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Monday, February 22, 2010

Cigar Humidifiers

The cigar humidifier is the most important part of your cigar storage system. The maintenance of proper humidity is the most important element to maintaining your cigar quality, taste, and aroma.

How many types of cigar humidifiers are there?
There are active and passive humidifiers.

Active cigar humidifiers are powered by electricity and normally use a built in sensor to determine if they should humidify the air. Most are made for larger cabinet humidors, but there are some on the market for smaller humidors. The good thing about active humidifiers is that most can be set to a low level of relative humidity if necessary.

Passive humidifiers do not use electricity. They feature a very simple design and use vapor conduction to regulate humidity. This means they put moisture into the air when the relative humidity falls below a certain percentage, and they take water out of the air when it rises above this percentage. They are much less expensive than their active equivalents. They can be used in both desktop cigar humidors and in cabinet humidors.

Do all cigar humidors come with a built -in humidifier?
No. You need to check the specifications on the humidor you buy to see how it is constructed. That’s why you also need to know the basics of humidifiers in case you need to buy one. You can better select a model that is most suited to your humidor.

What are they made of?
Cigar humidifiers are made of green foam that is encased in plastic. This foam is very much like that which you find at the bottom of flowers you buy in an arrangement. It has an excellent ability to retain moisture.

Can I use regular water in my humidifier?
No. You should never use regular water because there are too many minerals in it that will clog it up and render it ineffective. You need to use a 50/50 solution of PG and distilled water and the chemical propylene glycol (PG).

How often should I apply this solution?
You need to apply it once every three to six months. The rule of thumb here is to apply new solution every time there is a major seasonal change. This varies in different parts of the world, so check with your cigar retailer about how often to change the solution in your area, and go with their recommendation.

When applying the solution itself, let it thoroughly absorb first. Then, turn it over and very gently shake out all of the excess. Wipe the sides dry, place it in its tube container, and attach it to the humidor

How do I attach my cigar humidifier?
You attach the device to the inside of the lid. You can also attach it to the side in some humidors. There should be either Velcro or a magnetic strip and metal strip that you can use to attach the two. These attachment tools come with the device.

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Cigar Prices Vary Greatly

Why are cigar prices so different?
The way the cigar is made is the first reason that prices are so different. The least expensive kinds that you find at corner stores and drugstores are machine-rolled with short filler. Short filler does not run the entire length of the cigar, and may even be shredded. The wrappers on these cheap cigars are also of a lower grade quality. They lack the fine aging and curing methods of the more premium brands.

Fine cigars and premium cigars are an entirely different matter. These are made with whole length tobacco. Both the filler and the wrapper run the entire length of the cigar. Both are carefully cultivated, and the wrapper is painstakingly cured and treated to imbue it with a number of special scents and tastes.

Torcedores, or cigar rollers, hand-roll premium cigars, and they work especially hard to make certain that each and every cigar in the box looks and feels identical to its counterparts.

This is why premium cigar prices are so high—not only does it take longer to make the tobacco, but it takes longer for the most experienced employees in the factory to do their jobs rolling it.

What is the number one determining factor in cigar price?
The makeup of the tobacco is the number one determinant in price. Tobacco for filler, binder, and wrapper are all grown in specific countries and often specific regions of a country. Fine tobacco must be aged a certain way, and every manufacturer has its secret recipes for making the most world renowned brands.

Cigar prices can also be affected by fancy packaging. If you buy cedar or mahogany boxes, then expect to pay more.

What is the general range of cigar prices in a typical cigar store?
You can expect to pay as little as $1 a piece to over $20 a piece on finer brands. To get the best cigar prices, you really need to get a full box of cigars. If you are new to cigar smoking, try experimenting with the different types, prices, and brands to get a feel for what is offered before you buy anything in a large quantity or at an exorbitant price.

Is high cost a guarantee of premium quality?
No. High cigar prices are not always an indication of premium cigar quality. There are always retailers, both online and in brick and mortar establishments, that will charge more than is fair for certain products. Also, sometimes retailers have the very best of intentions, but they have no way of verifying their sources.

That’s why it’s always best to do business with an entity like that is BBB certified and that knows both its sources and the level of quality of each and every cigar in its inventory.

What are the highest cigar prices?
The most famous and well-loved cigars appreciated the world over can possibly cost hundreds of dollars. This depends on their origin, what type of tobacco was used, what was done to it, and how long it was aged.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Buy Cigars Online

What do I need to be mindful of when I buy cigars online?
Before you buy a box or sampler pack of cigars online, you should have an idea of what type of cigar you want. Think about things such as flavor (mild, medium, strong), country of origin, and general price. If you are experimenting with new choices, the best way to do this is to purchase sampler packs. Cigar sampler packs contain a blend of mild, medium, and full-bodied flavors. They also feature smaller quantities than cigar boxes, so their prices are lower.

Why would I want to buy cigars online?
If you want to look over a large inventory at your leisure and read up on different manufacturers, brands, labels, and sampler packs, the most convenient way to do this is to buy cigars online. Online descriptions of products may be anything from a short paragraph to a full article or blog about a particular type of cigar you are considering. Sometimes reading this material lets you make a better decision than you would if you were having to look through a walk-in humidor and try to get information on each box you saw.
Staff members are always willing to help you with answers to questions, but they have a limited amount of time per customer, and if things are crowded, may not be able to answer many of your questions at all.

Online cigar stores also sometimes post online reviews about the flavor, draw, construction, and value of many different types of premium cigars. These reviews give you a quick and easy reference on what has recently been recommended by cigar aficionados all over the world.

What makes Serious Cigars such a good retailer to buy cigars online from?

Live Inventory and community-oriented customer make us unique. Our inventory is very extensive, and ranges from the most famous of brands to inexpensive brands and new brands just emerging on the market. That’s not all. Our inventory features live automatic updating. This means that with every purchase from our stock, our web software automatically changes cigar quantities to reflect current availability. Whatever you see in stock, we truly have in stock. There are no surprises or disappointments with our cigar store.

