Kristoff Cigars: Premium Tobacco & Great Craftsmanship

Kristoff Cigars are made from hand-picked fine tobaccos.Kristoff Cigars began their rise to fame in 2005 with their inception.  The founder and president of the company, Exclusive Cigars, is Glen Case.  He doesn’t do a lot of advertisement except at the various different conventions that are held throughout the year.  This, plus a lot of word of mouth, has helped to quickly spread the word among the aficionados of the industry.  His success has come quickly, and it is no wonder when the scope of the premium tobacco and craftsmanship that is rolled into each fine cigar is examined.

Kristoff cigars offer many different lines including:

• Ligero • Cuban Selection
• Corojo Limitada • Premium Selection
• GC Sumatra Series • It’s A Boy / It’s A Girl
• Brittania Reserva • The New Series 98
• Kristania

Kristoff cigars have just recently branched out to the European market.  This means that those lines that were exclusively produced in a limited number will now become even more difficult to come by.  As word of mouth delivers the news of this wonderful product, the demand will skyrocket.  This means that anyone who wants to include these in their humidor had better be ordering them as soon as possible.

Kristoff cigars are made from the finest hand-picked tobaccos grown in Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.  They are also shipped in wooden boxes that are lined with tobacco leaves which help to preserve the product and offer a unique packaging and shipping material.  This is just another of the ambitious ways that this company thinks of everything when it comes to quality and precision.

In an effort to preserve that quality, many of the product lines that they offer are a limited production, so this means some of their offerings are hard to find even at one’s favorite cigar shop.

Kristoff Corojo Limitada: Full Bodied Indulgence

Kristoff Corojo Limitada CigarsThe Kristoff Corojo Limitada is a full bodied cigar offered by Glen Case and this  brand. The company has undergone numerous business and production obstacles since its beginnings in 2005. As a result, their reputation took a hit, but the brand has begun a rebranding process of both their cigars and the company as a whole. Glen Case has said that he hopes to achieve a higher level of quality control while producing  Kristoff Cigars that he would enjoy himself. Line-ups such as the Kristoff Corojo Limitada have helped in successfully kicking off this company’s rebirth.

The Kristoff Corojo Limitada is a medium to full bodied cigar crafted entirely of Habano seed tobacco. As with all of this company’s tobacco, it has gone through a unique double and triple fermentation process. This smoke is constructed of a Nicaraguan Corojo Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan Habano binder, and Nicaraguan Habano and Dominican Habano filler. It is available in a number of sizes including the Robusto, Matador, Torpedo, and the Churchill.

Right out of the humidor the Kristoff Corojo Limitada is a fine cigar said to have a sophisticated look to it. The dark brown skin was described as having minimal veins and a solid, oily feel in the hand. In the beginning the flavor is said to be a nice balance of pepper and spice. This spiciness is said to remain throughout with hints of sweetness, floral, and leather flavors coming through. The spicy taste increases once again near the end. Reviewers agreed that the Kristoff Corojo Limitada had an outstanding draw and a smooth burn from beginning to end. The ash was a rich, dark grey tone that held together well. Overall, this Kristoff cigar was described as being an ideal indulgence after a nice dinner.

Kristoff Criollos Look as Great as They Taste

Kristoff Criollo Cigar Kristoff Criollo cigars have the reviewers raving.  It is not often that a smoke not only makes the grade with taste and smoke-ability but is also pleasing to the eye.  This one is being praised for looking as good as it tastes.

Kristoff Criollo is a complex medium bodied premium cigar that can be enjoyed by novices and aficionados alike.  The complexity level is enough to satisfy the mature palate, yet mild enough in the medium range to be great for the novice who may not have developed as mature a palate at this point.

Sporting an Olor Cuban seed Dominican binder, the Kristoff Criollo also has the filler that featured both Olor Cuban seed Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos.  Featuring some oiliness, the wrapper of this fine Kristoff cigar is dark brown with striations and a pig tail cap.  The flavors that are found in a Kristoff Criollo range from fruitcake to sweet cedar along with some wonderful notes of a white peppery taste.  There were some hints of a floral taste as well as a very mild cinnamon flavoring.

Glen Case has definitely redefined what a fine cigar should be by introducing this line of smokes.  As more cigar smoking fans discover them, so will the demand.  Nearly all who have tried these premium cigars recommend that every humidor stock them. Anyone wanting to get them had better hurry.  They will only continue to become more and more difficult to find as the reviews continue to be positive with accolades for all the lines that Glen Case offers.  A product this wonderful that is offered in limited production quantities could become a rather rare item to find even at the finest cigar shops.

Kristoff Ligeros Are a Must Have for Aficionados

Kristoff Ligero CigarsThe Kristoff Ligero gives the connoisseur a Brazilian Maduro wrapper around the perfect smoke that is produced in Dominican Republic.  The binder features Dominican and Cuban seed tobacco with fillers made from Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco, and it is offered in the 6.5 x 56 size.

