Davidoff Millennium Lancero Review

Cigar: Davidoff Millennium Lancero Handmade
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Hybrid Binder: Dominican Seco
Filler: Dominican Ligero & Seco Strength: Medium
Flavor: Medium Full Vitola (Size): 7.25 x 40 (Lancero)

History: Davidoff’s site describes the Millenium Lancero as the “most full-bodied of all Davidoff cigars. Blended from heartier, vintage Dominican tobaccos and Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper leaves, grown exclusively for Davidoff.”

Appearance: It’s a premium cigar: the Davidoff Millennium Lancero’s opulent-looking Ecuadorian wrapper has a nice oily sheen with the look of rich cocoa. Well-rolled by hand, the Millennium Lancero by Davidoff is a fine cigar with a pigtailed triple cap, and though the foot is a trifle loose, the rest of the cigar is firm with no soft spots. It sports two elegant bands: one denoting its size, the other the fact that it is a Millennium Blend.

Draw/Burn/Ash: Like the majority of Davidoff cigars, the burn is ideal in this Millennium Lancero. The salt and pepper ash is a bit weak which is not unexpected considering the ring size of the Lancero. The smoke of this cigar is creamier than expected, and the Davidoff Millennium Lancero smoked at a relaxing pace—nice for contemplation and reflection, permeating the air and palate for hours afterward.

Flavor: The primary notes of the Davidoff Millennium Lancero are of roasted nuts tinged with a hint of cedar and spice in the first third. The earthy notes that appear in the second third crescendo in the final third, with the nuts, cedar, and spice notes remaining throughout this enjoyable cigar.

Recommendation: Nearly everyone seems to like the flavor of the Davidoff Millennium Lancero, though some seem to think that all cigars need to be potent, “knock your socks off” full-bodied smokes.  The quality, continuity, and good taste of the Davidoff Millennium Lancero combine to make it a great pleasure worth revisiting. It should also be remembered that the flavor of a good cigar can also enhance the notes and aromas of fine wine and gourmet meals. The Davidoff Millennium Lancer is just such a cigar: classy, and well-suited to a quiet evening of superlative wine, great food, and conversation, and easy to find on our online online cigar shop which offers you more smoke for the dollar than your local cigar store can.

Camacho Coyolar Puro Review

Cigar: Camacho Coyolar Puro Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduran Coyolar Binder: Honduran
Filler: Honduran Strength: Full
Flavor: Full  

History: Reportedly released in 2005 under the name, “Say Uncle,” the Camacho Coyolar Puro is THE cigar of full-strength cigars. Marked by a dark, spicy earthiness, the Camacho Coyolar Puro was the cigar that made Christian Eiroa exclaim: “This is one stud of a cigar, man!” Grown at the Coyolar farm in Honduras, the Camacho Coyolar is the first of the Camacho line that is made with cigar tobacco grown outside of the Eiroa family farm at the Rancho Jamastran also in Honduras.

Appearance: Understated, the medium brown wrapper is consistent with the Honduran Coyolar wrapper encircled by an unpretentious band. Present from the very beginning is the wonderful aroma of cacao, wood, and pungent spices.

Draw/Burn/Ash: With an easy light-up, the burn is classic and razor sharp. The ash is solid and without flakiness. Characteristic of Camacho cigars, the Camacho Coyolar Puro has a free-flowing draw.

Aroma / Flavor: Though its potency is apparent from the first pepper-spiced draw, the Camacho Coyolar Puro begins with the pleasant flavors of wood, spice, and rich coffee. The dominant notes of wood and leather become recognizable along with a creamy nuttiness as this cigar gains in body. Characteristically smooth, the sweeter and cedar-tinged notes become evident midway through the smoke. Though the peppery kick remains, the finale of unsweetened espresso builds while the aroma remains sweet, with a pleasant flavor throughout.

Recommendation: The Camacho Coyolar Puro is not for the rank novice. Rightly characterized as a full-bodied cigar, some untutored palates have had unfortunate responses to the full-bodied strength of the Camacho Coyolar and its reputation has been unfairly besmirched.Although strong and full-bodied, the expected strength of the Camacho Coyolar Puro, when combined with its creamy smooth nuttiness, makes for a tranquil smoke. Sometimes it takes a powerful blend like this to break through the day’s tensions. Mature palates that appreciate fine food will find much to enjoy in a Camacho Coyolar cigar. If you don’t have any of these cigars in storage, check out our online cigar shop and buy a premium Camacho cigar today.


