Davidoff Cigar

Cigar: Davidoff Cigar Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut wrappers Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic Strength: Mild to Medium

Davidoff is synonymous with affluence and luxury.  Zino Davidoff has taken his boutique cigar brand, Davidoff Cigars, and turned it into a multi-million dollar business that retails not only exceptionally rich and complex smokes, but high-end fragrances, ties, glasses, briefcases and humidors to accommodate his most sophisticated clientele.

Zino Davidoff was born in 1906 into a Jewish/Swiss family of cigar merchants in Russia.  After fleeing to Switzerland in 1911 to avoid anti-Semitism, his father opened a modest tobacco shop in Geneva which Zino eventually took over in 1940.  He developed his love for Cuban cigars after spending 2 years in Latin America to learn the tobacco trade upon completion of his education in Switzerland.

After WWII, neutral Switzerland avoided the devastation of other parts of Europe, and became a haven for wealthy tobacco customers.  This was a large factor in the accomplishment of Davidoff’s tobacco shop which sparked his success in marketing Cuban cigars.  Cubatabaco, Cuba’s state tobacco monopoly approached Zino to create his own personal brand. In 1969 Zino launched Davidoff Cigars, sold his business in 1970, and went on to create the Davidoff Empire as we know it today.

Davidoff continued to manufacture Cuban cigars, produced in the El Laguito Factory in Havana, until his partnership with Cubatabaco dissolved in 1991.  After numerous disputes over quality and ownership of the brand, an agreement was signed to discontinue the Cuban Davidoff Cigar line.

Dominican Davidoff cigars were subsequently created in 1990 when production was moved to the Caribbean Islands and Zino partnered with Dominican tobacco blender Hendrik Kelner.

With Davidoff cigars, Zino successfully raised the bar for Dominican smokes.  Today, long after Zino’s death in 1994, the Davidoff brand continues to manufacture immaculately tailored cigars, and is arguably the brand that put Dominican cigars on the map.

Camacho Cigars

Cigar: Camacho Origin: Honduran
Wrapper: Maduro Binder: Maduro
Filler: Maduro Strength: full

History: If you have only been smoking Camacho Cigars within the last decade or so, Christian Eiroa is a name that probably rings a bell.  He has taken the reigns in his family’s company that took over the Camacho brand in 1995.  Before that, Simon Camacho had been building this premium handmade cigar brand since he was exiled from Cuba in 1961.
After changing hands upon the passing of its founder, Camacho was taken over by Caribe Imported Cigars founded by the Eiroa family.  With more than a century of tobacco growing under their belt, they have taken the Camacho brand to new heights.  With the expertise of Christian Eiroa behind the brand, Camacho has been hailed “The Best Habano Outside of Cuba” by many cigar experts and is now part of a larger highly acclaimed cigar group:  Oettinger Davidoff Cigars.
Camacho cigars are exclusive to the furtive Jamastran Valley of Honduras, using original Cuban Criollo and Authentic Corojo seed tobacco for their extra-flavorful blends and are offered in three types of lines:  the Ultra Premium consisting of limited editions, Premium which is Camacho’s main line produced in larger quantities, and their Core Brands, which do not carry the Camacho name in the title.  Christian Eiroa and his family can also be credited with producing the first triple maduro cigars on the market.
As of June 29, 2010, Camacho Cigars has signed a working partnership under the Bayer Food Chain Management program with Bayer CropScience.  This new alliance has launched Camacho Cigars as the only tobacco company in history to be in compliance with strict international standards for Food Manufacturing Practices and Good Agricultural Practices.

Drew Estate Cigars

Cigar: Drew Estate Cigars Origin: Nicaraguan
Wrapper: Many varieties Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan Strength: Light to Medium


Upon founding Drew Estate Cigars, Jonathan Drew set out to make a cigar that was futuristic and unlike any other smoke found in more traditional humidors.  His vision quickly became a reality and the unique flavors and aromas were attracting both novice enthusiasts as well those aficionados with a well-cultured palate.  From the premium whole leaf Nicaraguan ACID blends to the Java infusion, these cigars have earned Drew Estate Cigars a first-class reputation among Nicaraguan cigar makers.

