrapper.

The Churchill cigar has a sleek dark appearance to it.  The texture and feel of it is nice and strong.  The people who smoke these delicious, mild cigars get lost in the pleasantly surprising buttered toast flavor they possess.  They finish off with a nut taste that everyone loves.

The Corona has a rustic leather flavor to it.  The Oliveros Classic Cameroon wrapper surrounds tobacco that is tightly packed so that the flavor is perfect.  It has a really nice draw and a slow even burn.  It’s nicely packaged and has a mild taste through and through, making it perfect when paired with fine wine or a gourmet dinner.

The Toro is a cigar that has a smooth start, but peaks in the middle portion.  It looks nice and tastes great as the consumers are putting it.  Oliveros is a brand that can be trusted to make fine products such as this.

The torpedo version of the Oliveros Classic Cameroon wrapped cigar is a fan favorite.  This one has a quick blast of spice at first, but then switches gears to a nice, smooth taste.  People who smoke this cigar say that it doesn’t have one flavor that stands out.  They all work together to create a special flavor on its own.

Oliveros Classic Maduro Is a Medium Cigar That Bursts with Flavor

Oliveros Classic Maduro Cigars are mediium bodied cigars are full of flavor!A Oliveros Classic Maduro is the cigar to try for any aficionado that enjoys nutty, peppery earth tasting flavors.  It is billed as being a very mild to medium bodied cigar that boasts many different flavor profiles that peak at various different points throughout the smoke.  From pre-light to the nub, there is a lot of great tobacco goodness to be enjoyed with this cigar.

Cigar reviews of the Oliveros Classic Maduro all said that they were not surprised to find such a supreme offering from this line.  After all, most connoisseurs know that Rafael Nodal is a fourth generation tobacco grower and cigar manufacturer, and that his offerings rarely fail to please.  From Santiago, Dominican Republic come the richest and hardiest tobaccos that can be found.  Paired with fine Nicaraguan tobacco, the Oliveros Classic Maduro is the finest of the fine cigars around.

Whether a smoker enjoys the peppery tastes or the mocha and cocoa infusions of flavor notes, there is something here for every discerning connoisseur.  Complete with flavors such as buttery, bitterness, cedar, hay, grass and notes of pepper, this offering is sure to please.

Sporting a wrapper that is Nicaraguan Maduro, the Oliveros Classic Maduro is the perfect combination of a fine blend of tobaccos in a handmade cigar. The Torcedors who work at the factory in Santiago are masters at cigar rolling.  The roughness of the wrapper almost makes this offering seem like the rusty and wholesome cigar that comes from the fields in what is billed as one of the richest tobacco lands to be found.

This is a perfect everyday enjoyment for anyone who wants that earthy tasting cigar.  It is perfect to pair with water or even a good cup of coffee. The complexity of the flavor profile combined with its medium strength makes this stick a great choice for all palates.

Nestor Miranda Dominicano Produced by Panel of Experts

Cigar: Nestor Miranda Dominicano Wrapper: Dominican Rosado or Oscuro
Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium Flavor:
Sizes: Belicoso (6.1 x 52), Coffee Break (4.5 x 50), Pyramide (6 1/8 x 52), Lancero (7.5 x 40), Robusto Grande (5.5 x 54), Ruky (5-5/8 x 48 x 52)

Nestor Miranda Dominicano cigars are a great collaborative effort!The Nestor Miranda Dominicano bears the name of the country of which it was created to celebrate the heritage of cigar making.  Remarkably, the Nestor Miranda Dominicano combines the brilliance and expertise of three prominent names in the industry:  Don Pepin Garcia, Guillermo Leon de La Aurora, and Nestor Miranda.

Wrapped in a choice of Rosado or Oscuro leaves, this oily, coffee colored smoke is reported to have a fair amount of depth and complexity.  The black and white band edged by shiny copper is a nice visual compliment to the expertly hand-made cigar.   It is packed firmly with a slight sponginess when squeezed.  Constructed of tobacco from Nicaragua, the most outstanding feature of the Nestor Miranda Dominicano, according to reviewers, is the incredibly solid ash that it produces.  It has been reported to hang on until the beginning of the second half.

An earthy flavor permeates throughout with notes of sweetness.  Cinnamon and caramel have been reported in the flavor palate of the second third.  A nutty taste that had been lingering in the background steps to the forefront in the final third.  For those who choose the Oscuro wrapper, an accompanying note of rich espresso flavors the array.  A woodsy flavor is prevalent throughout that is well paired with a good beverage.  With age, any bite that is noted in the fresh offering no longer exists.  Instead, a mellow blend of sweet, woody, and nutty flavors comprises the enjoyable, laid back experience of this smoke.

Three important names came together to form this tribute to the history of cigars from the country whose name it bears.  An extremely well constructed, slightly sweet smoke is the result of this collaboration.  Improving with age, the Nestor Miranda Dominicano honors its namesake. For added convenience, be sure to find a reliable online cigar store and buy cigars online.

Esteban Carreras 187 Is a Well-Liked Nicaragua Cigar

Esteban Carreras 187 Cigars are a well-liked Nicaraguan puro!The Esteban Carreras 187 is a close sibling to the 5150.  While they are very different, their names have something in common.  They both have numbers in their names and their origin is said to be similar.  The 5150 name has also been presumed to come from a police code. However, this cigar’s number is a police code for identifying that a casualty has taken place.