How can a smoker on a budget buy cigars online and truly save money?
First, look carefully at the home page and any highlighted ads that indicate specials or deals on shipping. Free shipping is one of the best deals you can get whenever you buy cigars online. Many retailers offer it as part of a promotion for a specific brand or label.
Work with a reputable online cigar store that offers you many choices, not just a few. The more the selection, the more likely that some of the brands in inventory are going to be on sale.

Are there other things I can purchase from online cigar stores?
Yes. There are many cigar accessories online that may also be discounted in either price or shipping. There are deals on cigar humidors, cigar cutters, cigar ashtrays, and even cigar novelties. Don’t forget as well the virtues of cigar sampler packs, which make for ideal gift ideas the whole year round.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cigar Storage

What is the best method for cigar storage?
A cigar humidor is by far the best form of cigar storage. A humidor is a climate-controlled box with a cedar-lined interior. It maintains optimal temperature and humidity levels that prevent cigars from drying out. This is important, because a dry cigar will burn very quickly and taste bitter. A cigar that is too moist, on the other hand, will not stay lit.

Cigar taste itself in part depends on the cedar wood inside the humidor. The cedar contributes aroma and flavor uniquely its own.

Is a humidor the only way to store cigars?
No. A cigar humidor is the best method for storing cigars, but it is not the only method. You can use other inexpensive methods for again and maintaining them. Three of the most common are "Tupperdors", "Igloodors", and "Fridgadors."

We do not recommend storing premium and expensive fine cigars in anything other than a fine quality humidor. However, these alternative cigar storage options are good for cigar sampler packs and cheaper cigars that you want to store temporarily.

What are Tupperdors?
A tupperdor is a plastic, resealable food container that you use for cigar storage. Any Tupperware™ brand name or similar product will do. You can even go to the dollar store and buy some of these plastic storage containers and save a bundle on costs. All you need then is a humidifier. You can also take the cigar separator sheets that come in cigar boxes and use them to add a cedar smell to your tupperdor.

If you do not have a humidifier and only need to store your cigars for a short period of time, a damp cloth or sponge will work, provided you do not allow it to actually touch the cigars. Store the container in a cool, dry place.

What is a Coolerdor?
It is a large ice cooler like those you see workers carry to the jobsite. They range in size from 48 qt. to 128 qt. They are not recommended for individual cigar storage, but they are ideal for storing entire boxes of cigars. Like Tupperdors, they can be lined with Spanish cedar or Spanish Cedar dividers can be added. You also need a humidifier.

What is a Fridgador?
A Fridgadors is the best choice for alternative cigar storage. Simply use an unplugged refrigerator or freezer to store large quantities of cigars. It is best to use the stand up kind with shelves that you can stack boxes of cigars on. You will need a humidifier for this setup as well.

Are there drawbacks to using this type of cigar storage?
They are more likely to become overly humidified because the plastic walls of these containers do not buffer relative humidity. Make sure if you are using alternative storage that you do not overcharge your humidifier. Make sure you lookout for mold as well which forms easily in higher moisture levels.

The second drawback is that they trap gases within them because they cannot breathe like Spanish cedar humidors. The worst gas they trap is ammonia. Open them at least once a month to let this escape and get an exchange of fresh air.

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Tips on Storing Cigars

How do I store my cigars?
Storing your cigars should be done in a humidor. A humidor is a box lined with cedar. The cedar helps age and flavor cigars and keeps them moist at an optimal level of humidity.

Ideally, cigars need to be at 70 percent RH and 70 degrees Fahrenheit to give you the best smoking experience. At this temperature and relative humidity, the tobacco will burn and taste the best. If your cigar is drier than that, it will burn too fast and taste harsh. If your cigar is too moist, it will be hard to keep lit, and it will mold during storage.

Keep your humidor closed at all times, sealed tightly against the outside atmosphere. This will keep the interior at the optimal levels of humidity and temperature. You will also need a humidifier, which actually puts the moisture content into the air inside the humidor.

What are the ideal conditions for storing cigars?
Cigars are affected by light, humidity, temperature, and friction. They should never be exposed to ultraviolet light, so keep them out of direct sunlight. Light will also bleach the cigar wrappers and destroy its elasticity. UV light even changes the molecular composition of the wrapper.

Direct sunlight will probably raise the temperature inside your humidor too. This is something you need to pay attention to. Temperature has a direct impact on humidity. It can also make tobacco beetles more active. Anything above 75 degrees is bad for your humidor.

Why is warm air inside the cigar humidor so essential to storing cigars?
It has a higher moisture capacity than cold air.

Is there anything else that can happen while storing cigars that might damage them?
Friction can do a lot more damage to cigars than you might think. Just consider how some of the loose cigars look when you enter a walk-in humidor. Many of them have been handled and handled again, and almost all of them have also been moved around. When this happens, they get scuffed up, and the wrapper often tears. A tear is hard to stop. There are adhesives that you can buy to repair this, but why would you want to when you can buy a fine cigar in good condition?

Should I mix different brands and levels of flavor when storing cigars?
It is not a good idea, at least not with loose cigars. Cigars impart flavor to each other by touching because much of the flavor is in the wrapper. Therefore, separate loose cigars in your humidor if they are not covered with plastic wrap.

If I have not bought a humidor yet, what do you recommend for storing cigars?

You really need to get a humidor. In the meantime, store your cigars in a Ziploc bag. When it starts to get dry, add a few drops of water to a small piece of paper towel to get the humidity back. If you are storing a box of cigars, use Tupperware.

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How to Select a Premium Handmade Cigar

What is a handmade cigar?
It is a cigar that is bunched, rolled and trimmed by a skilled individual worker. This worker can either be one person who works alone on a single cigar, or the labor can be divided between a buncher and a roller who works on the same cigar. The point is that the entire cigar is completely made by hand from start to finish.

