Best Cigars Are Different for Different Palates


Naming the best cigars is more than a little subjective, because each individual smoker is going to have a list of personal favorites.  Because individual taste is what matters to each smoker, his or her list trumps any compiled list. This is all rendered even more difficult because one’s palate changes as a smoker gains experience. Cigar shops have such a large inventory that it can be frustrating to find a smoke that suits one’s tastes.

The value of a Best Cigars list lies in the hope that a cigar smoking aficionado will discover a new favorite among unfamiliar entries on such a list.  Some people might like to look at the lists of best cigars to make decisions about the ones they want to try—particularly on one compiled by fellow smokers who often enjoy the same types of smokes one does.

Some lists may be more authoritative, like those printed in favorite or highly acclaimed industry magazines, or those found on a blog of an enthusiast whose tastes are similar to one’s own. The different lists will surely have similarities as well as differences, and these are most frequently determined by the criteria by which the list ranks the best cigars.

A resource listing top selling contenders might differ from those that rank smokes by flavor profiles or body strength. An interesting side note is discovering what, if any industry partnerships, prejudices, or interests may exist behind the ratings on a particular list.

The most popular lines listed for 2010, when ranked by sales, usually include those produced by Macanudo. Sticks made by Arturo Fuente, H. Upmann, and Ashton most often round out the top four companies. Rather like restaurants, new entries are always exciting to try though the disappointment level is sometimes high—but one might never know when a great new line makes an appearance if browsing the premium cigar lists is part of one’s routine.

Famous Cigars Are Usually Famous for a Reason

Famous Cigars Famous cigars may or may not always be the most popular cigar (after all, it is possible for a company’s offering to be famous because it was so bad, right?), but typically, the most popular smokes will also be among the famous cigars. Looking to lists of popular options can help a new smoker or one who does not know a lot about different sticks to help pick the sticks one wants to try.  Of course it helps to make these decisions based on personal recommendations from cigar smoking aficionados who have similar tastes, but never rely on just one list or source. Not everyone reports on the same new entries on the market.

Finding famous cigars from a list of popular ones does help to give an idea of the qualities that make a smoke popular, and also gives a starting point for finding additional reviews.  By beginning with lists of popular lines,  there is  a very good chance that they’ll be readily available, either online or at a favorite brick and mortar cigar store.

Among the most popular and most famous cigars in the last few years are offerings from Rocky Patel, Padron, and Oliva, along with the CAO Cherrybomb and La Traviata, the AVO Campenero, and the Alec Bradley cigars like the  Maxx line’s The Culture. Researching online reviews and other such lists will help those looking for new smoking experiences.

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Cigar Reviews Help Smokers Find the Best Cigars for Their Tastes


Cigar reviews are extremely helpful when considering a new brand or accessory to add to one’s collection.  There are a lot of different flavor profiles and a number of other things from which to consider when it comes time to seeking them out.

The average smoker cannot try all of the cigars out there, and there are likely going to be some brands that are preferred over others, according to individual tastes and preferences.  So if someone is interested in looking for cigar reviews for full bodied smokes, they can just pass over one if they see it is only mild-bodied. The same would obviously go for someone looking solely for mild bodied sticks. The convenience of online cigar reviews makes it easier for one to find exactly what they were looking for and read the opinions of others that have already had the opportunity to indulge in them. Finding the best cigars for one’s palate is much easier thanks to the Internet. This is also a great way to find the cigar accessories best suited to one’s tastes and style.

Whatever the objections to them may be, cigar reviews can help someone save money by avoiding purchases he or she will not like.  While personal recommendations from a brick and mortar shop may still be available, the cigar shops are not always open, and there is not always going to be someone around who has had the privilege of smoking each specific offering.  On the other hand, with online cigar reviews, there should always be plenty of feedback in this area. This is an excellent way to accumulate information from a number of different sources with just a few clicks of a mouse. 

Cigar smoking aficionados are often encouraged to leave their own reviews so as to help others who are searching.  When visiting sites for this type of information, one also has the added advantage of being able to purchase the sticks they desire from the site they are reading from the convenience of home or work.  Reading online reviews and shopping for the next great cigar or cigar accessories simply does not get any easier than this.

Maurice Berger’s Lampe Berger Effusion Lamps Clean the Air


Maurice Berger and Lampe Berger  Maurice Berger was a pharmacist turned entrepreneur who founded his company Lampe Berger in 1897 in France.  He had occasion to visit the area hospitals at the time and was appalled to find that the quality of the air inside these wards was less than bearable because of the atrocious odors that were brought on by poor ventilation which led to air stagnation.  He had a vision to create something that would purify the air so that it would be much more pleasant.  So Maurice Berger began with trial and error to devise a burner that would heat fragrant oils that would both purify and beautify the poor air quality. He patented his effusion lamp and began to market it through his company, Lampe Berger. 

Throughout the years, his partner, Jean-Jacques Faillot stayed by his side and further helped to promote the company Lampe Berger.  The company enjoyed many famous followers such as Pablo Picasso who was noted as saying that these oils were “the fragrance of intelligence.” 

