Room 101 Cigars

Cigar: Room 101 Cigars Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduran Semilla 101 Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras, Dominican Republic Strength: Medium


 History: Cigar enthusiasts worldwide are buzzing with great reviews of Room 101 Cigars, which is good news for creator Matt Booth.  With a quickly growing reputation comes a quickly growing clientele, which is often including many high profile celebrities, leaving the former United States Marine with a reason to celebrate his success for more reasons than previously imagined.

 Biography:   Matt Booth, a former United States Marine, was deployed to the Far East.  While there, he developed a great appreciation for the rich culture the people embraced.  Thus, he became interested in cigar smoking, which would eventually prove to be his ticket to success.  Upon arriving in the states, he became a musician and dabbled with ideas of creating a unique line of lighters, cutters, and humidors.

Background:  After being introduced by a business associate to Dylan Austin and several members of the Camancho family at an after party in Las Vegas, Booth quickly found a connection with the group. After discussing his ideas of creating a cigar accessory line, he discovered he was interested in taking it one step further and developing a cigar to accompany it.  Thus, he was invited to tour the Camancho facilities in Danli, Honduras and learn about crafting handmade cigars, which would prove to be the start of a great partnership with the family.

 Unique Qualities:  Each cigar is handcrafted and sports a dark Semilla 101 wrapper.  This leaf is harvested exclusively for Room 101 Cigars by the Camancho family, adding to the uniqueness of the stick. In addition, each rod has a slight box press to compliment the edgy design.


Perdomo Nick’s Sticks

Cigar:Perdomo Nick’s Sticks Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Dark Connecticut Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan Strength: Medium- Full


History:  The Perdomo Nick’s Sticks line of cigars was one of the original cigars made in Nick Perdomo’s Garage when the Perdomo legacy began. Using the same band design as the original cigars sold only to his local area in Miami, Florida, this cigar line gives us a familiar feeling in knowing about its humble beginnings. Now the tobacco is grown from Cuban seeds in their fields in Jalapa, Nicaragua and nationally sold, this cigar has come a long way since its beginnings.

 Appearance: At first glance this cigar doesn’t seem like it would be a value stick, yet it is very affordable in price. There are no noticeable veins and it is a pretty smooth cigar in hand. There is an oily sheen about it and the colors vary with the three cigar wrappers Maduro, Sun Grown, and Dark Connecticut. It is a nicely hand rolled cigar with no hard or soft spots to speak of and the cap is beautiful and easy to cut. The wrapper holds up immaculately and there is no unraveling. A perfect addition to your humidor.

 Draw / Burn / Ash: Upon smoking the Perdomo Nick’s Sticks one would think because of the price that it wouldn’t stand up to another cigar, but on the contrary will, and in fact beats out all value priced cigars. It stands up to any cigar cutter. The ash is one to brag about holding on for about half the length of the stick, it is nice and strong. It is found that this cigar burns perfectly with no need to touch it up or re-light it. The cold draw of this line of cigars is sweet with a cinnamon like peppery way about it that lingers just slightly in the sinus cavity when passed through the nose.  Once lit it keeps that nice and even draw the entire time the cigar is smoked.

 Flavor:  The flavor of the Perdomo Nick’s Sticks cigars is a sweet and natural one. The head of the stick reveals a sweet tobacco taste, and the foot a more earthy and sweet cedar flavor. The pepper in it reminds one of a cinnamon stick and lingers in the mouth just long enough. Eventually the pepper taste calms down but doesn’t lose its kick. This line of cigars is definitely a sweet one all around, not just in price.

 Recommendation:  This line is a great cigar for the novice smoker, yet impresses even a seasoned one. It is found to be a great smoking cigar through and through not disappointing at all. The Perdomo Nick’s Sticks is a refreshingly sweet cigar. It’s intriguing to think that this line was born in a garage,  you’d never guess that from how impressive this stick has turned out to be.  These cigars are a perfect addition to a backyard bar-b-q.