How do I find a handmade cigar that is just right for me?
Consider your own personal preferences for taste, first. There are mild cigars, medium cigars, and full-bodied cigars. You can usually tell the difference by the color of the wrapper. Normally, the darker the wrapper, the more full-bodied the cigar’s flavor will be.

A handmade cigar should have a mild sheen to its appearance. There should be no veins in it. There are, of course, different colors of wrappers. There are candela, which is greenish in color, natural, which is light brown in color, Colorado and Rosado, which is red in color, and Habano, Maduro, and Oscuro, which are all dark brown.

What causes wrappers to have different colors?
The way tobacco is grown changes the color of its leaves. The more direct sunlight the plants receive, the darker they are.

How should a fine handmade cigar feel when I hold it?
A fine cigar should also feel smooth when you hold it, and it should be firm with no soft spots. Soft spots are bad because they make cigars burn unevenly. The cigar should not be too tight, either. If it is, the draw will be very difficult.

How is a cigar handmade?
There are three parts to a handmade cigar—the filler, the binder, and the wrapper. Every one of these parts has a specific purpose.

The most distinguishing characteristic of truly good cigars is that they all have long filler. This means that the tobacco leaf inside the binder spans the entire length of the cigar. Every one of these leaves is one half of an entire tobacco leaf. The vein that runs down the middle of the leaf is taken out, and both halves are then used to make cigars.

The binder is used to contain the filler. It is pliable and silky, and actually rougher than the wrapper. It has no flavor, but it is very important because it helps give the cigar its shape and firmness by containing the filler at just the right density.

The wrapper on a handmade cigar is made from very high quality tobacco. It has a smooth texture and is slightly oily to the touch. It is made to burn steady and contribute to flavor.

Are handmade cigars more expensive?
Yes. They are usually priced higher and are often classified as premium or super premium cigars.

Can I be guaranteed I am getting a premium cigar?
Unfortunately, this is not the case. Purchasing a handmade cigar will not guarantee a premium cigar. Although premium cigars are all handmade, there are always individual cigars that are flawed, and there are cheap imitations everywhere. Inspect what you buy and ask questions before you spend your money on something that is less than the best.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Cigar Guides

Why would I need a cigar guide?
You need one for the same reason you need any other kind of guide. It gives you information and guidance. Everything from smoking ban information to cigar lounge etiquette can be found in cigar guides. Advice for beginners as to what the best brands are can almost always be found in these sources as well.

What would a cigar guide tell me?
If you are new to cigar smoking, It will also teach you many things about cigar products like humidors, cigar cutters, the humidification process, accessories, and helpful tips about health and legal issues that relate to cigars.

Do cigar guides give a lot of information on the types of cigars and how they are made?
Oh yes. Most cigar aficionados prefer to smoke hand-rolled cigars. This is very important; because machine-rolled, mass produced cigars are common at the low end of the price scale. The cigar connoisseur needs to be aware of how the cigar he or she is considering purchasing was made.

Country of origin also matters to cigar smokers. Places like Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic are world renowned for cigar quality. The cigar guide can and should give as much information on the origin of cigar fillers and wrappers so smokers can make a quality decision about what they are buying.

Cigar guides can also provide information on what is happening in the world’s top cigar companies. Some even give detailed information on how the filler and wrappers used by these companies are grown and prepared, and how these cigars are rolled.

Do cigar guides give tips on cigar smoking?
Yes. Beginning cigar smokers are often surprised when they learn that everything about a cigar is different from a cigarette. For example, you have to focus very intently on lighting a cigar correctly. If lit unevenly, the cigar will not burn evenly. Most importantly, do not inhale cigar smoke like you do cigarette smoke. It is far stronger and will do you no good to smoke in this way. The point of smoking a cigar is to draw the smoke into the mouth and taste its flavor and enjoy its aroma, nothing more.

Cigar guides also can give you a wealth of information on choosing a cigar and cutting the cigar correctly. Many guides also give advice on how to choose a humidor and properly humidify cigars.

Do cigar guides give advice on cigar etiquette?
Yes. Cigar smoking is a lifestyle unto itself. Like all lifestyles in this big beautiful world of ours, it is has its own protocols and formalities. The lifestyle of the aficionado is never that of a cold-blooded elitist, but at the same time, the aficianado does walk upon the earth with an aura of sophistication and class that speaks of refinement.

It’s more a matter of being suave than being stiff as a board—but you still need to know how to act when you go smoke at a cigar lounge.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cigar Samplers

Are all the cigars in cigar samplers the same cigars?
No. You get cigars of various sizes, shapes, and wrappers. Many have 3, some have 5 and some have 14 in the packs or boxes.

Are cigar samplers just for the beginner?
No. Cigar samplers are designed to expand choices, not limit them. What we mean by this is that anyone with any level of smoking experience can benefit from one of these great packages cigar discounts. New smokers will get to try a combination of mild, medium, and full bodied flavors that are made by many different manufacturers and that offer many different labels to choose from.

The experienced smoker can appreciate a cigar sampler as an opportunity to spend a fixed amount of money to have more than once choice in smoking pleasure at the end of a long hard day. He or she will also appreciate the gift-giving convenience of a packaged deal offered to a friend, relative, or client who may be new to smoking and will definitely want to experience more than just one option.

Can I buy cigar samplers on line?
Yes. In fact, that is really the best place to buy them. Online stores like often run promotions featuring multiple cigar samplers. This lets you sit in the convenience of your home and simply click through the many different options that we have to offer and find the most cost effective options for yourself.

You can expect us to provide impeccable service to all online customers, and to send you cigars that have been stored in a walk-in humidor for maximum freshness. Our shipping costs and procedures are also things you can count on saving you money and time. Are cigar sampler packs large or small?They range from a few cigars to many cigars, depending on what you buy. Gift packs of 3 - 8 are common among brands such as Carlos Torano, La Gloria Cubana, and Drew Estate, Davidoff, and Partagas.