After Maurice Berger retired, his partner Mr. Faillot took over the business which eventually passed to Mr. Faillot’s son after his death.  In 1973, the company was sold to Marcel Auvray but retained the name Lampe Berger because of its unique history and brand recognition.

Throughout the years, this company as well as many others that have been built around essential oils and effusion fragrance lamps has flourished.  Maurice Berger gave to the world a great invention that purifies the air today as well as it did when it was patented but now it gives its fragrance to the world so it can be a much more pleasant environment in our homes and businesses as well as in hospitals. For the best selections of fragrance lamps, visit an online cigar shop—yes, they work THAT well!

EP Carrillo Short Run 2011 Series Is Really a Home Run

The EP Carrillo Short Run 2011 series is just another home run hit by the man that many revere as an extremely talented and experienced cigar maker and he is Ernesto Perez-Carrillo.  His use of the wonderfully blended tobaccos that are found in various different countries give his smokes the most unique taste that money can buy.  He works with Cuban-seed tobacco that is native to Dominican Republic.  In the end, the medium-bodied EP Carrillo Short Run 2011 series cigars are wonderfully aromatic and they have a level of complexity that makes them a sheer pleasure to smoke. 

This is a smoke that offers many flavors for the palate to enjoy.  It features a charring note that reminds you of the type of charring that you would enjoy on a perfectly well-grilled steak.  Of course this means it isn’t bitter but rather a pleasant smoky taste.  The peppery notes that are found are also wonderful because they bite at first but them mellow out some to be smoother toward the end.

The EP Carrillo Short Run 2011 series may also shock those who are familiar with traditional offerings of the past because this one introduces a floral note not usually found from this maker.  There are also notes of buttery cream as well as nutty cashew flavors that delight the senses.  Flavors of cedar as well as other woodsy tastes grace this fine cigar from start to finish.

Overall, the EP Carrillo short run 2011 series is heralded by connoisseurs in the cigar smoking world everywhere as being one of the great offerings of the year and it is highly recommended that you give one a try as well as stock your humidor with them.

Tatuaje’s La Verite 2009! Another Superb Pete Johnson Offering

 Tatuaje’s La Verite 2009 cigars are made from wonderful Nicaraguan tobacco that offers the flavors and complexity that aficionados have been raving about since their initial release. Flawlessly wrapped with nearly no visible veins, Tatuaje’s La Verite 2009 has a brilliantly brown hued wrapper that is made of Nicaraguan habano. These hand-made cigars are extremely firm so they hold well throughout the process of smoking, yet are perfectly constructed for an ideal burn.

Can you say, “complexity?” Tatuaje’s La Verite 2009 cigars offer many notes of flavor throughout the first, second and final thirds of the smoke.  You will find a complex blend of cedar, earthiness, leather, cocoa, fruitiness and a peppery note that all explode into a powerfully full bodied palate pleaser.

You will find Tatuaje’s La Verite 2009 available in the size of 5 x 50.  Its binder is la Estrella Habano Criollo with a habano Nicaragua filler that is part Criollo ’98 and part Pelo De Oro. Though it begins as a medium bodied cigar, it quickly transitions into a full bodied one.

Pete Johnson created this superb line by using the same approach as one would in the wine industry–by selecting an exceptional 2008 harvest of tobacco from his farm in Estelí.  From this choice tobacco, the line that came to be known as “The Truth” was born. It is considered a vintage selection very much like a vintage selection of fine wine.  This unusual thought process produced a very wonderfully complex, medium to full bodied selection that has been given accolades by connoisseurs all over the country and the world.  This is the perfect time to give one a try: visit our online cigar shop today to stock up with these fine smokes or any needed cigar accessories!

Diamond Crown Cigars Are Extraordinarily Exceptional

 Diamond Crown cigars are the first to offer a 54 gauge cigar.  Prior to them, the largest ring available was a 52 ring gauge.  This was a 100th anniversary offering that was designed to celebrate J.C. Newman’s founding of the J.C. Newman Company in 1895.  Therefore the line that would commemorate this would have to be something that was above the best; it had to be extraordinarily exceptional.  According to the reviewers, connoisseurs and aficionados, that is exactly what Diamond Crown cigars are—the best.

Featuring notes of nuttiness, wood, almond, creamy vanilla, spiciness and licorice, this is truly one of those smokes that you will wish would never end.   Diamond Crown Cigars are heralded as being one of the smoothest ever made and this is almost certainly related to the fact that the fermentation process is given an additional step that lets them age for five years prior to rolling them.  The increased ring size also allows for a blend of more types of tobacco leaves in the smoke. 

All of this is topped by the award winning Connecticut Fermented Wrapper that is unlike any others that are on the market.  Most reviewers agree that this is the one thing, more than anything else, that sets Diamond Crown Cigars apart from the rest.  In fact, most cigar smoking enthusiasts declare there is nothing out there that even begins to compare with this line of smokes.

