El Credito War of Flavors Cigar Breaks the Mold

The El Credito War of Flavors Cigar may be little as its name suggests, but never let size fool you, especially when it comes to cigars of this caliber. 

The constant back and forth teetering between the rich natural tobacco flavors and creamy woodsy tastes will send your palate reeling and begging for more.  This stick sets itself apart in many ways, including the flavors, the size, the fact that it is hand crafted without a mold, and the rustic box that it is packaged in.  The flavor is described as being extremely full bodied. 

This amazing little stick has an Ecuadoran Habano wrapper.  The binder is Connecticut Broadleaf; the filler is a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos.  The cigars offer up a very even burn according to most reviewers.  El Credito War of Flavors is easily lit. On the first draw you are face to face with hints of red pepper, black pepper, coffee, and a sampling of cocoa that ends up as a spicy finale.  The smoke is described as having a very good weight, even though only 4 different tobacco leaves are used. 

Another thing that sets the El Credito War of Flavors Cigar apart from perhaps all others is the fact that there is absolutely no mold used when designing them.  This is unusual for the production of any stick, and it gives it a very unique shape that some reviewers have described as completely ugly, but in a good way.  Of course you cannot judge a book by its cover, and that is surely the case with this cigar. Its looks will almost certainly fool you until it comes alive with the flick of your favorite cigar lighter.  What it looks like is nothing in comparison to the flavors you will experience when indulging your taste buds in an El Credito War of Flavors Cigar.

Pedro Martin Cigars Are Masterfully Blended

Pedro Martin Cigars Pedro Martin cigars are masterfully blended smokes that showcase the legacy of their creator.  Martin dedicated his life to learning the trade, beginning in Cuba at the age of fifteen.  Even before that, he had been working in the fields with his family doing whatever he could to help and learning every step of the way.

This dedication and hard work paid off when the family moved to the United States in 1961.  From that point forward, he learned how to blend by working as a master blender, and then, eventually, he went on to begin his company, Tropical Tobacco in 1974. 

He was instrumental in the United States in his role of helping to produce replacement tobacco for Cuban tobacco.  Up until the Cuban embargo on tobacco, nearly all cigar manufacturers in the United States created  products made from Cuban tobacco.  Once this was no longer possible, the industry looked to people like him because of his experience, heritage, and the fact that he was born in Cuba. And that is how Pedro Martin cigars were born.

Pedro Martin cigars are still available today even though he sold Tropical Tobacco in 2004.  As is customary in a family this steeped with tradition, he passed on his knowledge and experience to his daughter Maria so that she could carry on the tradition and the legacy of Pedro Martin. That is why fine cigars are still being producedthe way that Pedro Martin did, and why there is a new line of premium cigars using his methodologies by his daughter Maria Martin.  The Pedro Martin cigars line are still being blended and produced the way they were by the man himself before his death in 2010.    So pick up a Ruby, Gold, or Corojo at your favorite online cigar store today!  You will be glad that you did as soon as you light one up.

Scented Oil Lamps Add Charm While Killing Odors

Scented Oil LampsAdding scented oil lamps to your existing décor can’t help but make your home more inviting; no matter how welcoming your home already is.  These softly glowing lights will spread a fragrance throughout your home and can be chosen to coordinate with your furnishings, or to stand out in great contrast. While these are popular now in homes for household usage, the history of the scented oil lamp harkens back to usage in the noisome morgues and hospitals of 1800’s France.  Since they not only make the air smell nicer, but actually clean it of strong odors and bacteria, medical establishments used them extensively and were the main market for the products for some time.  Once it was discovered that the addition of scents to the oil didn’t decrease their effectiveness, their wonderful aromas became the focal point, and the market was forever changed. Effusion lamps now emphasize beauty for the senses of smell and sight rather than the utilitarian packaging and scentlessness they once exhibited in their austere institutional settings. 

How do you know they really work? The company that first marketed them in 1800’s France is still going strong. The second way you can know the work is that a good source to find a scented oil lamp for your own home is an online cigar shop. Since many smokers strive to keep the air in their homes smelling as fresh and clean as possible, they will often pick one to place in the room where they usually smoke.  You can enjoy the fragrance produced by the lantern and appreciate the improved smell of the room. Whether you’re looking for stripes or animal prints, or just a plain color, you should be able to find scented oil lamps to suit your sense of small and style online.

