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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What is a cigar shop?

The cigar shops we tend to visualize are iconic symbols of a now all but bygone era. That is not to say that nothing like the symbolic exists in actuality, but rather it is to say that the nature of cigar shops has evolved as society changed over the past century.

Today’s cigar shop is becoming more of a virtual realm that offers the same diversity of cigar brands, cigar accessories, and cigar humidors. Online cigar stores transcend geographical boundaries and offer smokers a wide range of price points to fit all kinds of budgets.

What other some accessories that are commonly sold in a cigar shop?
You can always count on finding things like cigar lighters, cigar cutters, and cigar humidors. Some strive to carry all brands of cigars, tobacco, accessories, and even pipe tobacco. Many as well will have specialty cigarettes that are pure tobacco and contain no additives.

Many cigar shops also offer special cigar cases and containers, and even gift packs for smokers to give at special times of the year.

What is an on line cigar shop?
Simply put, it is a virtual equivalent of the old walk in store. You get all the products in an online store that you can get in a storefront. Community management programs are normally implemented to provide online assistance and information.

What is the purpose of a cigar shop?
It exists to give the smoker access to the most premium fine cigars, along with choices between other brands at different prices. One intention is to give the new cigar smoker affordable pricing, lots of options, and information on choosing cigar. Another intention is to give the veteran smoker access to premium brands.

What does the wooden Native American figure signify in regard to a cigar shop?
It was originally used to advertise tobacco to European immigrants. Most of these white immigrants were illiterate and needed a symbol to show them what type of business they were entering. Because Native Americans first introduced Europeans to tobacco, a Native American emblem was chosen as this symbol.

The use of wooden figures like this is no longer acceptable. Cigar aficionados of a more enlightened generation that is now able to read no longer needs stereotypical emblems to help them navigate their way into a building.

What is the type of cigar most desired?
Cuban cigars are favored the world over, but because the US did not allow the importation of Cuban cigars for so many years, American smokers had to do without. Many Cuban tobacco growers left Cuba and went into Central America, though, preserving the seed and flavor of Cuban blends. The Internet makes it possible to obtain a wide range of mild to strong cigars that have their roots in Cuba and still preserve the age-old tradition of the island’s world-famous reputation.

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