Appearance: Although Drew is known for producing a fabulous smoke, the wrappers vary greatly.  The wrappers can range anywhere from Nicaraguan leaves to Ecuadorian Connecticut leaves.  Adding to the uniqueness of this brand, Jonathan Drew uses a shaggy foot, which exposes the binder and filler leaves from the end before starting the wrapper up a short distance.  This allows the smoker to experience the flavors and aromas of the internal treasure before experiencing that of the external wrapper.
Flavor and Aroma: Jonathan Drew brilliantly constructs these cigars with the utmost care and consideration for the flavors and aromas that will be received.  These ACID cigars produce an extraordinary and rare aroma, which will not likely be replicated.  In addition, infusions of coffee and espresso are used to create a subtle, creamy flavor.
Recommendation: Overall, these cigars would make the perfect gift for anyone that has a love of cigars or just as a way to get the ball rolling for someone that has little experience.  Pairing them with a sweet treat would complement the coffee tones nicely.

Don Pepin El Rey

Cigar: Don Pepin El Rey Origin: Miami, Florida, Unites States
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan Strength: Light to Medium


Don José “Pepin” Garcia was originally born in Cuba and while there he learned the native craft of rolling and blending tobaccos, until he eventually mastered it and it became an art form for him.  From there he moved to Miami, Florida and started his own tobacco company in Little Havana, which is staffed with 12 Class 8 Maestro rollers from Cuba.  They roll every cigar by hand, including the now infamous Don Pepin El Rey de los Habanos.  Eventually, this business grew so large he could not keep up with demand.  Thus, Don Pepin decided to open another tobacco factory in Tabacalera Cubana in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Appearance: Skilled craftsmanship is of top priority in regards to cigar making, and it is evident after smoking just one Don Pepin El Rey de los Habanos cigars. Wrapped in a beautiful Corojo Rosado wrapper, this exquisite stick exhibits superiority with every detail.  One would have to examine it very closely to find even the most trivial flaw.

Flavor and Aroma: Although this cigar is a one-dimensional smoke, it is by far one of the better smokes on the market, especially in the light to medium category.  As soon as fire hits the foot, this rod gets moving in the right direction with abundant amounts of creamy smoke topped off with notes of cedar.  Soon after, a nutty flavor joins in and continues steadily until the end.  With a smoke so satisfying and a flavor so great, extra dimension would be an over kill.

Daidoff Reserva 12

Cigar: Daidoff Reserva 12 Origin: Dominica Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador Special Sun Grown Binder: Dominican Olor
Filler:San Vicente Ligero, Piloto Seco, Jalapa Especial                                          Ligero, Corojo/Olor Strength: medium

In 2008, the Davidoff Reserva 12 was released as a limited edition cigar. It is a delightful blend of five filler tobaccos. These tobaccos were allowed to age for upwards of twelve years in the Dominican Republic. Great care was taken to carefully wrap the tobaccos in the sun-ripened leaf that was cultivated in Ecuador. The Davidoff Reserva 12 comes in a nice Robusto Extra size of 5 ½ inch x 52 ring gauge.

History: The entire line of Davidoff cigars is very well known for their flawless construction, wonderful quality and their perfect draw. The brand began in early 1911, when the Davidoff family fled modern day Russia and Henri Davidoff opened his first tobacco shop in Geneva. His son, Zino Davidoff, left school in 1925 to immerse himself in the tobacco business and traveled for five years learning all he could about tobacco. Zino returned to his father’s shop in Geneva and began his cigar business In 1930. From that point on, he poured himself into his work and has made the Davidoff brand a highly recognized and prized brand.

Wrapper: The wrapper is made from the Ecuador Special Sun Grown and is a medium sized wrapper with a darker color. It has veins throughout.

Ash/ Burn: The burn is flawless. One may notice that at the beginning of the burn, the ash had a bit of a flowering effect. However, it quickly corrected itself. This stick stayed tight and strong all the way through the second third. The ash was a very pale gray in color.

Flavor: The pre light draw has an earthy taste with notes of grass. The first third has a slight peppery taste with hints of wood. The second third reminds you of that grassy note and introduces flavors of toasted wood and a hint of leather. In the final third of this cigar, you are still experiencing the delightful notes of wood with a very slight hint of leather.