Are cigar sampler packs expensive?
Well, that depends upon the manufacturer and the contents of the box you buy. On our website, we do offer samples that are very affordable, and samples that are deliberately pricey. The reason we do this is simple: we know that you know that you get what you pay for. Some of the most famous brand in the world have always been downright expensive, but the true aficionado does not mind this.

On the other hand, we are a community-oriented online cigar shop who recognizes that many occasional smokers have the right to smoke a fine cigar at a discount. This is why we also work so hard to make sure that lower priced options are included in our cigar sample packs in order to guarantee that there will always be something for everyone here at

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cigar Sale

What is a cigar sale?
A cigar sale is a discounted price offered for a specific length of time. Cigar sales can be run for cigars of any manufacturer or level. They can be simple, or they can be the highest level of premium quality.

Why would a cigar shop offer a sale on their cigars?
Cigar sales offer cigar shops the opportunity to get new brands to market. They also help promote brands that may have been highly favored in a recent review, but have not yet made a true claim to fame as a household name among cigar aficionados. Or, it may simply be a way to promote a cigar store by saving people money.

Why should I look for cigar sales?
Because there are so many good cigars out there available at unbelievable prices. Even if you have the finances to spend a lot of money on a premium cigar of your choice, buying the same cigar at a discount gives you the freedom to buy the same brands and labels at even greater quantities.

Cigar sales also give you access to information. When you buy something new, experienced professionals are always there to help you by answering your questions.

Think, as well, about whom you can make happy this year by buying cigars on sale as birthday and holiday gift items. If you know a person smokes cigars, or at least is open to the idea of trying cigars, that is really all you need to know. You can buy a sampler pack as a gift, and there will surely be something in it of a mild, medium, or full-bodied flavor that your client or loved one will appreciate.

If you are planning for an event, you can also rely on cigar sales of select brands and labels as a means of stocking up for the big day.

Should I look for cigar sales online or in person?
Both. It is always good to go in person, if you can, to a brick and mortar cigar store and talk to people face to face. Not only will you be able to ask questions of the owner and the staff, but you will also learn a lot from other smokers who are willing to talk to you. (Make sure they are willing to talk…don’t horn in on people who clearly want to keep their conversations private or in a close-knit group.)

If you already have a specific product in mind and do not want to leave the house, almost every cigar website in the world makes its bread and butter by offering some sort of sale on some type of brand. You may also find offers for discount or free shipping bundled with some of these deals, so you can save both on gas money and shipping costs if you buy cigars online.

Are other products offered?
Yes. Many cigar sales also include offers on discounts for humidors, cigar lighters, cigar accessories, and cigar ashtrays.

How long would a sale last?
There are sales on cigars that are just for the day, or possibly a week.
Some offer their sale for a particular day of the week. It is completely up to the retailer so be sure to check your source often to see what would be suitable for you.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

How do I recognize a good cigar shop when I see one?

Customer service is the number one thing. When you go to the time and trouble of traveling to a brick and mortar establishment, you have the right to expect the very best in aficionado atmosphere and willingness on the part of the staff to provide you with information on cigars and cigar products.

If you are dealing with a cigar shop online, such as Serious Cigars, you can expect an equivalent form of customer service in the form of community management. We are always willing to answer questions that our customers email to us. Or, you can call the store with your questions if you prefer to have a conversation.

Talking to a staff member is the best way to find out about the contents of sampler packs, cigar discounts, cigars on sale, and new brands that you might want to try or share with your friends.

Aside from customer service, what else makes Serious Cigars such a good in store?
We have one of the largest inventories online. You can find just about any cigar brand or label in our shop. We have inexpensive cigars, fine cigars, and premium cigars at premium prices.

Over the years, we have worked very hard to develop close relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. This allows us to keep brands in stock that many of our competitors have difficulty obtaining and maintaining in inventory.
We also have a very unique Internet portal that manages our inventory automatically in live real-time. That means that when you buy an item from our site, the inventory is automatically update without us having to make any changes to it manually.

Finally, we pride ourselves in the level of attention that we devote to taking care of our cigars. To guarantee premium quality, we store our cigars in a 1400-square foot walk-in humidor.

Is there a benefit to buying a sampler pack of cigars?
Not only is there a benefit to buying sampler packs from our cigar shop, but we actually encourage you to do so. This is for several reasons.

First, if you are new to smoking, a sampler pack lets you try many different brands and styles of cigars at once. The pack will usually include mild, medium-bodied, and full-bodied cigars so you can get a full range of flavors.

Secondly, you can buy sampler packs as gifts and almost always count on the person you give the gift to finding something to like in the pack. True, they may like some flavors and brands more than others, but it is highly unlikely that they would dislike them all.

Finally, sampler packs are often the least expensive way to buy from a cigar shops.

Can I buy single cigars online?
You can, but the shipping costs are not really worth it. You will get more out of your money if you drive to a cigar shop in person. Besides, nothing beats the experience of walking through a room-sized humidor, and nothing is quite so special as talking to other cigar aficionados about the lifestyle and experiences of cigar smoking.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Serious Cigars: Your Online Cigar Store for All Your Smoking Requirements

What makes Serious Cigars a good online cigar store?
We give you an enormous range of choices in brands. You can find everything from the least expensive to the highest level of premium value here on our site. Many of the most popular brands in the US such as Macanudos, Montecristos, and Nat Shermans are premier, featured brands in our online offerings. You can count on finding prices and cigar discounts that will appeal to you regardless of whether you are a beginner, an occasional smoker, or a serious, veteran cigar aficionado.

The inventory at is live. It is updated every time someone makes a purchase. We have designed our system to remove each cigar purchase from the site the moment that it happens. We do not have to manually update the site, so whatever you see in stock when you browse through our selection is exactly what we have in stock for you to choose from.