La Tee Da: Pleasure for the Nose and Eyes

La Tee Da lamps are popular for many reasons.The La Tee Da home fragrance company has a large selection of effusion lamps that you can use in your own home.  Originally these lamps were created for use in the medical field as they were thought to purify the air.  A French chemist and a German scientist were first credited with developing the catalytic burner system that would eventually be put to use with these fragrance lamps. Maurice Berger later fine-tuned and patented the idea when he invented the original Lampe Berger, which eventually had to compete with other similar fragrance lamps from companies like La Tee Da. While the lamps were originally used in medical facilities and other similar locations, they have now become a household item.  Because they really remove strong odors like cigar smoke and bacteria from the air, they are often used by smokers to help decrease the unpleasant smells that can be associated with smoking, but they aren’t limited to this use by any means.  They come in any number of colors and designs now, so you’re sure to be able to find something that suits your particular style.

You can choose from the La Tee Da lamps in order to help eliminate odors from your home, or just because you like the great smelling fragrances they offer, or for the beautiful containers. Now that they’re primarily used in the home, the designs are more decorative, instead of the institutional look they originally had. La Tee Da owes its company’s beginnings to those scientists who spent their time creating and improving the catalytic burner for the products the company sells. Take your time to consider which lamp might be right for you. You can do this by browsing the selection from an online cigar store.  This is the best way to find the greatest variety of these lamps, as well as any other accessories you might be looking for.

Rocky Patel Decade Cigars Honors Patel’s 10th Year!

Rocky Patel Decade CigarsRocky Patel Decade cigars Rocky Patel Decade cigars were marketed to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the brand. As one of the few with limited ties and history to cigar production, it is a singular accomplishment for the brand to have made it this far.  There are a number of vitolas available, so consider the options carefully when weighing all the options among the vitolas, or just try them all. That’s a great way to expand one’s experience and train the palate.

Whether looking to try the savory Toro with its smooth wrapper and smoky, even burn, or considering the 60 X 6 Emperor with its clear draw and two hour smoke time, there is certainly a cigar in this line that will appeal to one’s taste.  Whether one or more of these Rocky Patel Decade cigars please one’s tastes, they are a good choice to fill the humidor with.  Otherwise, it could be a treat to try one or more of the Rocky Patel Sampler Packs, and fill it up with a varied selection.

Cigar smoking enthusiasts are as different as can be from each other. Some prefer to read every review that can be found on Rocky Patel Decade cigars before making a decision, while others prefer sampler packs from their favorite cigar shop that let them try every one themselves, and still others keep a list of cigars that are universally well regarded by cigar aficionados with a similar palate. Regardless of the search, remember to post a review of the Rocky Patel Decade cigars that lets others know one’s experience with the cigars. Others will appreciate it!

Fragrance Oil Lamps Actually Clean the Air

Fragrance Oil LampsFragrance oil lamps can help you eliminate those less than pleasant odors in your home that crop up from time to time no matter how hard your work to avoid them.  Although there are several other options when it comes to covering up or getting rid of odors, these fragrant lights are becoming a favorite among home owners. Why? Because rather than just hiding odors these marvelous products actually remove smoking and cooking odors as well as bacteria from the air.

The same country that created perfume invented these wonderful devices. The history of the fragrance oil lamp began when Maurice Berger, a Frenchman came up with the concept in the 1800’s.  There are many different forms of them now, but they all have the same purpose, to eliminate odors and make the atmosphere in a home or business smell good.  Back in those early days they were used in hospitals and mortuaries as a way to keep the air in morgues and hospitals fresh, but now they are used in offices and homes.

People have certain things that they look for before making a purchase, and the same goes for these lamps.  So below are some examples of the advantages they have over other types of air fresheners.  

Safety is always a concern, especially when your family is involved.  Lighting candles all over the house may add a nice little glow and aroma, but now you have multiple open flames in your home.  You may not think about it, but this is a danger to you and your family.  Instead of candles you can put fragrance oil lamps in your home and reduce the risk of fire dramatically. 

Potpourri has no risk at all of a fire, but the smell isn’t nearly as strong and does not last as long.  The scent begins to fade after a short time. Aerosol products are quite popular, but they only temporarily mask the odor, sometimes even making it worse.  The only time the smell will go out with fragrance oil lamps is when it runs out of oil.  If you keep it filled up, you will never have to worry about the amazing aroma fading. These products are so effective that your favorite cigar store is likely to carry a wide selection of them.

Online Cigar Bar Offers Convenience & Selection

An online cigar bar may be just what you’re looking for if you do not live near a large city or you have an overfilled schedule.  Many bars function much like a gentlemen’s club, and they are usually found in larger metropolitan areas around the United States and abroad. 

While an online cigar bar may lack the camaraderie of getting together with the members of a club to enjoy a smoke, it definitely meets all the other needs of a smoker.  Whether you are looking to stock your humidor with the newest lines or purchasing your old favorites, you will be sure to find whatever you are looking for by searching  an online cigar shop.

