Ashton Cigar Ashtrays May Be the Answer

Ashton Cigar Ashtrays

Ashton cigar ashtrays may be just the answer for somone looking for a great gift idea to give to that hard to buy for boss or friends who enjoy smoking stogies. This company has a stellar reputation for making premium cigars, and their ashtrays are made to perfection in both function and form. They produce some of the nicest bowls that are offered for sale today.  They are unparalleled and are made with expert quality.  This company has been around for a long time, and their reputation is known nationally, as well as abroad.  

These cigar ashtrays are made with deep bowls and with secure stirrups to hold your favorite stick in place.  They are beautifully crafted out of either ceramic or crystal.  Each piece will have the beautiful Ashton name engraved on it, giving them a look of sheer class and elegance.  The Ashton cigar ashtray is perfect for alone time, or time spent with friends.  They are perfect conversation pieces, as well as for showroom quality décor.   It will have any stick connoisseur drooling to have one of his own.  They are beautiful and elite, and something anyone would love to have on display. These truly make amazing cigar gifts for anyone that enjoys smoking, so keep this in mind as the holidays or special gift-giving events roll around.

These ashtrays offer quality, renowned reputation, and a guarantee that the user will be happy with the product chosen.  Available in ceramic and crystal versions, these ashtrays are the best of the best.  Even non-smokers will rave about the beauty of these bowls.  And don’t be surprised when cigar smoking buddies rush out to purchase one of their own.  A top of the line cigar store will carry a selection of these fine cigar accessories.

La Tee Da Fragrance Lamp Knows Noses

La Tee Da Frangrance Lamps

La Tee Da fragrance lamps know noses and as a result they are leading the way in home aroma technology.   Western Europe, Japan and the United States lead with an overwhelming 60 percent of demand, with three quarters of the world’s production of these products.  This is quite a large industry, and it is growing every year.  There is plenty of competition out there vying for customers, but this product is superior over its competition.

Consumers desire an attractive and efficient scented home system.  This is not only for them, but also for the people that visit our homes.  They are especially useful when you have your cigar smoking buddies over for a relaxing evening, virtually eliminating any unpleasant odors from the air.  La Tee Da fragrance lamps come in very handy for refreshing the air, and they are beautiful additions to your home and office décor.

Available in an array of vibrant colors, they come encased in a very attractive package with a beautiful felt case.  The dazzling menu of aromatic layered bouquets are exactly what is needed to actually rid – not just cover up – the tobacco smell that may be lingering in your home.  It is effective on any other unwanted odors that you may have as well, whether it is from cooking or your family pet.  That is the beauty of these new aroma lanterns.  They eliminate the odors not mask them.  They are very elegant in appearance, and there is one to match any decorating style you prefer.   They are an excellent gift idea for nearly anyone, especially for cigar smokers.  They are beautifully functional and bring a sense of style to any room they are placed in. The best cigar shops carry a nice selection of these items guaranteed to keep even non-smoking family members happy!

CAO Ashtrays for Decadent Functionality

CAO Ashtrays

CAO ashtrays are gorgeous and unique.  From the first light to the last ash, cigar aficionados smoke in style with these prestigious and creative bowls.  Complete with a felt bag that sports the legendary logo, this ceramic dream piece will support the stogies as smokers take an excursion into the realm of relaxation.  The decadent features of these beautiful earthenware cigar accessories are available in three vibrant colors that will compliment any home or office décor.  The three grooves ensure that freshly lit cigars do not fall into the deep ash bin before their time.

The oval shape is inspired by the letter “O” in the renowned CAO ashtray logo.  It is as legendary as the man who created the brand, Cano A. Ozgener.  They are a modern day version of the perfect cigar bowl, with a style that is truly arresting.  It is very roomy for the cigar debris and does not need to be emptied very often, even when more than one person is sharing it.  Traditional bowls are just not made for the specific needs of the larger cigar.  A stogie needs wider stirrups than do cigarettes to hold and cradle the cigar while it rests, while the deep bowl holds ample amounts of ash.  They are handsome, yet artistically elegant.  They will garner attention and comments in the office or in the den.  Cigar smoking enthusiasts love to show off their premium cigar accessories.  And in doing so, they are able to share their excursions with their smoking buddies. Their reputation exceeds most others, as does their reputation for widely produced and well-known cigars that span over 10 countries.  Purchase yours today at your favorite cigar store.

Bram Warren Ashtrays Are Ceramic Art

Bram Warren AshtraysThe Well Bram Warren ashtray line is an outstanding collaboration of Alex Bradley with Miami artisan Mr. Bram Warren.  Alex Bradley is known for his very discriminating eye for high quality.  Each individual bowl is personally signed on the bottom by the skilled artisans who painstakingly hand craft each piece.

