Nomad Connecticut Cigar Provides A Medium To Full Bodied Smoke

When the Nomad Connecticut was released a couple years ago, the brand’s creator, Fred Rewey, admitted that he had a lot of learning to do as a boutique owner. Fortunately, he already knew quite a bit about blending, which is why this stogie remains one of the company’s most appreciated. At first glance, it may not seem like the kind of blend that should get a lot of attention, as many boutiques have tried to remix their own version of the Connecticut. But Rewey’s is one of the ones that manages to do something different.

The Nomad Connecticut comes with an Ecuadorian wrapper, an Ecuadorian Habano binder, and fillers harvested from Nicaragua and the Dominican. It’s light tan in color and has a look that’s mostly unmarred. The band is red, black and white and displays the name of the company in thick type and the brand’s mark.

The stogie’s flavors include some cinnamon, which is particularly strong, with vanilla, cream, spice, nuts and black pepper. The profile is sweet throughout though the black pepper provides the much-needed contrast with extra heat. Still, it is a medium-full smoke that doesn’t hit hard with nicotine, but does offer some intense flavors. It’s an ideal way for a newer smoker to test their palate with some stronger flavors without taking in too much nicotine, which is a nice touch by Rewey.

The Nomad S-307 Provides A Nice Blend Between Sweet And Spicy

Fred Rewey called on Tabacalera Fernandez’s help for the Nomad S-307, and it appears to have been a smart decision on his part. It’s also an impressive move, given his inexperience in the industry, though now that he’s had a few years in charge of a boutique, he’s quickly becoming a veteran. Rewey spent many years as a tobacco retailer, and like many retailers turned blenders, he is focused on making an experience out of all his stogies. And with this blend, he has succeeded.

The Nomad S-307 is produced with an Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper, an Ecuadorian Habano binder, and Nicaraguan fillers. It’s a smooth, box-pressed stick that’s the color of chocolate and ringed with only a few small veins. Its band is red, silver and black and displays the name of the stick in chunky type along with the company’s icon.

It is what most aficionados would consider a medium smoke, and its flavors include some black pepper, earth, baker’s spice, sweet raisin and walnut flavors. Although the profile is on the sweeter side, it manages a nice balance between sweet and spicy, and even manages to heat up a bit near the end. Overall, though, the earth and sweet raisin flavors dominate the profile.

Rewey has come a long way since starting up his ambitious boutique a couple years ago. Now, he’s capable of blending with the best of them.

The Asylum Insidious Cigar Is Sweet And Mild

When Tom Lazuka created his brand years ago, he probably wasn’t thinking about blending something like the Asylum Insidious cigar. After all, this is the company known for its crazy stogie sizes and boldness. And while some of the brand’s signature marks make it into this blend, it was definitely made to fill a gap in the Fabricas Unidas catalog of smokes. Perhaps nothing else demonstrates this so effectively as its sweet cap.

The Asylum Insidious cigar is rolled with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, a Honduran binder, and Honduran fillers. It is a delicate looking stick, with an extremely blonde color and few visible veins. The band is a little muted as well, displaying the iconic skull in gold on vanilla, making it stand out less. It’s the vitolas, though, that stand out, which shouldn’t be a surprise given the brand’s history. They include a 5 x 50, a 6 x 44, a 6 x 52, a 7 x 48 and a 7 x 64.

The flavors in the blend include sweetness, which makes sense with the sweet cap, along with some earth, nuts, coffee, raisin, maple and black pepper. Overall, the sweetness is not as strong as one might think though it does feature in the profile noticeably.

It’s a mild medium stick that isn’t going to overwhelm anyone with its strength, but its flavors remain interesting regardless. For that reason, it’s the ideal stick to transition a novice smoker into something a little heavier.

Regius Cigars Made A Blend Specifically For American Aficionados

Buy Regius Cigars Online From Serious CigarsRegius cigars was started in 2010, though it was only focused on the European market at the time. A couple years ago, the company expanded its operations to the U.S., but still only offered blends crafted for European palates. It’s now looking to cement a foothold in America with its Exclusivo U.S.A. blend, made specifically for stateside aficionados. What makes this stick stand out is its construction and unique taste, as it is made with tobaccos harvested from volcanic soil.