Perdomo Patriarch Cigar

Cigar:Perdomo Patriarch Cigar Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Corojo Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan Strength:Rich Robust


History: The choice of tobacco for the Perdomo Patriarch Cigar is said to be a favorite mixture of  Nick Perdomo Sr.’s fathers favorite blend and grown in Estelí, Jalapa, and Condega, Nicaragua from Cuban seeds. This line is available in three types the Maduro, Corojo, and the Connecticut. The perfect addition to any humidor.

Appearance: There is a very oily sheen to this cigar and it is dark in color both even throughout the length of the stick. It is nicely hand rolled with no noticeable imperfections a few veins are apparent, yet nothing to raise a brow over. The entire cigar is packed well, nice and firm the cap is immaculate and cuts amazingly easy and straight. This particular cigar is easily found in our online cigar shop.


Draw / Burn / Ash: The cold draw of this cigar is like cocoa in a barnyard with a nice and earthiness way about it. The Perdomo Patriarch cigars burn well; with a thin burn line that is even with no need to touch up or relight it. The after lit draw is just as great as the cold draw to the senses.  The ash is strong and holds tightly to allow it to hang on a bit longer than normal.

 Flavor:  When describing the flavor of the Perdomo Patriarch Cigar it’s a chocolaty coffee taste that has a creaminess which sticks to the pallet nicely. The second third of this cigar transfers to a cedar earthy flavor with a hint of pepper to it. Leveling off the nutty flavor in the first third carries on making one think of creamy peanut butter in the second third with an occasional touch of honey topping it off. The head returns to very initial leather like cocoa and coffee yet there is a hint of caramel tobacco flavor too.

 Recommendation:  The Perdomo Patriarch cigars are a rather tasty line which will excite the taste buds. It has a robust handsome way about it that is rolled to perfection and burns flawlessly. This cigar is perfect as an after dinner treat.


Punch Classic Cigar

Cigar: Punch Classic Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan, Piloto Cubano Strength: Full body

The Punch Classic cigar line is a line of cigars that has a lot to offer. From over fourteen sizes and three wrapper choices, there is, quite literally one for every palate. Most of the varieties would be a good choice for daily cigar smoking. Allowing a Punch Classic to spend some time in your personal humidor will help enhance the flavor when you choose to light one up.

History: General Cigar/ Swedish Match is the current owner of the Punch Cigar brand. They acquired the brand when they purchased Villazon and Company, a Honduran cigar manufacturer. These are hand rolled cigars, made for the American market. It started with Manuel Lopez in the 1840’s in Cuba. He was wanting to find a way in to the British cigar market, and this was his avenue. There was a popular puppeteer show called The Punch and Judy Show. He decided to name this brand Punch after Mr. Punch. This showed to be a wise choice as this brand exploded with popularity in Great Britain. In 1924, Manuel retired and gave over the ownership of the brand to Esperanza Valle Comas. It was later purchased by Villazon and Company.

Appearance/ Construction: The London Club vitola, 5 x 40, is a nice looking cigar with a deep, dark, brown wrapper. It has a firm feel to it with no soft spots. It feels like a very well packed cigar.

Draw/ Burn/ Ash: The draw is nice and the burn is flawless. The ash holds together well and it produces an ample amount of smoke.

Flavor: In the first third, there are flavors of grass and earth with a note of sweetness. Into the second third, there are woody notes with hints of pepper, along with the existing flavors. Into the final third, the flavors seem to blend nicely and there is a creaminess that comes through. There are also notes of coffee present. The flavor on the Punch Classic is ample, but not overpowering. This is a fine addition to our online cigar shop.

Punch Deluxe

Cigar: Punch Deluxe Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan, Piloto Cubano Strength: Full

Punch Deluxe is a common go to cigar for many cigar fans. It is a full body smoke and complex enough to keep you guessing. Most people that enjoy cigar smoking would want to have this in their humidor. The Punch Deluxe is offered in three sizes and wrappers. The Chateau L and Chateau M are offered in Maduro, Double Maduro and EMS wrappers. The Royal Coronation is offered in the Maduro and EMS.