The Kristoff Ligero is produced by a company of the same name that was begun in 2005.  Since its inception, it has enjoyed great success and has risen up through the ranks in the industry.  This success can be attributed to the mix of master blenders who bring with them generations of know-how and expertise.  They are well versed in the Cuban tradition of cigar making.

While some cigars leave the smoker with a very creamy and sweet after taste, the Kristoff Ligero tends to be more of an earthy type of offering.  While there are moments that are encapsulated with sweetness and creaminess, the bulk of the smoke from beginning to end features the earthy taste of the tobacco as well as the hot and dryness that experienced palates enjoy in a stick like this.

Reviewers all seem to say the same thing about the Kristoff Ligero Maduro.  They all enjoyed it immensely while realizing that this is definitely a stick for those with the acquired taste of straight tobacco fulfillment.  If one wants the great taste of finely chosen tobacco leaves with a smidgen of toasted almonds with just a hint of spice and a good tobacco’s subtly sweet finish, this is a must have item in the humidor at all times.

If the wonderful taste of great ligero tobacco is the craving, then this is the smoke that should be the choice.

Perdomo Reserve 10th Year Anniversary – Champagne Noir

Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Noir cigarsThe Perdomo Reserve 10th Year Anniversary-Champagne Noir was created in the spring of 2011 by the Tabacalera Perdomo brand.  It was introduced as a celebratory line-up for the ten years the company has been in the industry.  It was not always an easy road for this brand and its founders.  Silvio Perdomo and his son Nick, Sr. were in the process of making their mark on the tobacco industry when Fidel Castro created devastation in Cuba and in their own lives.  Nick, Sr. was able to escape to the United States where he found freedom and business opportunities for himself and his family.  His determination led him to launch the cigar brand and the high quality smokes they create, such as the Perdomo Reserve 10th Year Anniversary-Champagne Noir.

This mild to medium bodied cigar is the perfect smoke to mark the ten year milestone.  The construction is flawless, with a wrapper made up of Connecticut Shade leaves that have been aged 6 years.  The binder and filler are a premium Nicaraguan tobacco.  The Perdomo Reserve 10th Year Anniversary-Champagne Noir is available in a variety of sizes including the Super Toro, Churchill, Torpedo, Epicure, Robusto, and Figuardo.

Those experiencing these premium cigars agree that their appearance is elegant with a slightly oily surface and minimal veins.  The Perdomo Reserve 10th Year Anniversary-Champagne Noir is said to be smooth tasting right from the start.  The first third kicks off the notable spiciness and creamy leather flavors that are present throughout the smoke.  While their intensity fluctuates, they are said to be joined by woodsy notes around the midpoint.  The spicy flavor dominates during the final third.  The draw is said to be ideal, while the burn was nice and even.  The ash was a pale gray tone that held strong throughout. This mild to medium bodied cigar is the perfect smoke to mark Perdomo’s ten year milestone. Visit an online cigar shop to purchase some today!

La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro Series Provides Premium Smokes

La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro Series CigarsThe La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro series was a met with unabashed enthusiasm at its debut in the IPCPR trade show in early 2011. Litto Gomez and his brand La Flor Dominicana were hailed for the addition of this line. He has once again proven his natural ability in cigar production.

Following much hardship in the jewelry business, Gomez found his true calling in the cigar industry in the Dominican Republic. The La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro series is a superb example of the experience and knowledge he has gained over the years.

It is constructed of an Ecuadorian Ligero Sumatra tobacco that is available on a limited basis, resulting in a bi-annual release for these amazing cigars.  The binder is a delightful Dominican Sumatra tobacco, while the filler is a wonderful blend of both Nicaraguan and Dominican leaves. The La Flor Dominican Colorado Oscuro series is available in four distinct sizes, the #2, #3, #4, and #5 and each comes in an affordable box of 50.

The #5 in particular is said to be a premium cigar worth experiencing. The exterior has been described as having an oily surface with minimal veins. It is firmly packed and feels solid in the hand. Once easily lit this smoke has an easy draw with flavors of pepper and leather coming through right from the start. Metallic hints are said to begin to be introduced, as are notes of cinnamon and nature around the midpoint. The spiciness decreases at this stage, yet it is said to return with more strength in the final third accompanied by hints of pepper, sweet sugar, and additional cinnamon.

Reviewers agree that the La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro series is a slow smoke sure to be found in humidors everywhere, whether they belong to beginners or more experienced cigar connoisseurs. Available at establishments that have cigars for sale.

Nestor Miranda Cigars Receive Critical Acclaim

Nestor Miranda Cigars Receive Critical AcclaimMiami Cigar produces Nestor Miranda cigars.  It was founded in 1989 in a garage that was only big enough to house one vehicle.  From there, Nestor has built a tobacco empire with no prior family connections to the tobacco industry.  He was an immigrant from Cuba when he arrived in the United States at the age of 16.  His parents and family operated a bakery back in Cuba.  But, he had the drive to be successful, and he never slowed down from there.

