La Sirena Classic Cigars Full Bodied Splendor from Don Pepin

The La Sirena Classic cigar line was highly anticipated by nearly every aficionado in part because it was the first full-bodied offering from the Don Pepin My Father Cigar Company that is based in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.  Another reason why it opened to such acclaim was that this line was created from a blend made by Don Pepin himself, and as Pepin is established as a master blender, this added to its appeal to aficionados everywhere. Also earning accolades from connoisseurs everywhere is the availability of the different sizes.  You can opt for any of the five following sizes with a La Sirena Classic cigar:

  • Sea Sprite – 5.5 x 42
  • The Prince – 5 x 50
  • Divine – 5.5 x 52
  • King Poseidon – 6 x 60
  • Trident – 7 x 50

The name La Sirena is Spanish for a mythical sea creature known as a mermaid. This is depicted on the bright and colorful bands of the La Sirena Classic cigars. They feature fillers produced from Nicaraguan Corillo and Corojo, while the binder is Nicaraguan Habano and Corojo. The final product is offered up in a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, making it quite handsome.

There are no soft spots or soggy areas to be found in the body, and you will find slight notes of magnesium on the outside of the wrapper that can be seen with the naked eye. Throughout the sections or thirds are many flavors, notes and aromas. Leathery notes as well as hints of chocolate, dark chocolate, coffee, espresso, earthy flavors and bold spicy notes can be detected throughout as well. Many cigar smoking reviewers have noted that La Sirena Classic cigars are packed well and burns from the first touch of a favored cigar lighter to the last draw, with no relighting being required. As one would expect from such a premium cigar, it also is said to hold a great ash. Stock up the humidor by visiting a favored online cigar store today.

Vallejuelo Classic Cigars Big on Flavor

Vallejuelo Classic cigarsVallejuelo Classic cigars have well-balanced notes of coffee, toast, and blackberries, with an enchanting sweetness throughout the entire journey of the smoke.  This line of cigars is pocketbook friendly as well as being quite prestigious, and they are most definitely a hit among aficionados.  They were recently rated a 92-93 in Cigar Aficionado Magazine, and that is quite impressive indeed as few cigars receive a rating from this magazine. This certainly indicates that great things are in store for this line in the near future.

Big on flavor, the Vallejuelo Classic cigar has a sweetness that is very natural to the taste, and a pleasant spicy note throughout the smoke that is mixed along with the blackberry and coffee notes, with a toasty hue that is bold and refreshing all at the same time. It is rich in both appearance and color, and the wrapper of this stick hints at the tasty tobacco leaves that tantalize your palate.  The hue of tanginess stays with you long after you have finished this gem.  Novices and experienced cigar smoking enthusiasts alike rave about the Vallejuelo Classic cigar.  From the first third of this stick to the final finish, the taste is bursting with ingenuous flavors and aromas.  Vallejuelo Classic cigars have had the Cigar Aficionado Magazine review and scored a 92-93, which not very many smokes do, so this is quite an impressive feat.

They are a classic in the industry and make excellent additions to cigar gift baskets along with torch lighters and other cigar accessories for those people in your life that enjoy a journey of prestige.  Savor the flavor of the beauty that is sought after in every cigar shop worldwide in this delectable package of greatness.

La Sirena Cigars: Enjoy the Siren’s Call!

La Sirena CigarsLa Sirena Cigars are a rather recent debut for Miami Cigar and Company (M C & C). Their prior experience paired with the excellence of Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia, has created this unique full-bodied stogie. It was the first of its strength to be produced by Pepin Garcia at the My Father Cigar Factory. In 1989 M C & C was launched by Miriana and Nestor Miranda in a one-car garage in Cuba. It is currently based in Miami and distributes throughout the United States. They are known for their superior smokes and ongoing support to tobacco retailers that carry them.

Pepin Garcia began learning the skills of the industry early and progressed to becoming a highly recognized and talented torcedor. Although Nicaragua and Cuba were once home, Pepin Garcia is now based in Miami and heads his own tobacco business, El Rey de los Habanos, Inc. Despite his fairly recent plunge into brand ownership, he has surely made a name for himself with his sought after blends and quality construction, which includes the La Sirena Cigar line.