The Regius Exclusivo U.S.A. cigars are Nicaraguan puros, made with tobaccos from Jalapa and Ometepe. They are dark brown with even darker marbling, and are both oily and smooth to the touch. They are available in four vitolas, including a Fat Perfecto (5 3/4 x 60), a Pressed Perfecto (6 1/2 x 54), a Toro Extra (6 1/2 x 56) and a Lancero Extra (7 1/2 x 42).

The stick’s flavors include spice, cream, berries, sweetness and wood. There aren’t a lot of distinct flavors in the blend, but they are developed well and explored in detail from start to the finish. And though the stick is on the sweeter side, it reaches full strength in spots. It’s rolled extremely well also, with a sharp burn and easy draw, along with copious amounts of smoke. Overall, it’s a nice curveball that American aficionados might have been waiting for, and will certainly be liked by people who enjoy European blends.

Review Of The Medium Bodied Kristoff Classic Reserva Cigars

The Kristoff Classic Reserva cigars are the product of another collaboration between the brand and Abe Flores of PDR fame, and the two have become frequent partners over the years. This marks the fifth time the company has turned to Abe for a little insight, and why fix what isn’t broken? It’s also the second time the brand is going with a limited release, as the first, the 685 Woodland, was a big time success.

The stick is rolled with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder and fillers from Honduras, the Dominican and Nicaraguan. The Kristoff Classic Reserva cigars come in three sizes, including Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 52) and Magnum (6 x 60). It’s milk chocolate wrapper with some reddish tinges to it, and though it has a couple of pronounced veins, the roll is well done. The band has a classic Cuban feel, and the foot is finished with a slash of ribbon.

The flavors in the blend include nuts, butter, salt, red pepper, bread, sunflower seeds, mocha, leather and sweetness. It’s a weighty profile, to be sure but produces some notes highly evocative of certain foods, like pretzel bread. Not many blends can do that, and it is just one reason aficionados are liking what they see from this medium bodied stogie.

The Nomad C-276 Cigar Brings A Full Bodied Flavor

Fred Rewey claims that the Nomad C-276 is the most ambitious blend he has put together to date, which may sound like marketing-speak. However, with its unique spot in the company’s portfolio and highly involved blend, there’s definitely truth to Rewey’s statement. Before putting this blend together, there was a full-bodied sized hole in the boutique’s portfolio, and it’s the kind of gap that can drag on a company’s reputation. Fortunately, even though this stick brought some new challenges to the brand, Rewey has executed this one on point.

The Nomad C-276 is rolled with an Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper and a Nicaraguan binder, but it’s the fillers that make the blend. There are five of them, including one from Ometepe and ligeros from Condega and Esteli. The stick is chocolate colored and has a rustic look to it, with some veining and a rough cap finishing it off.

The cigar’s flavors include chocolate, cedar, black pepper, flora and nuts. The profile perfectly balances sweet and spicy from start to finish, though the spice wins out near the end. It’s medium-full on the whole, and it is beautifully built, which is something Rewey has nailed since his initial release. Together, that makes for the perfect complement to Nomad’s other cigars.

The Quesada Reserva Privada Cigars Perform Perfectly

Quesada Reserva Privada Toro Gordo Natural 6 1/2 x 56The easy way to put it is like this; the Quesada Reserva Privada cigars are a major success in every way. The company has done an excellent job of waiting until the right moment to reveal its blends. This one made the rounds at the 2015 ProCigar Festival in the Dominican, where it was the star of the show. But the star of the blend is a 1997 San Vicente tobacco that’s described as Cosheca Pareja, which is a term used to describe a crop that contains plants of equal height. To get equally tall plants, the crop has to receive even nutrition throughout and is the mark of a special harvest.

The Quesada Reserva Privada cigars are rolled with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, a San Vicente 1997 binder and two fillers, one a Pennsylvanian Ligero and the other the San Vicente 1997 again. The stick is golden brown in color and is incredibly smooth, with only a couple thin, faint veins noticeable. The gold, black and white band displays the company’s mark, a simple drawing of a tobacco leaf and the name of the blend.

