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Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
The Cohiba Comador Is Perfect For Aficionados Wanting A Luxury Cigar
The Cohiba Comador is just now attaining widespread attention among aficionados, even though its initial launch was in late 2013. The reason it has managed to stay under the radar is because it was only available through a select group of exclusive clubs and retailers.
A Review Of The CAO Sinister Sam Cigar
The CAO Sinister Sam is a follow-up to General Cigar Company’s unusual and unexpected Angry Santa and Evil Snowman blends.
The Nestor Miranda Maduro Cigar Shows The Changes Of The Company
The Nestor Miranda Maduro is designed to replace the company’s oscuro line and has a bolder look and flavor. The sticks release was during the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show.
The Crowned Heads Mason Dixon Release Consists Of Two Cigars
One of the more interesting new boutique producers around is Crowned Heads, and their Mason Dixon project is a clear example why. This release consists of two cigars, one blend for the northern part of the U.S., and one blend for the south.
One Of The Popular Cigars From The TAA Is The AVO 2nd Movement
The AVO 2nd Movement seems to be one of the most popular cigars from the Tobacconists’ Association of America (TAA) in 2014. The TAA currently consists of about 80 retailers in the nation.
The Alec Bradley Coyol Cigar Pays Respect To A Honduran Tobacco Farm
Cigars are often used to pay homage to someone, an area or event, and the Alec Bradley Coyol continues this tradition. This smoke shows its respect to the Honduran farm responsible for growing the stick’s tobacco.
The Black Label Redemption Cigar Is One Of Many Short Batch Releases
The Black Label Redemption is one of several short batch releases produced by the Black Label Trading, one of the newest boutiques in the industry. The brand’s creator, James Brown, is a long-time admirer of tobacco and cigars, but has only recently entered the business side.
Review Of The Davidoff Limited Art Edition 2014 Cigars
The Davidoff Limited Art Edition of 2014 is the first in the Limited Art Editions to be made by Davidoff. Featured on each of the boxes is commissioned works by Dominican artist Quisqueya Henriquez who’s work provokes a blend of Caribbean and Latin cultures.
The Black Label Last Rites Is Easier For Newer Cigar Smokers
The Black Label Last Rites was one of the six blends the boutique tobacco producer went with out of the gate and one of two Maduro blends.
The Black Label Trading Company Benediction Is A Great Cigar
With a philosophy of “less is more,” the Black Label Trading Company’s (BLTC) Benediction is a contradiction with its simplistic appearance, but complex flavor notes. Established in 2013, BLTC burst onto the scene with six lines in their first year - and they have not slowed down.
The Quesada Oktoberfest 2014 Edition Cigar Line Review
The Quesada Oktoberfest 2014 Edition is a bit of a change from previous iterations of the cigar, which is updated and released every year in time for the legendary beer festival. The inspiration behind the stick was to find a blend that paired well with malt liquor, otherwise known as beer.
The Perdomo Double Aged Vintage Cigars Will Have Three Releases
The Perdomo Double Aged Vintage was one of the most anticipated cigars at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show, and also one of the hardest to sample. In total, there will be 7,500 boxes released, broken up into three smaller releases.
Cigar Review For The Kinky Friedman Signature Series
The Kinky Friedman Signature Series is a triumphant return to the tobacco industry from the beloved Texan, who had to shut the doors to his factor in 2011 after six and a half years in the business.
The Foundry Worm Hole Is A New Cigar Line With Several Releases
The Foundry Worm Hole is a new line from the risk taking boutique and consists of several releases falling under the same thematic banner.
Drew Estate Now Offers The Undercrown Flying Pig Cigar
The Undercrown Flying Pig is a cigar many aficionados have been waiting for. Known for its fat and short perfecto cigars, Drew Estate now offers the vaunted Undercrown line.
The Difference Of The Joya de Nicaragua Red Cigar Is The Strength
The Joya de Nicaragua Red is a break from the company’s typical cigar. This should come as no surprise, seeing as it is the first cigar the brand has released since Juan Ignacio Martinez stepped in as the company’s new president. The primary difference is the blend’s strength.