La Flor Dominicana Air Bender

Cigar: La Flor Dominicana Air Bender Vitola (Size): Maestro (5.5″ X 52)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican  (Piloto Cubano, Sumatra seed & Corojo) Strength: Full
Flavor: Full  

History: Air Bender cigars, named by Litto Gomez for the powerful ancient warriors who “bend the air” in classic Kung Fu movies, include vitolas named after an ancient warrior or a character in one of these powerhouse movies.

Appearance: The Air Bender, encased in an Ecuadorian Habano cigar wrapper, has a moderately oily medium to dark brown wrapper. Solid and densely packed, the Air Bender has a nice heft to it with no soft spots. A montage of tobacco shades color the foot even as a barely visible straight line running from cap to foot is a vestige of the tobaccos having been in the press.

Draw/Burn/Ash: In spite of its dense, tight packing, this cigar has a remarkably perfect draw from light to finish.  The excellent burn sometimes requires only a minor touch-up.

Flavor: From the very first draw after lighting, the Air Bender declares its primordial power with an earthiness usually apparent much later in full-strength cigars. The flavors include the zest of black pepper in the back of the throat, some roasted nuts and caramel flavors, and a note of “dry” leather also apparent.

From its powerful beginning, the Air Bender mellows into a medium to full-strength cigar in the second third. The spice fades a bit as the strong earthiness of tobacco remains.  The modulated flavors make a jubilant comeback even as they flow back into the caramelized sweetness and leather exhibited earlier.

Recommendation: The Air Bender is a solid and stalwart cigar which is NOT for the novice, the occasional smoker, nor one who prefers a mild cigar with a gourmet meal and fine wine. The ligero tobacco is paramount in this cigar, making the Air Bender a staple for the cigar smoking aficionado who lives on the wild side and craves a full-strength, full-flavored cigar.

Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo Maduro Review

Cigar: Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo Maduro Origin: Nicaraguan
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan Strength: Full
Flavor: Full & Spicy Vitola (Size): Torpedo (6 x 52)

History: The Padron 1964 Anniversary, like all Padron cigars, is a double puro in which the wholly Nicaraguan and fully sun-grown. Though often associated with power, the sun-grown tobacco of the 1964 Anniversary line is a fitting tribute to 30 years of enduring excellence through a cigar that goes the distance with a kaleidoscope of full flavors.

Appearance: The maduro wrapper is a deep rich brown; square-pressed in honor of the Cuban cigars Jose Orlando remembers smoking in Cuba. Indicative of its enduring value, the 1964 Anniversary comes with two bands; the trademark band overlapping a control band bearing a serial number that guarantees the authenticity of the cigar.  

Draw/Burn/Ash: This torpedo is a wonderful exemplar of a flawless, well-made cigar. In appearance, the 1964 Anniversary is a fine cigar; there is none better. The draw is picture perfect, and the burn consistent and even. Pre-light the aroma of the 1964 Anniversary is a light tobacco scent that gives just a hint of full-flavor dominance of the cigar. A precision handmade cigar, the 1964 Anniversary has a nice draw which produces a satisfying cloud of smoke. The ash holds on admirably.

Aroma / Flavor: Medium to full-bodied with rich complex aromas, the finish on this cigar is long, but most memorable is the 1964 Anniversary’s balance. This cigar moves through a delightful progression of complex and layered flavors.  A mild but savory wood flavor is the foundational taste of the 1964 Anniversary—evoking memories of fireplaces stoked with juniper logs in the fall. This cigar projects serenity, undisturbed by interruptions, and is most valued by those who appreciate companionable silences shared with a trusted friend.

Recommendation: Those who prefer the testosterone-testing full-strength cigars usually find nothing to recommend this celebration of the Padron’s 30th Anniversary, but to those who appreciate more moderate flavor-filled smoke with the comfort of an old sweater, this Anniversary is beyond compare and a welcome addition in your premium cigars repertoire. Stock your humidor today with the Padron cigars of your choice from our online cigar store which offers you the finest cigars at the best prices.