Davidoff Special

Cigar: Davidoff Special Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: United States, Connecticut Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic Strength: Medium to Full

History: A brilliant line of cigars known as the Davidoff Special series is among the most popular choices of smokes for aficionados all over the world.  An exceptional level of care has been given to each individual cigar from its birth to ensure the finest quality emerges.  Each Davidoff Special series cigar is rolled by hand and includes a special blend of four different Dominican grown tobaccos, which are each aged for up to four years before being used in these rolled treasures.

Appearance: These beautiful sticks are snugly swaddled in a United States Connecticut wrapper and shine brightly upon arrival.  Upon observation of the leaf, an almost flawless review will prove to be the norm.  Some of the cigars have distinct shapes, which are used to enhance the flavors and aroma.

Flavor and Aroma: After lighting this cigar, woodsy notes begin to dominate and typically remain steady throughout the smoke.  Although the taste does not contain an abundance of variation from beginning to end, the flavor is robust and does not disappoint.  In fact, the lack of a huge hit of power allows the smoker to sit back, relax, and enjoy the continuity of the smoke.

Recommendation: Overall, this Special series by Davidoff would be a great gift for an inexperienced cigar smoker because it is a smooth, creamy smoke without a lot of dimension to overwhelm the senses.  Instead, they provide a steady release of gratification, which also makes them the perfect evening cigar to end the day.

Davidoff Exquisitos / Davidoff Primeros

Cigar: Davidoff Exquisitos / Davidoff Primeros Origin: Dominican / Dominican
Wrapper: Habano Nicaragua Maduro / Connecticut Ecuador Binder: Dominican / Dominican
Filler: Dominican / Dominican Strength: Mild

Davidoff small cigars were a very well received addition to their cigar line upon their release.  They come in two different sizes with two different wrappers. The Davidoff Exquisitos is praised as being the worlds smallest premium cigar. It is 3 5/8 inches in length with a ring gauge of 22, while the Davidoff Primeros is 4 1/8 inches in length, having a ring gauge of 34.

History: The Davidoff name is highly renowned throughout the world as one of the most esteemed and established cigar manufacturers. The entire line of Davidoff cigars is known for their flawless construction, perfect draw and their fabulous quality. The Davidoff legacy has continued in their line of small cigars. The brand began in early 1911, when the Davidoff family fled their home in modern day Russia for Geneva. Once there, the first tobacco shop was opened by Henri Davidoff. His son, Zino Davidoff, left school in 1925 to devote himself to learning the tobacco business. He traveled for five years through Argentina, Brazil and Cuba learning all he could about the cultivation and production of tobacco.  In 1930, Zino returned to his father’s shop. He built a cigar cellar in the basement of the store, which was the perfect way to store his high quality cigars. The basement had ideal climate conditions. From then on, he worked tirelessly to make the Davidoff brand the highly prized and world famous brand that it is today.

Filler: Exquisitos are made with the award winning Davidoff Millennium blend making them a powerful smoke with a very rich flavor. Primeros, on the other hand, use a short-filler of a Dominican blend of tobacco.

Exquisitos are a medium bodied smoke with a spicy taste. Primeros is a milder smoke with the smooth and sweet, classic Davidoff aroma.

Wrapper: Exquisitos are rolled exclusively from fully matured Habano Nicaragua Maduro tobacco leaves, while Primeros use a Connecticut Ecuador wrapper.

Davidoff Puro d Oro

Cigar: Davidoff Puro d Oro Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Dominican Yamasa Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic Strength: Medium to Full

History: The new line of Davidoff Puro d Oro cigars are turning heads and causing a wave of excitement to Davidoff fans everywhere.  These cigars are specifically designed to recreate a feeling of the 1940s Davidoff line.  Much care has been taken to ensure cigar enthusiasts will not only love these cigars, but will reminisce about smokes of the past all the while.

Appearance: Nestled snugly in a Dominican Yamasa leaf, which are specifically grown for and harvested to provide the framework for these little masterpieces, the native tobaccos of the Dominican Republic find a seamless resting place.  With a medium to dark tone and minimal veins, the Davidoff Puro d Oro cigars are truly beautiful.  In order to keep with the feel of the 1940s, these cigars are bound as a 25 count cigar wheel tied together with a pure, white silk Davidoff ribbon, and laid in a paper lined box.  Each cigar also sports an elegant gold embossed band at the foot.