The ceramic bowl is fired with a beautiful glaze, giving it a tie-dye pattern.  There are no two Bram Warren ashtrays that are alike.  This uniqueness is what makes these amazing bowls so popular with cigar enthusiasts all over the world. These one of a kind works of ceramic art are an excellent gift for any serious cigar aficionado. Their exclusivity combined with their beauty makes them such wonderful cigar gifts. Many people have opted to put together cigar gift baskets that host a variety of accessories, including one of these amazingly stylish ashtrays.

There are four different varieties of Bram Warren ashtrays which include The Well, Conference Triple, Deep Conference and the Executive.  Many different colors and patterns are worked into each individual bowl.  There is definitely a color available that will compliment the décor, whether at home or at the office.  They will adorn everyone’s personal space with panache.  They are a truly a legend in this industry, and those in the know in the cigar world recognize true aficionados through their excellent yet exquisite cigar accessories.

Many stores are having a hard time keeping Bram Warren ashtrays in stock due to their wild popularity. Finding an online cigar shop that carries these fine items is certainly the best ways to check availability from home.

Angelenos Classic Cigars Are a Tasty Treat

Angelenos Classic Cigars Angelenos Classic Cigars certainly surprises the palate once you begin smoking it.  Definitely a tasty treat permeated with the awesome flavors of vanilla spice, with delicious notes of nutmeg and eggnog floating in the background.  With the light brown wrapper and the Dominican binder and filler, the Angelenos Classic cigar is by far one of the most exclusive lines worldwide. 

These stogies are made with Ecuadorian wrappers, and they are each created with sophistication.   The intense boldness is something that people are definitely talking about.   This line includes the Double Robusto, the Toro, the Lonsdale, and the Robusto.  They definitely salute all stogie aficionados all over the world.  These sticks will make you dizzy with delight and keep you in a constant state of anticipation.

Your cigar smoking friends ware sure to love their buddies who break out these beauties from their humidors.   They will feel quite important, with the dawning of the intensity, to the coming journey this awesome stick will take you on. 

There is nothing else like it on the market today, just search online and you will find that they are a world renowned favorite, combining its smoothness and sophistication with a pure and enjoyable smoke from start to finish.  You can find this amazing stick by finding and online cigar store that carries them. Online shopping is quickly becoming the purchasing route of choice.  It is nice to be able to find nearly anything you are looking for while sitting in your favorite lounging chair.  And these shops will carry everything from your favorite brands of stogies and cigar accessories, including new humidors for home and travel to store them in.

Para Ti Original Cigars “For You!”

Para Ti Original Cigars

The first impression of the Para Ti Original cigar is the smooth as silk draw. Reviewers warn that one should not be taken aback by the size and shape of these cigars though.  The silky draw can be attributed to the artful way that it has been rolled.

The first flavor noted by reviewers is the distinctive flavor of oak.  It begins with a tangy delivery that features a woodsy and peppery, yet spicy flavor. Half way through the stick the smoker will notice a hot, peppery flavor.  At the finish, the spiciness of the pepper is dominant, even though there is a little bit of sweetness.  The sweetness is present at the end, but it is definitely overshadowed by the strong peppery flavoring. 

The ash is said to be gray and firm, and will hold up to about an inch. It characterizes a great burn.  The draw has a very smooth and mellow finish.  The draw has a very smooth and mellow finish. 

Because this is a fairly new cigar, cigar ratings are not readily available. It will take time to see just how well they age, and what flavors are brought out as the result of this process.  Perhaps the sweetness will develop more over time, which will reduce the intense peppery finish of the cigar a little.

Right now, however, Para Ti Original cigars are definitely a bold choice for hard core cigar smoking aficinados who enjoy full bodied cigars.  This cigar will speak to a tutored palate as it is probably too strong for most novices.   However, it is important to remember that since they are such a new product their taste profile may change with aging, so it isn’t to be ruled out by those who prefer a more moderate smoke just yet.

Angelenos Cigars: The Verdict Is In

Angelenos Cigars

Angelenos cigars: Blogs have come alive gushing about this latest sensation to hit the cigar scene.  When someone as experienced and dedicated as Carlito Fuente is involved, you know the end result will be a product that is not only memorable, but truly a work of art. 

This amazing stick was released in 2009 by Prometheus. CEO Keith Park, who is already well known in the industry for products such as God of Fire and Sencillo cigars, has now presented the world with another unique and defining brand in the Angelenos cigar line. This product is produced at the Fuente’s factory, so those who enjoy the Fuente family’s offerings are sure to love this one as well.

Out of the three lines mentioned, this one is the mildest of the offerings.  It sports an Ecuadorian wrapper and features binders and fillers from the Dominican Republic. The tobacco used in these cigars has been compared to the Connecticut Broadleaf.  It has a slight sheen, which gives way to the illusion of being lighter.  The wrapper is a very deep black color.