Nestor Miranda cigars are named after the founder of the company.  He learned to love tobacco products through his grandfather who was quite the cigar smoking aficionado.  His grandfather was the one who introduced him to tobacco, and it was his grandfather’s love of a good smoke that got him interested in them personally and then later on professionally. Realizing that expertise was needed to succeed in the business, Nestor collaborated with the best: Don Pepin Garcia.

Nestor Miranda cigars are made available in three sizes:

  • 4 1/2 x 50
  • 5 1/2 x 54
  • 6 x 60

They also offer a lancero that is forty gauge ring size.  This is a very popular size in Cuba, and this is where he became familiar with it.

Nestor Miranda cigars are enjoying increasing success over the years.  The drive of the founder as well as the quality that is included in each stick has led to this success.  As the popularity of the products continue to rise at a steady pace, it becomes more and more difficult to find some of the lines and brands that are offered as parts of those lines.  Reviewers all give these products critical acclaim as well which also lends itself to making this company a success.

San Cristobal Elegancia

San Cristobal Elegancia Cigars from My Father San Cristobal Elegancia cigars are brought to cigar smokers from My Father Cigars. There are five vitolas of this stick, which has Nicaraguan filler and binder and an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

This seems to be a favored wrapper for 2011 sticks which is known for being an almost flawless, beautiful wrapper. Earthy barnyard flavors mixed with cashews as well as pepper and spice greet the smoker, but in the second third, a sweet citrus starts to blossom. The citrus becomes dominant around the midpoint, and the final third sees the cedar spice back in front again.It is not difficult to tell that the San Cristobal Elegancia is perfect for both those who are new to cigar smoking and those who enjoy cigars that do not overpower gourmet meals or delicate wines.

The first two-thirds of the smoke are mild, but that last third enters into medium strength. The nice burn of the San Cristobal Elegancia produces ash that is solid and white. Careful, though, it has been known to drop hot.

The light color of the Connecticut shade wrapper which may be even lighter in color than usual has a rough, papery feel to it. With nearly no veining, and a triple cap, the San Cristobal Elegancia is often thought to be as elegant as its name. Described by many as definitely worth smoking, it is perfect for a morning smoke as well as after dinner.

A simply delicious hand-made cigar from My Father for Ashton: stock your humidor now!

Nub 460 Tubos Are Short, Sweet, & Long-lasting

Short but long-lasting Nub 460 Tubos are unique Nub 460 Tubos are the result of Sam Leccia’s innovative creation process now enjoyed around the world.  Developed and manufactured in the Ybor City district of Tampa, Florida, these offer Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and Connecticut tobacco wrappers.

While the Nub 460 Tubos are not nearly as complex as others offered on the market, they have a sweet and smooth flavor that make them very enjoyable nonetheless.  The notes of coffee, cocoa, sweetness, spice, wood, and herbs give it a consistent taste throughout the entire process of smoking it.  It ends on a creamy and smooth note making it a perfect stick to relax with after a hard day.

Nub 460 Tubos lends itself to the innovative process of selecting only the finest tobacco leaves.  While it may be a bizarre looking type of smoke because it is short and rather fat, it is a huge surprise when after lighting carefully with a favorite cigar lighter.  Packaged in a tube that is also sealed with tin foil and a cork for freshness, it will amaze both the connoisseur and novice alike.

When choosing what to pair a Nub 460 Tubos with, most  cigar smoking fans agree that the drink of choice is a great cup of coffee which complements the notes and flavors that are found throughout this medium bodied offering.

The lack of complexity is made up for with the wonderful notes and flavors that infuse this stick.  Many people recommend that this be something that you enjoy during a commute to work or lounging on the patio on a Sunday morning with the paper.  This smoke would be perfect for the novice who is just beginning on the journey of exploring the wonders that await them in humidors everywhere.

Joya de Nicaragua Cigars: The Mystique Is Back!

Joya de Nicaragua Cigars Joya de Nicaragua cigars have a rich history, even though its actual history is comparatively short.  With the introduction of the country’s first stogie factory not coming into play until the 1960’s, the country had a long history of tobacco smoking to catch up with.  These handcrafted sticks are now enjoyed in more than 30 countries throughout the world, and were even the U.S. White House stick of choice for state dinner guests throughout the 1970’s.

In 1971, the country’s dictator president came to the U.S. bearing a gift of Joya de Nicaragua cigars for Nixon, and was surprised to see them already there at the White House. Upon return to his country, the president pressured the owners of the company to sell the company that produced these premium cigars. He owned the company until the Sandinistas took power and nationalized the private sector. Once they were voted out of office in 1990, privatization was reinstated, though not always sensibly.  Now that the company that made the Joya de Nicaragua cigars belonged to all of the company’s employees, there were many more voices, too many in fact, to deal with when it came to the decision-making.

Dr. Martinez-Cuenca bought the company in 1994 with hopes that he could return the mystique to the brand. He is proud of the company, and what it has meant to the history of the market, as many people have come through the company learning the ropes of making premium cigars before moving on to other companies. Joya de Nicaragua cigars, which  translate as “jewel of Nicaragua,” are available at fine online cigar stores.