What is the most important thing other than cigars for me to buy from your online cigar store?
You need to buy a humidor if you have not already bought one. It is the most important cigar product you will ever buy. If you already have a humidor, we also have humidifiers and other humidor products that you may need for your particular brand and type of humidor.

What cigar accessories do you sell?
We sell all sorts of products to make the lives of both beginning cigar smokers and veteran cigar aficionados truly complete and happy. Examples of our cigar accessories include containers, cigar cutters, lighters, and cases. We also have other accessories like cigar markers, coffee mugs, and cigar products for the golf course.

What distinguishes it's online quality?
Our online cigar store offers you a wide selection of cigars that are available. You will find cheap cigars or premium cigars, mild cigars or full-bodied cigars. You can find the cigars you're looking for at the lowest prices, and guaranteed to be fresh.

What benefits does an online cigar store like yours offer to smokers on a budget who can't spend a lot of money?
Websites have played a major role in the rise in cigar sales over the past decade. The Internet has revolutionized our industry. It has made it easy and inexpensive to purchase cigars. There are no hassles, and procurement can be handled anonymously if you wish.

Why should I consider purchasing cigars online?
You can count on getting some really great deals that you will have a hard time finding in a brick and mortar cigar store. On our site, you will find every major and boutique cigar label conveniently listed for you to browse through and purchase. Our site is very easy to navigate because all the cigar manufacturers are listed alphabetically.

Do you have free shipping on any cigars?
Yes. There are certain cigar boxes you can buy from us that offer free ground freight. Some of these include Arturo Fuente cigars, including all Don Carlos, Hemingway and most of the Gran Reserva lines. Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 and 1992, Don Pepin Cigars, Tatuaje Cigars.

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Mild Cigars

Why would a mild cigar be a consideration?
Mild cigars are recommended for beginners, since the more full-flavored cigars would most likely taste too strong (or just plain bad) to a new smoker. Mild cigars are also the least expensive, so you won't have to worry about ruining an expensive cigar by lighting it incorrectly, or by cutting too much off the closed end.

If you are new to cigar smoking, mild cigars are probably the best thing to start with. You would probably find the taste of a full-flavored cigar too strong. Mild cigars are also the least expensive, so until you develop the lifestyle and budget of a seasoned cigar aficionado, go easy on your pocketbook as well as your taste buds and smoke a milder brand.

Are mild cigars only for beginners?
No. Veteran smokers often light up a mild cigar for a certain occasion or to go with the flavor of a certain type of coffee or alcoholic beverage.

What should I start with?
If you are in a cigar store, ask a staff member about the most popular and affordable mild cigar brands. If you are buying online, email us at to get information on brands we have to choose from.

What are some mild cigars for beginners I might consider?
The Casa Torano is a mild-to-medium cigar that has a mild, but also complex, simultaneously rich and smooth flavor that many veteran aficionados also enjoy.

CAO Criollo cigars are Nicaraguan cigars that have a mild flavor that tends toward medium. They are great for beginners who have been at it for a while, and they are well-loved by experienced cigar smokers as well. They are characterized by hints of mushrooms, cedar, floral, chestnuts, coffee, and a slight sweetness. Then, halfway through the smoke, a peppery flavor comes into play that builds to a robust finish. There are also some

The Macanudo is a of the top selling premium cigar brands that comes from the Dominican Republic. The Macanudo Hyde Park Café has a lighter tastes of almonds, cashews and fresh herbs.

Gispert cigars are mild-to-medium bodied Honduran cigars. They have a woodsy, almost earthy flavor with subtle hints of leather. They are very inexpensive too.

The Helix Blue Tubular cigar has a very enjoyable mild flavor, and is also mild in strength. This cigar would be a great choice for a beginner cigar smoker, or for an experienced smoker who enjoys an occasional mild cigar. The cigar is made by the General Cigar Company in Honduras, and has some similarities to their more expensive and popular line of Macanudo cigars. Helix cigars are also available as artificially flavored cigars called Helix Remix, which are also prescribed for new cigar smokers.

What do I want to consider in a mild cigar?
You want to look for flavor, draw, constitution, and value.

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Tips on How to Buy Cigars

What is the most economical way to buy a box or bundle of cigars?
If you are looking for a cigar deal on discount, buy online. There are all sorts of specials you can find in the form of boxes, bundles, and samplers. You can normally get much better deals on boxes, bundles, or samples of cigars when you buy from a website like

This is the most economical way to buy bundles or boxes of cigars.

Many on-line stores also publish catalogs. You can order online, over the phone, or through the mail. When you buy cigars by the box (usually 25 cigars), the cost per stick can be as much as 50% less than the cost of a single cigar. Before you decide to buy a box, it is strongly recommended that you test-smoke 2 or 3 singles, first.

Why can’t I buy single cigars online?
You certainly can. However, there is something old-movie like and magical about walking into a cigar shop. Nothing beats the sheer experience of strolling through a walk-in humidor and savoring all the rich scents of the many cigar brands that are stored there. Nothing beats the tactile wonder of holding all those fine cigars as you pick that one special stogie to enjoy.

Plus, you get to talk to the owner and the helpful staff anytime you want to ask a question. It is also much less expensive to buy one or two cigars rather than to pay for shipping costs.

Is there a benefit to buying a sampler pack of cigars?
Yes. If you buy a sampler pack, it will have several brands of cigars and many different styles. A sampler pack often includes mild, medium-bodied, and full-bodied cigars. Finding a sampler pack on special gives you a great way to try several new kinds of cigars at once. It is also an excellent gift item.

You can buy cigars in sampler packs from many different tobacco stores, and you can always find a cigar retailer like us offering discounts or specials on them as well.