 History: Punch Cigar line was started by Manuel Lopez. He wanted to tap into the British cigar market and chose to name this brand Punch, after Mr. Punch. Mr. Punch was the main character of the Punch and Judy Show. It was a popular puppeteer show over in Great Britain. The leap paid off and the Punch brand was wildly successful. Upon Manuel’s retirement in 1924, he handed the brand ownership to Esperanza Valle Comas. Years later, it was purchased by Villazon and Company in Honduras. General Cigar, now known as General Cigar/ Swedish Match, purchased Villazon in 1997. Along with that purchase came the Punch brand. These beautiful cigars are still made with premium tobacco and hand rolled in their Honduran factories.

 Appearance/ Construction: The Chateau L is a finely crafted cigar. You can tell that it is a well-constructed cigar when you hold it in your hands. It is firmly packed with no soft spots. This is a clean and nice looking cigar.

 Draw/ Burn/ Ash: The draw is flawless on this cigar. The burn is razor straight through the whole smoke. The ash holds firm, is a dark gray color, and produces plumes of smoke.

Flavor: The flavor of this cigar is consistent, yet complex and full-bodied. As with the others in this line, there is a definite nut flavor, but also hints of coffee and chocolate. The flavors in the Punch Deluxe only intensify as you enjoy the cigar.

Partagas Black Label

Cigar: Partagas Black Label Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Medio Tiempo (Connecticut) Binder: La Vega Especial
Filler: Nicaraguan Ligero, Piloto Cuban Ligero Strength: Very Full Bodied

The Partagas Black Label is the product of Ramon Cifuentes’s mentoring mixed with the Partagas brand’s rich history and quality. Daniel Nunez was lucky enough to get the best of both of those aspects. This cigar is an extraordinary model of what he accomplished. The consistent intensity of the flavors along with the affordable price makes this cigar perfect for a relaxing evening following dinner.

History: Despite the beginning that Jaime Partagas gave to the cigar company, it was Ramon that really put it on the map. Ramon and his father led the Partagas brand to the top of the industry in Cuba before Fidel Castro put a halt to their success. As a result, Ramon fled Cuba and didn’t return to producing his outstanding cigars in the Dominican Republic until 27 years later. Upon joining and ultimately leading the General Cigar Company, Ramon became a mentor for another aspiring cigar creator, Daniel Nunez. Daniel, a citizen of the Dominican Republic was not only well educated, but also a talented cigar designer. He eventually became heir to Ramon’s position in the company and continued to achieve amazing results from his hard work and exploration in the cigar world. The Partagas Black Label is a prime example of this.

Appearance/Construction: The Partagas Black Label is a full- bodied cigar that is available in nine gauges, all on the larger end of the spectrum. The strong, dark toned cigar wrapper is representative of Daniel’s true dedication to perfection. Daniel and his team worked for over ten years to achieve the ideal Connecticut grown Havana seed. The wrappers of this cigar are aged 50% longer than a majority of other leaves before they would harvest them. The La Vega Especial binder is multifaceted, while providing the smoker with a pleasing flavor. To add to the richness of the cigar, it has Nicaraguan Ligero and Piloto Cubano Ligero mixed filler.

Draw/Burn/Ash: The draw on this cigar is smooth and graceful, while giving off an abundance of smoke, because of its larger size. The burn is firm and balanced from beginning to end. The ash is white, which is an obvious contrast to the dark wrapper, it was also stiff and held its shape throughout.

Flavor/Aroma: The Partagas Black Label has a variety of intense flavors. After a pre-lit smell of straight tobacco, the first third starts it off with a cocoa and coffee flavor. In the second third, leather and citrusy flavors emerge, whereas the sugary notes ease up. To end the experience, the final third brings the intensity of the sweet coffee flavor back. There is a hint of a peppery undertone as well. The intensity of the flavors is steady all the way through.