Flavor and Aroma: After setting fire, the palate is coated with a smooth, creamy smoke, which is complimented with flavors from grassy and floral to coffee and spice.  Once the spice attacks, red pepper tones dominate throughout the remainder.  This new line definitely packs a punch.

Recommendation: These little beauties would be best accompanied by cold weather or with a nice glass of ice water.  Either way, this line of Davidoff cigars is one that will keep the conversation alive and current while taking a trip back in time.

Camacho Select

Cigar: Camacho Select Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: African Cameroon Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras Strength: Medium-Full

The Camacho Select is just one of the super premium cigars that the Camacho brand offers. It is available in five different sizes, Lonsdale, Robusto, Super Robusto, Churchill and Torpedo. It has been described as being one of the more mild, yet full body cigars that Camacho offers. This particular line was produced at the Tabacos Rancho Jamastran in Honduras.

History: Camacho Cigar has played a very significant roll is the history of cigars. The Camacho brand began in 1961, by Simon Camacho when he was forced into exile from Cuba. He fled to Florida and opened up his first factory in Miami producing cigars made from Central American provenance. In 1995, after the death of     Mr. Camacho, the company was purchased by Caribe Imported Cigars, which was owned by the Eiroa Family. The Camacho Select was personally developed, in secrecy, and blended by Julio Eiroa. Julio is the father of the current President of Camacho Cigars, Christian Eiroa. He originally sent these cigars to a select group of retailers as Christmas gifts. After the positive response from the retailers, it was decided that they would permanently add it to their line of cigars.
Appearance: The wrapper is made from African Cameroon and is medium brown in color. It has some soft spots and some medium sized veins throughout the stick. It is less oily than comparable smokes that are in this same category.
Draw/ Burn: The pre light draw is firm and quite flavorful. The draw is firm as well. The ash is firm and light in color throughout the burn. The cigar produces thick clouds of smoke and the burn is even over all.
Taste: The tastes pleasantly vary throughout the entire smoke. It starts out with a woody flavor that blends into a smooth leathery flavor with subtle hints of spice and pepper. In the final portion, you get a full taste of that wonderfully rich Honduran tobacco the Camacho brand is famous for.

Camacho Liberty

Cigar: Camacho Liberty Origin:Honduras
Wrapper: Habano Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras Strength: Medium-full

The Camacho Liberty is a rare cigar as it is only released once a year. When the 2009 Camacho Liberty was released, it was said that it was the best Honduran cigar to ever be released. These cigars are made with Habana tobacco. This is a rare tobacco as there is only one crop. This means that the quantities are very limited. The 2009 line was harvested and rolled in October 2007. It was then aged for two years prior to its release. These factors combined make this a rare treat, and of course, a limited release.

History: The Camacho name and brand have played a very important role in cigar history. This brand was begun by Simon Camacho in 1961. The first Camacho factory was opened up in Miami, FL in 1995 by Simon Camacho. The Camacho factory and line were purchased by Caribe Imported Cigars after the death of Mr. Camacho. Caribe Imported Cigars is a company owned and operated by the Eiroa family. The Camacho Liberty series is personally blended by Christian Eiroa.

Appearance: The semi dark chocolate color of the wrapper is quite consistent throughout.  This stick has medium sized veins. The wrapper has two bands that come of easily, ensuring no damage to the cigar upon their removal. This cigar is lighter in weight than others and is filled evenly. It contains no soft spots.

Draw/ Burn:
There is little resistance in the draw and this stick produces a fair amount of smoke. This can lend to the cigar burning a bit fast. The ash is firm and holds together well. The burn line is thin and the draw is fairly easy from the pre-light and on throughout the entire smoke.

Aroma/ Taste:
The Spanish Cedar box it comes encased in lends to the aroma. The first taste is of cedar and spices. As you enter the second third you begin to notice hints of nuts with a distinct coffee flavor. The final third takes you into a wonderful finish of nuts, coffee, cedar and various spices. This is a medium strength stick that has a smooth, creamy and mild finish.