La Sirena cigars have been in high demand ever since their 2010 debut in Chicago. Inspired by the “mermaid” of the sea, they are constructed of Nicaraguan leaves as Don Pepin believed they were comparable to the finer tobaccos found in Habano. The large, multi-colored band is a noticeable trait that sets a La Sirena Cigar apart from others in the humidor. The filler is a mixture of Nicaraguan Criollo ’98 and Nicaraguan Corojo ’96, while the binder is a blend of Nicaraguan Corojo and Nicaraguan Habano tobaccos, and the wrapper is Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro.

The collection is available in five sizes including the Sea Sprite, The Prince, Divine, King Poseidon, and Trident. Due to its strength and richness from start to finish this line is said to be ideal for the experienced palates of cigar smoking aficionados. Visit our online cigar store today to enjoy the Siren’s call.

Vallejuelo Cigar Tastes Like a Coffee Break Extraordinaire

VallejueloVallejuelo cigars, considered to be one of the best bargain cigars of 2010 by many, are produced by Mauricio Koks at the Tabacalera La Caya in the Dominican Republic.  The company, led by President Luis Tomas Mendez, has been in business since 1997, earning accolades all over Europe and the United States.  The company provides products for over twenty other private labels.  This says a lot about how this industry recognizes the abilities of Mauricio Koks.

Most people rate Vallejuelo cigars as being medium-bodied to start, but they all admit they finish with an above medium-bodied end.  Some notable characteristics are the toast flavor and the coffee notes, as well as the blackberry taste that adds greatly to the overall natural sweetness of the tobacco.  The predominant flavor of cedar is found throughout this stick, while the ending is noted to finish on a very earthy type of note.  As well as berries and coffee, one will also notice other delightfully spicy flavors as well–just like a coffee break complete with dessert!

Sporting a wrapper of Ecuadorian Habano, it is dark red in color.   The wrapper is also defined as being rather oily to the touch.  Ligero tobacco is the filler and it is found in both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.  Also present is a three seam cap that is modeled in the Cuban style of caps.  Featuring a slow and extremely even burn, the Vallejuelo cigar is one that does not need more than one flick of a torch lighter while smoking.

There is a very nice amount of smoke, and the ash reportedly holds for nearly two inches. Cigar smoking reviewers remark that it’s a treat to savor a Vallejuelo cigar with a lime flavored beer such as a Corona in order to fully appreciate the flavor potential in its entirety. Visit a favorite cigar shop today to stock up with these great stogies without having to leave home.

Gran Habano Cabinet Series Cigars Provide a Blast of Flavor

The corojo wrapped Gran Habano Cabinet series is a blast according to online reviewers–a blast of flavors and aromas that takes one to places that have only been visited in the mind’s eye.  The burst of unimaginable taste and aromas can vividly color a world that is boring and gray.  A blast of magnificence and joy permeated by the dense smoke dances around the air and lingers on the palate.

This Nicaraguan puro was created and introduced by Don Guillermo in 2003 at GR Tabacaleras Unidas. The tobacco he used was from the four countries where he farms and grows his tobacco, including the special Cubito leaf that he favors for his amazing blends.  The processing is the key to the awesome kaleidoscope of taste and flavor in any cigar, especially these Gran Habano Cabinet series cigars. Get out the cigar cutters because this is an experience no cigar smoker should miss.

Be sure to use a fine  cigar lighter because the initial lighting of the Gran Habano Cabinet series cigar sometimes takes a while. Once ignited, however, it is said to be a captivating journey.  Throughout the first and second third of the smoke the smoke is dense and very aromatic with the piquancy of white pepper as the flavor of cinnamon and raisins bubble to the forefront with a delicious hint of cumin.  The final third finished off the flavor profile leaving absolutely no harshness at all, but only a sweet taste on the tongue. The strength in the Gran Habano Cabinet series is the amazing flavor blend and rich and aromatic tobacco.  The delicate flavors were quite surprising because this stogy is made and marketed to be strong and powerful, which it is, just in an unexpected way. The intense flavors are this cigar is so perfectly nuanced that this it is sure to take cigar smoking aficionados for many wild spins.