The verdict is in. Top cigar reviewers all seem to say the same thing; this is a mild cigar, but more deserving of accolades than the regular smoke that is labeled mild.  This smoke is recommended as a pairing with a cup of coffee, yet most agree that because it is a milder product, it will also go well with just about any drink at any time of the day.   One reviewer remarked that the only negative that he could add to his review was that he was extremely disappointed when he reached the end, because he wished he could have just kept smoking it forever.  With reviews like this from jaded cigar smoking reviewers, there is no doubt that it has to be great. Cigar shops are sure to have a hard time keeping these in stock.

A Turrent Cigars Are a Labor of Love

A Turrent Cigars

The powerful flavors and aromas of A Turrent cigars have swept them off their feet according to many cigar smoking enthusiasts.  This premium cigar line is quite possibly one of the best that the Turrent family has ever blended.  For this reason, these smokes almost remained a private selection for the family.  There was a time when it was not available on the market, and many aficionados say they understand why after smoking one.

Many other cigars are produced using tobaccos from areas such as Honduras or Nicaragua.  However, the Turrents use only the richest tobaccos grown in Mexico;  this is secret behind the unique flavor qualities of their famous cigar line.  Mexico has a long history of producing premium cigars, as does the family that makes these amazing sticks.  This family knows everything there is to know about how to cultivate tobacco for the best results.  For many generations, the family has been perfecting the art of how to grow the perfect tobacco leaf. With all of this experience, know-how, and quality, and effort it is clear that producing A Turrent cigars is a labor of love.  

The Turrents combined this knowledge with the talents of the best and most talented cigar rolling masters to offer a line of cigars that is sure to impress and satisfy even the most finicky aficionado.  From the painstaking care that is given to the tobacco crop itself, to the aging process that these sticks undergo, it is easy to see why this line has received the accolades of smokers, critics, and connoisseurs all over the world.  It is easy to see why this fine Mexican tobacco is preferred by many.   With accolades like this, A Turrent cigars are sure to become must-have smokes in humidors worldwide. Visit your favorite online cigar shop today to stock up.

A Turrent Triple Play Cigars Have Them Singing

A. Turrent Triple Play Cigars

A. Turrent Triple Play cigars have aficionados and connoisseurs everywhere singing their praises of this maduro puro.  Some have been captivated by the dark, smoky sweetness of this medium to full bodied cigar.  Others are mesmerized by the buttery cream taste that lasts throughout the entire smoke.   One reviewer spoke highly of the nutty taste that he found in the second third.

With its small and medium veins, as well as its dark brown color, it is sure to leave you wanting another in the very near future.  Even the wrapper of this A. Turrent premium cigar is described as having sweetness and a slight aroma that is reminiscent of a hayfield.   With an ash that will hold for about an inch, this cigar delivers a slightly earthy undertone when you first light it with your preferred cigar lighter.  The smoke emitted from the draw has a mildly spicy delivery that isn’t really sweet, and it isn’t a fiery taste either, like that associated with pepper.

The first third is described as being simplistic, yet pleasant.  The second third is described as being a little woodsier and fuller bodied with a coffee flavor.  The last third is described as having a cocoa taste, and one reviewer compared this taste to the powder that you use to make chocolate milk, even though this flavor was something that sort of wafted in and out throughout the final third.

This is a very complex cigar that offers many flavors and unique, but distinct aromas that has cigar smoking enthusiasts clamoring for more.  If you want flavor that twists from beginning to end, you have to pick up an A Turrent Triple Play cigar from your favorite cigar store and give your palate a treat.

Artistic, Prestigious Prometheus Ashtrays

Prometheus cigar ashtrays

The quality and skill that goes into making Prometheus ashtrays are above and beyond all others because the top artisans all over the world have been involved in the creation of these beautiful and prestigious cigar ashtrays.  Created in 1992, in Tuscany, Italy, the Prometheus brand which first produced fine cigar lighters and torches was understandably named after the Greek God of Fire, Prometheus who stole fire from the gods and gave it to mankind for his comfort and use. This brand is now known all over the world for their superb quality as well as their unique and elite designs.

The Prometheus ashtray is a premium ashtray for serious cigar smokers and although a tad expensive, one worth the investment.  Carried by nearly every serious cigar shop, they also make an extraordinary gift for someone who wouldn’t buy one for themselves, stuffed with other premium Prometheus cigar accessories such as cigar cutters, cigar lighters, breath fresheners and the like.  When you own a famous Prometheus ashtray, you own real art, because they are definitely a work of art and any cigar aficionado or novice would be proud to own one and display it for their smoking friends and business colleagues.

The transparency and the unique design of the gorgeous Prometheus ashtrays are astounding and the design is respected worldwide, which is why they are considered to be beyond compare.  These ashtrays put you in a renaissance frame of mind and allow you to experience the joy and realm of a different dimension just by using and displaying them.  The ambiance that results from the use of such fine accessories will impress all of your cigar smoking compatriots!  Prometheus is a stellar brand that has cigar smokers the world over choosing their products for their artistic value as well as their pre-eminence in the global market.