Alec Bradley Prensado’s Missing Sweet Spot Has Been Found

Alec Bradley Prensado Cigars  Alec Bradley Prensado is the line that came out after the company’s Tempus and SCR lines’ successful launches. The head of the colorado maduro stick has a well done little triple cap. One of the few minor inconsistencies noted with these great smokes is a little negligible veining that can be seen upon close inspection, though it has never been thought to affect the cigars.

Beginning in the very first inch if the smoke, the complex flavors have been described as a nice blending of spicy pepper with sweet counterpoints. Just towards the end, the Alec Bradley Prensado was said to build some in strength and sharpness, but it was towards the end of the reasonably lengthy smoke that typically takes about an hour from start to finish. Failing to find even one sweet spot, one satisfied smoker wryly admitted that, in fact, the entire cigar WAS the sweet spot. The biggest negative posted about this stick was how long it took the reviewer to find out about this fabulous line!

The Gran Toro vitola has a slightly different profile that is built around notes of cedar and spice. The cedar increased towards the finale with the creaminess settling into the background. Once ignited by a cigar lighter, the smoke is creamy with an easy draw punctuated by swirling clouds of swirling smoke as the cigar burns in nearly a straight line. A tad of flakiness in the ash was nearly unremarked due to the other superb qualities of these fine sticks.

Another vitola, the Alec Bradley Prensado Robusto exhibits moderate resistance, according to one review, and the mild smoke was noted to have a delicious cocoa flavor as its prevailing flavor before lighting. Some spice became evident after the mild beginning, but it became mellower in the middle, only regaining its dominance once more towards the end.

With their unexpected price to quality points, Alan Bradley seems to be changing the face of the industry with each new release. Fill your humidor today from our online cigar store so you can decide for yourself!