Fragrance Oil Lamp: Old but Not Outdated

Fragrance Oil LampWith the recent spike in popularity of the electric fragrance oil lamp, a lot of people think that this is a new idea to help you get rid of foul odors in your home.  The truth of the matter is that the basic technology for this product has been around since the 1800’s.  A Frenchman named Maurice Berger patented his amazing discovery and started his own company to produce them.  The company is called Lampe Berger, and it is still thriving today. 

In the beginning, the fragrance oil lamp was used strictly for morgues and hospitals because of the heated oil’s ability to actually destroy odors and disinfect the air.  It was soon discovered that scents could be added to the oil and a timeless product came into being. Beautiful to see and smell, they are so effective that local cigar shops  have a host of beautiful lamps to choose from.  People love them because of their beauty, their functionality and the wonderful aromas.

The earliest form of these effusion fragrance lamps simply had a wick attached to a stone. Upon lighting, the stone would heat up to the effective  temperature and heat the oils to release the scents.  Eventually the flame would go out and the heated stone would do the rest of the work.  This  “flameless”  is still a much safer alternative to scented candles. 

Though the original model of the fragrance oil lamp is still available for purchase today, but there are many other options available as well.  The electric version gets its heat source from a light bulb, making it the safest model yet.  Family members with cigar smoking loved ones have found the fragrance oil lamp to be very useful for eliminating the cigar odors that linger afterwards.

Luxury Fragrance Lamp: Visual & Olfactory Elegance

Luxury Fragrance LampsThe finishing touch for many a decor is a luxury fragrance lamp that provides a touch of elegance for both the eyes and the nose. They have come a long way since their humble origins back in the 1800’s. Back then, Maurice Berger had the patent on the wick that was used to make this product. The stone heated up and then the flame was extinguished. The heat released the sweet aromas into the air for everyone to enjoy. As long as the oils were kept full, the Lampe Berger, as it was called would continuously scent and disinfect the air, even removing the strong odors from cigars and pets from the air. The technology and designs have come a long way since then.

A luxury fragrance lamp is a level up when compared to a regular model. The older ones are still available and they serve their purposes, but in today’s world people are buying more electric ones. These upper end ones are made of crystal and look more extravagant than the others. Of course when something is well crafted with better materials the price naturally goes up. Although they cost a little bit more, they are still worth the purchase.

What everyone seems to like about the luxury fragrance lamps is that their design often looks like something royalty would have in their house. The electric models have a dimmer switch on them to make it even more versatile. This gives greater options as to how much light and aroma are emitted. The original models actually hid the bright, ugly  bulb that was doing all the work, but many of today’s elaborate crystal models showcase the light to provide a dramatic soft glow in the evening as well as the alluring scent to set the mood.

Ceramic is the material used in many of the older effusion fragrance lamps which are also the model of choice for anyone who wishes to embellish them with decorative trim, team logos, or holiday themes. A luxury fragrance lamp makes a perfect housewarming gift and is a great item to place with other cigar accessories in a cigar gift basket, too.

Fragrance Lamp Oil Brings the World to You

Fragrance Lamp OilFragrance lamp oil is a simple way to make just walking into a home a wonderful experience.  Best of all, the aroma of fragrance lamp oil never cloaks strong odors–they actually remove cigar smoking smells as well as those from household pets and cooking from the air.

The most numerous and best loved frangrance lamp oil scents are all about the flowers.  The perfect flower aroma can transform a bad mood, or make a good mood even better.  Everyone loves the smell of freshly picked flowers.  This can set the mood for a romantic evening, or just brighten up the ambiance in the home.  Trees and other plants can be part of this group as well.  Gardenia, cherry blossom, pine tree, sage, and honeysuckle are just a very few choices that you will be faced with when deciding on a floral aroma.