What are some things I need to know when I buy cigars as a gift?
· Find out what the person likes. You need to know both the brand and label they prefer. You should also find out if they like mild, medium, or full-bodied flavor.
· Go to a good source. A good cigar is sold by people who know what they are doing and who dedicate themselves to running an impeccable business. Stay away from corner stores and malls that offer cigars like trinkets.
· Remember that many good cigars are not expensive
· Don’t be fooled by packaging. If you buy a cigar sampler pack, ask an employee about what is in it, or email your questions to a member of our staff.
· If you are in a cigar store, inspect the cigars in the box and look for consistency and integrity in wrapping, size, and color.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cigar Deals

Where cigar deals would be found?
You can find cigar deals in all kinds of places. A wide range of choices is offered to you. It doesn’t matter if you prefer cheap cigars, mild cigars, robust cigars, fine cigars, or premium cigars. Somewhere there will always be a cigar deal that you can find that gives you the lowest price at the highest possible point of quality.

You can often find cigar deals by their country of origin. For example, the Dominican Republic exports more premium cigars than any country in the world. Honduras and Nicaragua export almost as many as well.

There was a time in history when cigars were Dominican cigars were characterized as mild, Nicaraguan cigars as medium, and Nicaraguan cigars as full-bodied. This is really no longer an absolute. One good thing about cigar deals is that it allows the aficionado to try new trends in the marketplace.

What can I do to ensure my cigars stays fresh?
You need to buy a good humidor and humidifier for your cigars. It is an expense that pays for itself. All you need is one premium box of cigars to go wrong and you will wish you spend the money on the humidor rather than having to buy replacement cigars.

What do I need to keep in mind when shopping for cigars on sale?
Cigar deals change at the sole discretion of the retailer. They tend to remain valid only while supplies last. It is a good idea to check back frequently to keep on top of what deals are offered .

What benefits would I have from finding a cigar deal?
The biggest benefit is saving money. It is also very convenient to buy cigars on special because it gives you access to so much from other countries. Many of these specials are also intended as promotions that allow you to buy direct from the factory.

What do I want to be careful of when buying online?
You want to find out where the cigars are coming from. If you are buying from a cigar store that operates a website, find out if they are storing their cigars properly. Some online cigar stores are wholesalers competing with brick and mortar shops, and you have no way of knowing where these cigars came from or whether or not they have been stored properly.

The other caution when buying your cigars online is how they process your order. You want to make absolutely certain that you are buying from a secure server site. Many US merchant accounts will not process cigar deals and other tobacco product transactions, so a lot of cigar stores use offshore accounts to process credit cards.

You don’t have to worry about that with Serious Cigars. We have been accredited by BBB since June 6, 2007, and we were approved for meeting BBB Online business standards on June 7, 2007.
We also have a huge humidor storage room that ensures the freshness and the taste of every premium cigar deal we offer.

What would you consider the best value on a cigar deal?
Look into sampler packs on new brands if you want to try something new for yourself or purchase a gift item for a friend or relative new to smoking.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Online and Storefront Cigar Stores: The Choice is Yours

What is the nature and purpose of a cigar store?
It offers a wide variety of cigar brands, humidors, and accessories. If it has a website, it can operate beyond geographical boundaries and offer products at a fraction of the cost. Such an establishment provides a wide range of brands to choose from. Some are offered at a discount, while others represent the utmost in premium quality and pricing.

The most important accessory you will find in a store is the cigar humidor. Without a humidor, there is no way to store fine cigars and maintain their quality for very long. Other accessories you can normally buy include, but are not limited to, cigar lighters, cigar coffee mugs, and cigar cutters.

What distinguishes a good cigar store?
Customer service is one thing you should always expect when you go to the time and expense of waking into a storefront establishment that sells cigars. Customer service in our world is defined by two things: establishing the atmosphere of aficionado pleasure, and providing detailed information on cigars and cigar accessories.

When dealing with an online store you should also expect customer service in the form of community management. This basically means that every customer that does business with us is someone we want to stay in touch with and assist in finding maximum satisfaction in their pursuit of fine cigar enjoyment.

Feel free to email or call with any questions, and always be brave enough to ask about discounts. We like brave people. That’s one reason we sell Hemingway cigars here.

Other than customer service, what else makes Serious Cigars such a good in store?
More than anything, it is the selection we offer. You can find practically any brand of cigar in our store that can be legally purchased in the United States. You can find premium cigars at premium prices, and you can find cigar discounts for those occasions when less means more. We have worked very hard over the years to forge strong partnerships with our suppliers and are able to obtain many brands that other cigar stores may find it difficult to keep in stock.

We also take very good care of our cigar inventory. We have a 1400-square foot walk-in humidor. You can count on quality being assured at every puff of any fine cigar you buy from us.

What does a cigar store do?
A cigar shop offers a wide variety of cigar brands, humidors and accessories, but knows no geographical boundaries and offers products at a fraction of the cost. This brings incredible convenience to the world of smoking never before experienced until now. You no longer have to go hunt for a cigar store if you live in an area where there may not be one in your immediate vicinity.

Also, as smoking period becomes more and more discouraged in society at large, having the freedom to order online from the convenience of your own home makes the best friend of the smoker who may live in a municipality where smokers simply no longer feel welcome and where all the cigar stores have gone away.

When should I go to a cigar store storefront and when should I purchase online?
That depends greatly on how much you like to get out of the house. If you want face-to-face experience you will have to come to the store. If you are new to smoking cigars it may help you to talk to a kind and friendly staff member who can teach you about cigars and cigar etiquette. If you are a veteran smoker, you may want to sit and visit with other smokers. Then again, you may want to explore the world of cigar smoking from within your own four walls and utilize the convenience of an online cigar store as a portal to the world.

The choice is yours, the freedom is yours. Remember, as fellow smokers, we are all about choice and freedom at the end of the day.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cigar Discount

What is a cigar discount?
It is either a cigar sold for less than the cost of a premium cigar, or it is a way of promoting a new cigar that has recently been rated highly.