Flavors in the blend include black pepper, cream, cedar, floral sweetness, and berries. The profile is sweet overall, and the cream, floral and berry notes each take turns at the forefront. The black pepper and cedar support the sweet flavors, so it never becomes too rich. It’s a mild-medium stogie and performs perfectly, so when the best-of lists come out later in the year, this blend will probably be featured in many of them.

The Sindicato Flagship Is A Cigar That Anyone Can Enjoy

A Review Of The Sindicato Flagship CigarThe Sindicato Flagship is, perhaps, the most complete blend that the company has put together to date. Though the brand has only been around a couple years, it has already attracted attention for its leadership structure. The company is run by a board of retailers that are looking to enter the manufacturing segment of the industry. They hope that their close relationship with consumers will make it easier for them to collect timely feedback. It appears that this model is starting to pay dividends, as this blend is garnering excellent reviews from multiple publications.

The Sindicato Flagship is a Nicaraguan puro, featuring tobaccos from Esteli and Jalapa primarily. It is a square pressed, medium brown stick that only has a couple small veins lacing its surface. The band is black, silver and gold, and features the name of the stick in strong vertical type. The cold draw is flavorful and contains cedar, honey, spice and barnyard notes.

The first third features the cedar, nuts and spice most prominently, though some tobacco and graham cracker notes fill out the background. In the middle third, black pepper heats up the smoke while sweet cream and cedar produce an aromatic and tasty mix. The last third keeps the cream and graham cracker going, though some reviewers also noticed peanut butter and almonds in the mix as well.

Construction has been an issue for the company in the past, but this smoke offers a brilliant burn and draw, along with a straight down the middle body. In all, it is everything that a new smoker and a veteran aficionado alike can enjoy.

About The Montecristo Grupo de Maestros Cigars

About The Montecristo Grupo de Maestros CigarsA brand’s cigars are only as good as the expertise behind them, and the Montecristo Grupo de Maestros may have more expertise behind it than any other cigar in history. Altadis USA has never relied on a singular face or personality to represent its products, instead using a team of master blenders that are known more by their names and ability than anything else. The inner sanctum, so to speak, consists of six masters, and together they bring more than 150 years of blending experience to the table. That experience is on full display with this stick.

The Montecristo Grupo de Maestros is rolled with an Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper, a Dominican Olor binder, and Criollo and Corojo fillers. It is available in a single 6 x 54 vitola and is medium brown in color, with a number of small veins webbing its surface. The band displays a gold stamped fleur de lis on a brown background, and it offers spice and earth notes on the cold draw.

The cigar’s flavors include white pepper, cocoa, earth and orange peel. The earth and cocoa are the dominant players in the stick, while the pepper and orange peel serve in backup roles. The stick hangs around medium for the most part, though it reaches medium full at times. The burn and draw are on point as well, so it performs as splendidly as one would expect, especially since there’s a century and a half of tobacco knowledge infused into it.

Mbombay Is A New Cigar Company Created By Mel Shah

Mbombay Is A New Cigar Company Created By Mel ShahAlthough it has only been around for a year at this point, MBombay is already showing signs of carving out its spot in the tobacco industry. Created by former IT professional and cigar retailer Mel Shah, it’s focus is on marrying complex blends and beautiful design, creating something that stands out among other cigars. And even though the boutique is still young, it has already produced several releases. Among them are the Classic, the Mora Toro and the Kesara.

The Classic is produced with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, a binder from the Dominican, and fillers from Honduras, the Dominican, Nicaragua and Peru. It offers a number of flavors, including wood, spice, black pepper, sweet natural tobacco and cream.

The MBombay Mora Toro comes with a Dominican Havana Corojo wrapper, a binder from Peru, and fillers that come from Ecuador and the Dominican. Its flavors include earth, wood, fruit, lemon, peanuts, and even a little charred meat.

The Kesara is rolled with tobaccos from four countries, bringing an Ecuadorian wrapper, a Connecticut binder and Peruvian and Dominican fillers. Its produces a combination of herbs, hay, cedar, spice, coffee, sweet tobacco and white pepper.

All of the company’s cigars are fitted with large, beautiful bands that look like miniature Persian rugs draped over the stick. They’re the kind of bands that are worth holding on to, and these are the kind of sticks worth filling a humidor with.