Viaje White Label Project Cigar Is an Exceptional Rare One!

The Viaje White Label Project cigar is the latest line-up representing the limited production that Andres Farkas and the Viaje brand are best known.  With only 150 boxes distributed, he believes their superior quality and consistency will remain evident.  Successful blends out of this factory include their Holiday Blend, Skull and Bones, and this most recent offering, affectionately called WLP for short.

With five blends thus far, the WLP is released in boxes of 25 and wrapped in newspaper for only their top clientele to experience.  It began with the initial WLP and was followed by the Candela, Fifty Fifty Red, Stuffed Turkey, and the 2012 release of the Winter Classic.  Although produced in Honduras, the wrapper, binder, and filler are Nicaraguan puros.  Andres’ vision for the Viaje White Label Project cigar was to experiment with factory mishaps, new blends, and even their overall make-up.  He has welcomed suggestions for future editions to the collection.

This medium bodied cigar brought about an intense array of flavors and aromas for those lucky enough to smoke one.  Solid in the hand, the wrapper sports deep, brown tobacco leaves showing minimal veining.  Pre-lit, the WLP was said to smell woodsy and sweet.  Once fired up, reviewers noticed a strong and spicy pepper flavoring in the first third.  Reviewers noted that these flavors subsided a bit in the second third while adding in hints of mocha coffee and earthy leather notes.  Finishing off the final third, it was noted that the pepper and spice reappeared with intensity. Notes of the earlier sweetness and coffee remained noticeable in the background.

This stick is a hit with reviewers due to its consistent strength and overall smoking experience.