All of the cigar reviews had very favorable things to say about the Esteban Carreras 187.  It is billed as a very well-liked peppery yet sweet offering.  Most people also agreed that the appearance of the cigar does not give any indication of the flavorful profile that is hiding inside the wonderful wrapper.  The entire cigar is made up of Nicaraguan tobacco, including the wrapper.

Most of the reviewers state that the peppery flavor is noticeable upon the pre-light draw.  However, once they applied their favorite torch lighter and fired up the Esteban Carreras 187, the great mocha and coffee taste came pouring through. As well as the wonderful sweetness of chocolate or cocoa, it has been described as having a very rich, dark chocolate taste. Notes of nuttiness were also reported to be found in this fine cigar.  The nuttiness flavor was said to be like almonds that had been caramelized.

With factories in Nicaragua and Dominican Republic, there is a history of tobacco ancestry that spans back several generations within A.J. Fernandez’s family.  Working hand in hand with Craig Cunningham, this line was inspired and born.  It was created for the discerning connoisseurs and aficionados, as well as the smoking novices of the world. The Esteban Carreras 187 never failed to please any of the reviewers.  Each reviewer rated it highly and said that they would recommend it as a wonderful addition to any humidor.

Esteban Carreras 1961 Is a Cinnamon Delight

An Esteban Carreras 1961 Cigar Is a Cinnamon DelightEnjoying a nice Esteban Carreras 1961 is something that many who prefer a mild bodied smoke will experience.  There are many reviewers that enjoy the ability to relax and enjoy the nutty spiciness, as well as knowing that this cigar brand isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, there are numerous humidors across the globe with at least one of these affordably priced cigars in them.

The Esteban Carreras 1961 contains popular Cameroon tobacco leaves for the wrapper, and a wonderful blend of Honduras tobaccos for the tantalizing filler blend. The manufacturing of this fine cigar takes place in the Dominican Republic, and guarantees a more experienced hand is handling each cigar during the creation process.

Of course, people want to know what makes the Esteban Carreras 1961 different from the others. The initial draw of this offering is a tastefully mellow flavor of a nice earthy tone. There is a touch of spiciness about an inch into the stogie that places this solidly into the medium-bodied category. There is a nice sweet and cinnamon aroma that permeates the air when enjoying this stick.

On the other hand, many smokers claim that the second third is very mellow without a lot of change in the flavors. While not all smokers like a consistently flavored smoke, it is preferred by many that like a mellow smoke at the end of a long day.  Many have chosen to purchase the Esteban Carreras 1961 at their favorite cigar shop to try it out for themselves.  With its reasonable price and the famous names behind the brand, it is definitely an offering to be considered for the humidors everywhere.

601 Cigars Are Delectably Strong Bodied

601 CigarsMade by the EO Company, which has now become one with Rocky Patel, 601 Cigars embody the bold offerings that so many aficionados crave.  They also lay claim that they are in short supply throughout the industry.  With the generations of know-how and expertise matched by the great Nicaraguan tobaccos, it is no wonder that these sticks have received a lot of very favorable reviews.  Many cigar smoking enthusiasts are more than happy to sing the praises of these sticks throughout the various different lines that 601 cigars have to offer.

601 Cigars pack a bold punch.  Some of the line is billed as being medium to full bodied, but all of the reviewers, regardless of the sizes and the types of sticks, said that it was their belief that they were full bodied.  Each of the reviews stated that the ‘medium’ did not really come into play.

From the taste of roasted almonds and roasted walnuts to the sweetness of creamy and delectable cocoa, the flavor profile is sure to please even the most discerning palate.  The spiciness of the offering seemed to be a pleasing complement that went hand-in-hand with the sweetness and the creaminess that existed in the same puff.

601 cigars are definitely a step up from other types of sticks.  Knowing that they are made in Esteli, Nicaragua is another valuable hint that they are derived from greatness.  From the wonderful tobacco, the skilled cigar rollers, and everyone that adds their expertise to the mix, there is no denying that this is one superb smoke.  Perhaps the best way to demonstrate this would be to go to the smokers’ shop and pick up a package of these wonderful sticks and give them a try.

601 La Bomba Series Cigars Deliver Power with a Bang

601 La Bomba Series Cigars live up to their name!The 601 La Bomba series was created under the new ownership of the Rocky Patel Company.  Though the guiding body for producing EO brand cigars has changed, the 601 La Bomba series is still the genius creation of Eddie Ortego and Erik Espinosa.  The name of this line denotes power and it is delivered with a bang.

This line of cigars hints at its powerful nature in the design of the band surrounding the end of the masterfully constructed smoke.  In the center of the 601 La Bomba series name lays the picture of a bomb in place of the zero.  The foreshadowing is not a hyperbole, notes those who have imbibed on these offerings.

Reviewers are impressed by the explosive nature of these darkly wrapped Nicaraguan offerings.  Leathery tones match with grassy notes in the pre-smoke aroma.  White pepper greets the palate at onset, according to cigar aficionados.  This is joined by leather and earth flavors that match the aroma of the pre-light.  In the second third, the nicotine punch kicks into full throttle.  The simple palate is completed by a black peppery presence in the flavors of the last third.  Comments by those who have tested these offerings suggest that it is impossible to miss the explosive nature of the cigar as the production of smoke increases to enhance the decidedly powerful experience.  An even burn and easy draw add to the pleasure of the experience.

The 601 La Bomba series consists of Nicaraguan puros hailing from Don Pepin Garcia factory called My Father Cigar Factory.  It has been noted that they are not to be taken lightly or smoked on an empty stomach.  These superbly crafted sticks deliver a powerful nicotine kick.  They express a simple flavor palate that primarily features earthy, leathery, and peppery notes.