All told, a big and beefy offering that is larger than those that came before it as well as smoother than anything that is on the market today works together to give one exceptionally brilliant smoke to the public.  All of the reviewers raved that they could not wait until they could get their hands on another one and that they definitely would be stocking their humidors with these smokes from their favorite cigar shop and suggested that you do the same as well!

Diamond Crown CFW Is Biggest and Best!

Diamond Crown CFW Diamond Crown CFW cigars are definitely a step above the rest.  You could say that they are the best in their class but then, they do not have a class—they are the class.  This line is so far superior to all of the others that there is no way that you could begin to find another line with which to compare it to and cigar smoking reviewers all attest to this fact.

The Diamond Crown CFW line combines the talent, expertise and experimentations of many individuals in a company that has been striving for one hundred years to make the absolutely best cigars possible. The secret to their success is the Connecticut Fermented Wrapper for which it is named.  Before this stick, the largest ring gauge offered was a 52 ring gauge.  This was quite an ample offering by itself.  However, the folks that designed this smoke knew that it would have to be a big and meaty type of cigar to accommodate the six or seven different leaves they wanted to incorporate into the wrapper.

Needless to say, Diamond Crown CFW is renowned for its delicious complexity of flavors which results from a second curing or a second step being added to the traditional type of fermentation process.  While all tobacco leaves are baled and allowed to dry before they are then hand selected and rolled, this wrapper is taken out of the bales where it is allowed to age an additional five years before it is rolled.  The result is the smoothest, richest, creamiest Diamond Crown CFW cigar that one can imagine. 

If you want to say that you have sampled “la mejor de la mejor” (best of the best) that can be achieved only from a century’s worth of dedication and hard work to make the best smokes possible then you’ll want to visit our cigar shop today so you can savor one of these just as soon as possible.

Diamond Crown Grid Iron Greats: Great Cause; Great Taste

Diamond Crown Grid Iron Greats J.C. Newman is the cigar company that produced the Diamond Crown Gridiron Greats, available for sale in 2009, after aging for three years. Stanford Newman and Carlos (Carlito) Fuente, Jr. worked on this together, creating a cigar with aged, blended Dominican tobaccos and a wrapper from Cameroon. Worldwide, the production of this cigar was only 700 boxes, so someone might have to look hard to find of one of these select beauties. If asking at the best local cigar shop doesn’t lead to success, a better strategy is checking with a reputable online store.

Marv Levy, Jimmy Johnson, and Mike Ditka are all on the board of directors for the fund these cigars benefit. Each Diamond Crown Gridiron Greats cigar sale sends a dollar to the coffers of the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund (GGAF), which helps retired football players with their expenses made necessary by their years on the playing field. Many players from earlier in the history of the NFL did not have similar levels of income and benefits to those most players enjoy today. This 501 (c) 3 organization ensures that these former players receive the care they need. Jerry Kramer provided the money that started the fund. Kramer’s championship ring was stolen but after he had had a replica made, he saw the original on sale at auction online. The company did the right thing and returned it to him. Kramer then sent the replica to the auction company, and used the funds generated by its sale to found the GGAF.

All Diamond Crown Gridiron Greats cigars are 7 x 48 Churchills and are usually found to be medium to full-bodied. Scents of maple and cedar tantalize the senses of connoisseurs. The toasted foot is sometimes said to have hickory scents.  The sale of Diamond Crown Gridiron Greats is just one of the sources of funds, but such a deliciously good one for cigar smoking enthusiasts.

Diamond Crown Julius Caeser: A Touch of Mystery

Diamond Crown Julius Caeser CigarsThe Diamond Crown Julius Caeser line was produced by the J.C. Newman Company in honor of the man who founded the company. They celebrated both Newman’s 135th birthday and the company’s 115th anniversary. The picture on the label is even of the founder. These cigars have an Ecuadorian wrapper, and possibly Dominican filler and binder, although some sources indicate that information is secret or unknown. Originally available only at Diamond Crown lounges, they were initially introduced at later date than had been announced.

Reviews of the Diamond Crown Julius Caeser all agree that this is a mild to medium-bodied cigar. One reviewer who commented on the smoke time mentioned smoking it for an hour and forty-five minutes after lighting with his favorite cigar lighter! Creamy is the adjective most often used to describe this line of smokes. The nutty creaminess is delicious with a citrus note that adds a nice surprise to the flavor profile. The ash of the Diamond Crown Julius Caeser cigars are known for holding tight for around an inch and a half, and then falling as a solid piece when it finally fell. One reviewer also commented on a faster burn during the second half of the smoke.

Though most cigar smoking aficionados liked the flavors in the Diamond Crown Julius Caeser, some would likely prefer a stronger bodied smoke. There are, however, plenty of smokers out there who prefer to linger over such a delicious long-lasting smoke, especially with good food, fine wine, and scintillating conversation. Check your favorite online cigar shop to stock your humidor today.