Why would I want a cigar discount?
Do you want to save money? Just because you buy an inexpensive cigar doesn’t mean you can’t buy premium cigars when you can afford to indulge yourself. You might want to consider this path when buying cigars as gifts for people who normally smoke cigarettes. Cigarette smokers who are new to the cigar world are going to find an intriguing and new experience regardless of whether or not it is labeled premium or not.

This is why Serious Cigars offers so many sampler packs for the aficionado to buy for family and friends new to the world of cigar smoking.

Where would I find information in regard to cigar discounts?
The most convenient source of information is on the Internet. Our website has all sorts of specials running that you can browse through at your convenience. Another place to obtain information, if you are out and about, is from your local cigar shop or cigar lounge.

If you are embarrassed about asking staff about discounts because you are afraid of looking cheap, simply say you are considering gift options for new smokers and would like to know about cigar discounts you can either purchase for them or pass along the grapevine in the form of a recommendation.

This way the rich men in the corner who make the world turn will not think you down and out, and you will save both your money and your dignity.

Magazines are a third source of information on cigar discounts. Many magazines here in Houston are free publications that are financed exclusively by advertising dollars. You can pick them up all over the city at little news racks. These are very nice magazines and are full of ads that can give you all kinds of information on cigars and many other topics.

How long do cigar discounts normally last?
That depends on the retailer. Some lower prices on a particular brand for an extended period of time in order to increase the sales volume of that particular brand. Others may run a promotion on a new brand for a new day in order to encourage an impulse purchase and get a new product on the market quickly. Still others offer cigar discounts on brands that are good, but not rated as being particularly superb. There is an old adage that you get what you pay for, and some cigars are decent but simply not worth a lot of money.

Are all machine rolled cigars discounted because of this?
Not necessarily. In our opinion, truly premium cigars are always hand-rolled with whole leaf filler and wrapper. However, just because a cigar is machine rolled does not mean it will be the cheapest cigar in the inventory, and there is nothing written in stone that says that you can never buy a fine cigar at a special low price, either.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What is a cigar shop?

The cigar shops we tend to visualize are iconic symbols of a now all but bygone era. That is not to say that nothing like the symbolic exists in actuality, but rather it is to say that the nature of cigar shops has evolved as society changed over the past century.

Today’s cigar shop is becoming more of a virtual realm that offers the same diversity of cigar brands, cigar accessories, and cigar humidors. Online cigar stores transcend geographical boundaries and offer smokers a wide range of price points to fit all kinds of budgets.

What other some accessories that are commonly sold in a cigar shop?
You can always count on finding things like cigar lighters, cigar cutters, and cigar humidors. Some strive to carry all brands of cigars, tobacco, accessories, and even pipe tobacco. Many as well will have specialty cigarettes that are pure tobacco and contain no additives.

Many cigar shops also offer special cigar cases and containers, and even gift packs for smokers to give at special times of the year.

What is an on line cigar shop?
Simply put, it is a virtual equivalent of the old walk in store. You get all the products in an online store that you can get in a storefront. Community management programs are normally implemented to provide online assistance and information.

What is the purpose of a cigar shop?
It exists to give the smoker access to the most premium fine cigars, along with choices between other brands at different prices. One intention is to give the new cigar smoker affordable pricing, lots of options, and information on choosing cigar. Another intention is to give the veteran smoker access to premium brands.

What does the wooden Native American figure signify in regard to a cigar shop?
It was originally used to advertise tobacco to European immigrants. Most of these white immigrants were illiterate and needed a symbol to show them what type of business they were entering. Because Native Americans first introduced Europeans to tobacco, a Native American emblem was chosen as this symbol.

The use of wooden figures like this is no longer acceptable. Cigar aficionados of a more enlightened generation that is now able to read no longer needs stereotypical emblems to help them navigate their way into a building.

What is the type of cigar most desired?
Cuban cigars are favored the world over, but because the US did not allow the importation of Cuban cigars for so many years, American smokers had to do without. Many Cuban tobacco growers left Cuba and went into Central America, though, preserving the seed and flavor of Cuban blends. The Internet makes it possible to obtain a wide range of mild to strong cigars that have their roots in Cuba and still preserve the age-old tradition of the island’s world-famous reputation.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Cigar Lounges

What is a cigar lounge?
Cigar lounges have become popular all over the United States. The constant push from anti-smoking groups to ban cigars and cigarettes from all public places has resulted in an upsurge of new business for establishments dedicated exclusively to cigar smoking. Some of these establishments serve alcohol, while others serve coffee. Some are affiliated with specific cigar manufacturers and brands, while others promote all brands.

Are cigar lounges formal or informal?
They can be very upscale or very laid back, depending on the mood the owner wishes to establish and the clientele that frequents the establishment. Whatever you personal preference is, there is a cigar lounge that is just right for you.

What makes a good cigar lounge?
It has mood and atmosphere that makes a smoker feel welcome. It also has a staff that is willing to answer questions about cigars and cigar accessories. It also has quality cigars and cigar products for sale at various price points that cater to a wide range of cigar aficionados.

How are cigar lounges normally decorated?
Owners use a variety of furnishings, paintings, lighting design, and musical venues to create the intended mood for their establishments. Regardless of the degree of formality, there is always an inviting and comfortable feeling.

Do cigar lounges sell cigars?
Yes. The whole point of going to a cigar lounge is to enjoy quality cigars and products. It is more convenient for individuals to purchase these supplies at the lounge than to bring them from home. Most of these establishments have some kind of room-sized humidifier as well to preserve the integrity of fine cigars.

What should you be ready to pay in a cigar lounge?
The costs vary based on what you prefer to smoke and what you are willing to spend. Some cigar lounges have private smoking areas for members only. This area may feature brands and décor not available to the open, public part of the bar. In some places as well, alcohol may only be served in the members-only area, while coffee and other drinks are served in the public lounge.

What are some rules you do want to remember when visiting a cigar lounge?
1. Do not walk into a cigar lounge with your own cigars. That is like bringing a six pack to a bar or coffee from home to a coffee shop. You just don’t do that.