Not only will you find sticks, any accessory that you might need will also be available to you with one click of the mouse.  Lighters and torches are important to the aficionado as are the proper cutters.  All of this can be found through these stores.  You will find the latest selection of humidors as well.  Do you need a travel humidor?  You can purchase these at one of these online cigar shops.  Cases and punches are also among the items that you will find in an internet shop.  Also available are ashtrays and nub holders.  Anything that you need to make the smoking experience more enjoyable can be purchased. 

Maybe one of the greatest advantages to purchasing at an online cigar bar is that you can be sure to find what you’re looking for without having to drive across town or across the state to find it.  So give an online cigar bar a try the next time you have any tobacco needs, and do so from the comfort of your own home.

History of the Zino Cigars

Not surprisingly, Zino cigars are brought to you by the renowned Davidoff company .  Davidoff himself was familiar with tobacco at a young age as his father ran a tobacco shop.  When Davidoff was a young man, he travelled to see plantations and factories to learn more about what goes into creating cigars.  He returned to his father’s shop and added a cigar department.  At one point, his store became a major location for the imported Havana options, and later he was, for a while, the only local source for Cuban smokes.  He realized at one point that he might want to have his products available for purchase for those in the U.S., which wasn’t a possibility with the Cuban embargo.  So he decided to sell to the U.S. market by creating the Zino cigars brand in Honduras.

Later, his company’s production moved to the Dominican Republic, and in 2006, after stopping the production of certain Honduras Zino cigars, the entire rest of the production was moved under one roof.  This provides a number of benefits, such as being able to have a “hands on” presence at the factories, and helping to maintain consistency with the products.  The Zino cigars line now offers a number of different choices for you to select from.  If you’re already a smoker, there’s bound to be an option you like offered from this company.  They range from mild to strong, and you can even get limited editions.  Zino is certainly a name to keep in mind when it comes to Cuban-quality smoking options available for purchase at the cigar shop of your choice in the U.S.

Zino Classic Series Offer Something for Everyone

Zino Classic CigarsThe Zino Classic is just one of the many premium cigars offered by the prestigious Davidoff company. Some enthusiasts choose to try them all, in order to find their favorites, while others choose to stick with the first one they like. Most, however, prefer to have several favored lines or brands to rotate through.

Just one among all of the other Zino classic cigar line options is the Annual Embassy Collection. One Zino review noted that these are available for sale in a box of ten. The even color of the wrapper, which included some veining and a good amount of oils, was highlighted.

The Zino Classic #3 vitola is described as having the tastiness of buttery toast with delicious spice notes.  Another reviewer suggested trying the #6 if one prefers a spicier smoke. The #6 is recommended for cigar smoking aficionados because it also has a sweet smelling, spicy smoke as well as a great price for such a luxurious smoke.

The Zino Classic #8 which has Honduran fillers and binder, and an Ecuadorian wrapper, also has good reviews for the draw, burn, and smoke it produces. It is described as getting a deliciously stronger woody flavor as the smoke continues.

Obviously, there are a number of different options to choose from in just this line.  Regardless of one’s preferences in taste and strength, at least one of the many vitolas of this fine cigar line is sure to be perfect for one’s humidor. An online cigar store is certain to carry just the right smoke as well as any cigar accessories that one might need.

Zino Platinum Crown Series Declared Perfect!

Platinum Crown BarrelThe Zino Platinum Crown series is an enchanting line of cigars that leaves the smoker wanting more, even after the last whiff of smoke has dissipated.  Many reviewers rave that this is the next best thing to an actual Cuban cigar.  They all agree that this is the best of the best.From its Connecticut and Ecuadorian wrapper to the Connecticut filler, this great smoke made in the Dominican Republic delivers on its every promise as a premium, full bodied cigar.

The chocolaty taste of cocoa and the peppery taste of blackened steak come through from start to finish, varying in intensity at times.  The woodsy and blackened steak flavoring seems to be prominent throughout the entire body of the cigar.  The buttery taste that is also experienced throughout the cigar leaves some reviewers declaring that it felt as if there was butter slathered on their lips while they smoked this luxurious offering from the Zino Platinum Crown series.  The slightest hint of the wonderfully tantalizing aroma of coffee was also a flavor note that was described within the reviews. 

The Zino Platinum Crown cigar is an extremely limited edition and follows a premium cigar price point.  However, most of the cigar smoking reviewers did not hesitate to splurge on this full bodied taste explosion of complexity that has few, if any rivals. Described as a perfect cigar in terms of the overall flavor, complexity, balance and finish, the Zino Platinum Crown was also noted as a cigar that never offered up anything bitter.

Also noted by aficionados reviewing the cigar was that it never required relighting.  One reviewer added that he had smoked cigars that were very good and he had smoked cigars that were great, and that this one absolutely was so good that it defied finding words to describe its greatness.  How is that for an amazing cigar?