Partagas Classic

Cigar: Partagas Classic Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper:  Cameroon                              Binder: Mexican San Andrean
Filler: Dominican Piloto, Mexican  Strength: Medium – Full

History: Ramon Cifuentes and his father took the Partagas brand to a whole new level following the passing of brand creator, Jaime Partagas. They led the business to the top of the cigar chain prior to Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution’s impact on the country. Although, Ramon was forced to leave Cuba, he bounced back 17 years later by returning to cigar production in the Dominican Republic. In time, he sold Partagas cigars to the General Cigar Company, but continued to play a leadership role in all aspects of the brand. Ramon discovered some of the most elite wrapper leaves were found in Cameroon. The sweltering, sub-tropical conditions in that region provided an ideal growing atmosphere for the leaves. As a result, the wrappers have a robust flavor incomparable to any other.

Appearance: The Partagas Classic is a perfectly constructed cigar making the job of your cigar cutter an easy one. Along with the rich Cameroon cigar wrapper, it consists of a Mexican San Andrean binder and a filler comprised of both Dominican Piloto and Mexican tobacco. It is excellently rolled and is available in a diverse array of sizes. These include the #1, #10, Aristocrat, Fabulosos, Humitube, Maduro #8, Miniaturas, Padre, Puritos, Robusto, and Sabroso.

Draw/Burn/Ash: This cigar has a smooth and easy draw to it. It has a consistently even burn from beginning to end. The ash has a soft gray tone to it and holds strong to form throughout.

Flavor:The distinctive flavors of the Partagas Classic start immediately with the first puff. The first third kicks off the central sugary flavor. There are hints of cocoa and spiciness present as well at this point. It then flawlessly transitions into the middle third where the chocolate and spice flavors are toned down gradually. It continues to give off a pleasant and stable sweetness. During the final third the sweet flavor continues to dominate the smoke, while the trace of spicy notes strengthens slightly, without being too intense. The smoke from this cigar is noticeably full and silky throughout.

Recommendation: This fine cigar is a must have for every cigar smoking aficionado’s humidor. Get yours today at our online cigar shop.

Partagas Benji Master Series Cigar

Partagas Benji Master SeriesJustWrapper: Cameroon                     Binder: Habano Connecticut
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan             Strength: Medium Spicey
Sizes: Majestuoso 6” x 46                 Origin: Dominican Republic

The Partagas Benji Master Series is prime illustration of the cigar knowledge and passion that Benji Menendez brought to the cigar world. This affordable cigar had a production limited to only 5,000 boxes, containing 20 smokes per package. Not only does it have a deep history behind it, it was also recognized as #15 on the top 25 cigar list in Cigar Aficionado. Benji Menendez truly put a spotlight on himself with this cigar’s creation.

History: Benji Menendez was born into the cigar business as his father, grandfather, and uncles were all highly recognized men in the industry. Regardless of the fact that he was the heir to the largest cigar factory in Cuba, Benji chose to learn all aspects of the family business. He worked in every department, from the bottom of the ladder, to the top. Subsequent to the factory being taken over in 1960, he relocated to Miami, Florida. This was the start of his successful career with the General Cigar Company, and eventually the launching of the Partagas Benji Master Series.

Appearance/Construction: This cigar is available in one size, the Grand Corona, or Majestuoso. It has a dark cocoa wrapper with minimal fine veins and a somewhat oily appearance. The Habano Connecticut binder and the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua blended filler come together to produce a strong, well packed cigar. The 6 x 46 Partagas Benji Master Series cigar shows off a classic red Partagas label with a black addition that provides the perfect backdrop for Benji’s signature.

Draw/Burn/Ash: The Cameroon wrapper has a smooth, yet strong draw. As it is enjoyed, the burn is slow and even, providing a perfect strength to the pale gray ash from beginning to end.