2. Do not walk in and make a big deal about having a public place where you can smoke. All of us are happy that such places still exist in the Earth. However, since we are all thinking it, there is no need for you and everyone else to verbalize the obvious gratitude we all feel to such establishments where freedom is still celebrated.

3. Do not take pictures. Other smokers consider this an invasion of privacy, and any images that you may end up putting on the Internet are actually a form of advertising that has not been authorized by the owner.

4. If you talk to people who appear to rebuff you, move on. Some people smoke with a group of people they know and prefer to keep things close-knit. Become a regular and let people come to you.

5. Most women tend to be much wiser than men and avoid the temptation to be the Alpha the minute they walk into the room. Guys…learn from them and do NOT walk in and try to dominate the scene or be Mr. Impressive. No one will like you if you do.

Basic common courtesy and common sense are really all you need from that point on to enjoy yourself in any cigar lounge, large or small, formal or informal.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Fine Cigars-True Works of Art That Do Not Have to Cost a Lot of Money to be Enjoyed

A fine cigar is a work of art.
Fine cigars are always rolled by hand. This requires a great deal of skill and experience, so only the most veteran of torcedores is employed to make the best cigars. They must pack the cigar evenly so that it will burn smoothly, and the must wrap the cigar in such a way that the wrapper makes an even spiral around the filler.

How is a fine cigar rolled?
Torcedores work in small factories with very simple setups. They sit at small tables and choose anywhere from 2 to 6 leaves to use as filler. These are rolled together in a bunch, which is then rolled into a binder leaf. The wrapper then goes around the binder to hold everything in place and to put the final, finishing touches on the flavor and the aroma.

How much should a fine cigar cost?
Some costs a great deal of money because of brand reputation, but there are a good many that cost between 3 and 5 dollars.

What types of fillers are used in fine cigars?
Fillers are made from a blend of different parts of the tobacco plant. These parts are the ligero, which come from the top of the plant, are very robust. Ligero must be aged for a minimum of three years before being used. The second type of leaf is seco, which means dry, and which comes from the middle of the plant. Volado leaves come from the lower part of the plant and help cigars burn smooth and even.

Long filler is used in the most premium cigars. In other fine cigars, medium and short filler may also be used. Sometimes a blend is used to add variety to taste and aroma.

What type of wrapper is used to make a fine cigar?
The best wrapper tobacco is usually grown in Connecticut, Cameroon, Cuba and The Dominican Republic. You may be surprised to learn this, but as much as 75 percent of the cigar’s taste comes from the wrapper.

What type of taste characterizes a fine cigar?
The best way to say this is, “ a taste that leaves an impression on your mouth.” After a mild cigar you will have a soft impression where the taste and aroma gently linger on the tongue and throat. A full-bodied cigar, on the other hand, will leave a full, satisfying feeling in your mouth and throat after you have finished smoking.

What is the texture of a quality cigar?
It will be characterized by a slightly oily texture and a lustrous sheen. It feels firms to the touch.

Do I need really need to use a cigar humidor?
Yes. Cigar humidification is an absolute must when it comes to preserving the taste and aroma of a cigar. Even the very best cigars will last for no more than a week if you do not store them in a humidor. Once your cigar dries out, it will burn too fast, taste stale, and possible even fall apart

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Makes a Premium Cigar Truly PREMIUM?

What is a premium cigar?
Premium cigars are always made by hand, and when you look at two premium cigars of the same type, they are consistent from one to the next. It takes a great deal of skill to roll such a cigar in order to make certain that that it will burn smoothly and at just the right rate.

What type of filler is used in premium cigars?
Long filler is used. Long filler is made from full leaves that run the entire length of the cigar. They are carefully picked, carefully handled, stored, and aged intact. Aging is the most important component to this process. Just like fine wine, fine tobacco must go through a carefully timed and monitored process to truly offer the level of excellence that justifies a cigar being called “premium.”

In most cases too, a single country of origin, such as Cuba, Honduras, or Cost Rica, is used exclusively to make the filler in a specific brand or line of cigars. This, again, guarantees that the taste of each and every cigar in the box will be consistent with that of the previous one smoked.

What kinds of wrappers are used in premium cigars?
The wrapper is a high-quality tobacco leaf that is wrapped around the finished bunch and binder. A truly excellent wrapper will have no visible veins on its leaves, and no blemishes of any kind. The colors of wrappers are generated by the aging process. Basically, there are three shades of wrappers used in premium cigar rolling. The first is CANDELA or DOUBLE CLARO, which is a light yellow-green shade. It is known for the mildest flavor and the sharpest aroma. The second shade is NATURAL, also known as ENGLISH MARKET SELECT. It is a light or medium brown. The taste is more rounded, as they say, and the aroma more laid back. Most aficionados prefer the EMS shade in their cigars. Finally, the MADURO wrapper is the darkest in color (being sometimes almost mahogany black) and has the fullest aroma and taste.

What type of taste is a premium cigar known for?
There are many different flavors that have become famous with cigar aficionados over the years. Experienced smokers generally agree that the best tobaccos have a distinctively mild or rich taste with subtle overtones of additional tastes as well. Some of these subtle overtones come from the wrappers as well as the fillers.

Popular flavors include spice, leather, earth, toast, nut, berry, almond, pepper, woods, and even grass. Yes, all of these are aromatic overtones that an experienced smoker not only likes, but genuinely loves.

As a general principle too, lighter colored wrappers are characterized by milder flavors and fewer aftertastes. Darker wrappers are normally much richer in flavor. This is not a hard fast rule though. It really all depends on the manufacturer and the blend more than anything else, because a truly premium cigar is a masterpiece that defies stereotype.

What type of aroma characterizes a premium cigar?
Aroma comes from additives that create scents like apple, orange, cherry, chocolate, coffee, and whisky. Properly storing a cigar in a humidor is necessary to keep it in the very best condition.

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