People have been mixing different scents for centuries to create various perfumes.  It works the same way with fragrance lamp oil.  The right mixture along with the perfect name can be a winning combination.  Relaxing fragrances like OceanMist, Island Paradise, Tropical Getaway, and Hawaiian Breeze are perfect examples of some of these exotic aromas. Scents such as these can put a call to a travel agent at the top of the to do list, making far off vacation plans more imminent for a flight to the tropics.  If that just does not fit in the budget, there is always the option of renting a movie set in tropical climate, sitting back, and relaxing to escape to the islands in your mind with the fresh island breezes and aromas wafting all around.

Different fruits also make a wonderful contribution to effusion fragrance lamp oil options as well.  They can change the mood and overall atmosphere of the home or business.  Fruits that are showcased create an inviting aroma that will make any guest feel right at home, and the holidays are even more nostalgic with the scents of pecan pie, firewood, egg nog, hazelnut, gingerbread.  As a testament to the effectiveness of these beautifully scented lamps and oil, they are readily available at a cigar shop near you.

Gran Habano 3 Siglos Cigars: A Lesson in Complexity

Gran Habano Siglos 3Gran Habano 3 Siglos Cigars have the awesome flavor of a woodsy and spicy core with a cinnamon twist.  The complexity of this stogie is out of this world because when cigar smoking aficionados are in the throes of this smoke, they are definitely experiencing magnificence at its finest!

Those who have enjoyed these sticks say that the draw on the Gran Habano 3 Siglos cigar is terrific and the burn is perfection with a firm ash.  The construction is elegant and the wrapper is a slight dark blonde shade with no visible imperfections.  This premium cigar has actually been called “gorgeous while packing a punch!”  The cedary pre-light aroma captivates even the non-smokers in the group because of its mesmerizing and energizing scent and all this happens before it is even lit with a favorite cigar lighter! 

This alluring stogie has been found to have an even burn with the spicy and intense flavor combination of coffee, cream and cinnamon while a hint of leather lurks in the background.  Aficionados everywhere are intrigued with Gran Habano 3 Siglos and the power of their punch.  The two vitolas offered give smokers a valuable lesson in complexity while enjoying the best medium-bodied smoke around. 

Shop an online cigar shop and discover the intense pleasures awaiting the palate with these beauties!  This blend of the Gran Habano 3 Siglos cigars definitely makes one want to snuggle some in the humidor for later use or pack it into a cigar tube while traveling this summer.  Give this gift of perfection and elegance to the boss or a friend and watch the look on their faces when they see what a wonderful great gift they have received. Or even better create a personalized cigar gift basket by tossing in a few cool cigar accessories!  Gran Habano 3 Siglos cigars are among the best and most prestigious blends to enjoy as well as to share with friends and co-workers.

Gran Habano Azteca Cigars Mesmerize

Gran Habano AztecaThe Gran Habano Azteca cigar is one wild and crazy flavorful smoke–one that will drive taste buds into complete and utter ecstasy puff after puff!  When Don Guillermo created this line, he created uniqueness personified with the kaleidoscope of flavors billowing out of this stogy that has the entire cigar world on its knees.

The pre-light draw is exquisite and scrambles the brain from trying to decide which flavor is at the forefront. The chocolaty and toasty spice aromas deliciously fill the air before lighting any of the Gran Habano Azteca cigars with a favored lighter.  Once lit the sugar cane taste is definitely present along with the cinnamony and fruity followers coming up behind.  These flavors blend together into one of the most distinctive cigars you will ever smoke.  This beauty has balance in its flavor transitions and keeps you “on your toes” deciphering the cool and crisp flavors that burst forth from it. 

Gran Habano Azteca cigars are great for both novices (beginners) and aficionados with well-trained palates alike because of its medium to full-bodied layout.  This sweet beauty offers one surprise after another with each delectable flavor blend when someone signs on for the journey to smoke it. It has even been said that the way they warm the palate and tingle the tongue keeps one completely mesmerized.  This is the perfect smoke to bring out of the humidor for a party or special occasion to share with cigar smoking buddies.  That is what the Gran Habano Azteca cigars are all about and what they were created for.  Any good cigar shop will be sure to have them in stock so that a box can be kept on hand to bring out at that perfect time or whenever a burst of life is needed!