Flavor/Aroma: This amazing cigar has a nice variety of flavors and aromas throughout. The sugary aroma is a hint of what’s to come as in the first third the flavor is intensely sweet with a mixture of coffee and woodiness in the background. The second third continues to offer a sweet flavor, while the woodsy flavor begins to dominate. To finish this cigar smoking experience, the final third continues the consistent sweet flavor that was present throughout. Along with that, the hint of spiciness remains and is joined by a new, fresh, forest flavor.

Partagas Cigars A General Overview

Partagas Cigars With its history dating back to as early as 1845, Partagas Cigars is one of the oldest cigar brands in existence. Jaime Partagas founded the company in Havana Cuba following many years in the tobacco industry in both Spain and Cuba. His ownership in many of the finest Cuban plantations gave him access to top of the line tobacco, ultimately boosting the growth and success of the Partagas Cigar brand.

Following Jaime Partagas’s death and a number of ownership changes, the brand fell in the hands of Ramon Cifuentes and his father. Under their leadership the company has seen many successes, but not without hurdles to be overcome. After fleeing the country as a result of Fidel Castro’s control and a seventeen year absence from the cigar industry, Ramon returned to producing his premiere cigars. The factory in Havana, which was also known as the Francisco Perez German Factory was eventually taken over by a government run tobacco firm. It continues to produce a high portion of the brand’s product and is a highly visited location for many cigar smokers every year. Ramon sold the Partagas name to the General Cigar Company in 1978, which helped to put it on the map in the American market. The Partagas name is still used by both separate companies.

Partagas Cigars are famously known for their extraordinary wrapper leaves. Ramon Cifuentes realized that the richest leaves were to be found not in Cuba, but in the African country of Cameroon. Sub-tropical weather conditions in that region offer a superb environment for growing elite wrapper leaves. The brand’s leaves provide a strong flavor and character, keeping it closely rooted to its Cuban past.

Partagas Cigars offers many options which cater to a variety of smoking tastes. The cigar lines include the Benji Master Series, Partagas Black Label, Partagas Classic, Partagas LR Decadas 2007, Partagas LR Decadas 2008, Partagas LR Decadas 2009, Partagas Serie S, and finally the Partagas Spanish Rosado.

Perdomo Habano Corojo Cigar Review

Perdomo Habano CorojoThe Perdomo Habano Corojo lines are sold either by the stick, or 100 per box of twenty cigars. It is a well-built premium smoke and a favorite among cigar shops. If you like leathery sluggers you will certainly get a bang out of this one, because the price is definitely right.

Some may find the subtle flavors a little hard to distinguish because of the Corojo tobacco. This may lead to the impression that this cigar is boring or very one-dimension, neither of which is the case. These heavy Corojo flavors are very distinctive and massive and when you notice the subtle flavors bursting out in firework fashion. If you are the type of cigar smoker that truly loves Corojo tobacco, I know you will not be disappointed with this stick of tastefulness. The Perdomo Habano Corojo is becoming a staple in humidors everywhere.

Beginning in the early 1990’s Nick Perdomo started Perdomo Cigars, and needless to say they have an interesting history. Leading back to the early 20th century Cuba, Nick Jr.’s father and grandfather were rollers for The Partagas brand and other Cuban brands as well, until the communist revolution in 1959. Nick Sr. ended up being shot twice before fleeing to America, where Nick Jr. later worked as an air traffic controller. He started his own cigar company (Nick’s Cigar Co.) in 1990. The company he began has since grown to be one of the largest cigar manufacturers today.

Most experienced cigar smokers that have discussed cigar smoking have readily agreed that smoking the Perdomo Habano Corojo cigars slowly is the way to go. They are highly recommended to novice smokers and the price is one that cannot be beat. All in all this medium-bodied cigar packs some excellent flavors and is a great reflection of a grand Nicaraguan cigar, and one that is definitely worth seeking out.