The J Fuego Americana Is A Limited Release Cigar
Jesus Fuego, the brains behind the J Fuego Americana cigar, started his eponymous brand in 2006 after growing, blending, and making cigars for years for other companies. Since 1876, this family has been in the tobacco industry. They grew premium tobacco on their El Corojo farm in Cuba.
Information About The EP Carrillo La Historia Cigars
The EP Carrillo La Historia is a nod to the people who made Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Jr., the company’s founder, the person he is today. This includes Ernesto’s parents, his wife and his children, all of whom he credits for making his success in the cigar industry possible.
Reviewers Give The Drew Estate Norteno Cigar A Nine Out Of Ten
Created by master blender, Willy Herrera, Drew Estate has released the Herrera Estelí Norteno, a full-bodied, bold stogie that is reminiscent of pre-Castro Cubans. This is the second collaboration between Herrera and Drew, with the Ecuadorian Habano Herrera Estelí Nicaraguan being their first.
What Are Some Popular Sweet Tipped Cigars?
It’s hard for smokers not to roll their eyes when they think sweet tipped cigars, but the thinking on these stogies is starting to change.
The Nestor Miranda Habano Cigar Is Best For Experienced Smokers
The Nestor Miranda Habano is one of the three modifications of Miami Cigar and Company’s classic line. Debuted at the 2014 IPCPR, it marks the company’s 25th anniversary and founder Nestor Miranda’s announcement that he will be handing off daily operations to someone else.
The Camacho Double Shock Cigar Has A Unique Look & Bold Taste
Of all of the company’s new look cigars, the Camacho Double Shock may be the most unique looking of them all. Owing to its namesake, these smokes come in pairs and resemble barbershop pole style, with two wrappers overlapping each other to produce a stark look.
Review Of The Gurkha Classic Cigar Havana Blend No 359
The Gurkha Classic Cigar Havana Blend No 359 is a true labor of love. The company claims that it took 20 tries to get it right and that this final version of the stick required many hours of effort to produce.
The Tatuaje Tattoo Cigar Is Rated A Nine Out Of Ten By Reviewers
As a boutique cigar company, Pete Johnson and his crew pride themselves on creating cigars with incredible flavor profiles that defy the palate when people first encounter them. And the Tatuaje Tattoo does not disappoint.
The EP Carrillo Re+United Is A Limited Edition Cigar
A limited edition joint venture between EP Carrillo and Michael Giannini, the Re+United, marks the reunion of these two gentlemen working together again. They both used to work at General Cigar Company together until Ernesto left to start his own company (EPC).
The Nat Sherman Epocha Cigar Review
Want to know what makes the Nat Sherman Epocha cigar a solid smoke? Is it because it was the first cigar brand owned by Nat back in 1929? Maybe it is because the Epocha is a blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos. Any cigar blended from this storied family is always sure to be a crowd pleaser.
Mellow Out With The Nat Sherman Host Series Of Cigars
The Nat Sherman Host series of cigars are the ones you smoke when you want just to mellow out. They were a personal favorite of Mr. Sherman, himself, who enjoyed these sweet handcrafted Honduran smokes.
The Quesada 40th Anniversary Cigar Celebrates 40 Years In The Industry
The Quesada 40th Anniversary cigar is the company’s way of celebrating 40 years in the industry, and if this smoke is any indication, it’ll be a happy birthday for aficionados everywhere.
Personalized Humidors Are A Great Unique Gift For Cigar Smokers
Personalized humidors are a perfect and unique gift for any cigar connoisseur. While these storage units are a must for preserving the quality of smokes, a custom-made piece is sure to stand out and bring sophistication to the collection inside.
The Alec Bradley Texas Lancero Cigar Has Reviewers Pleased
The Alec Bradley Texas Lancero was first introduced to the public at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show, and its size was the first thing that caught everyone’s attention. At 7 x 70, this cigar is a monster, backing up the Lone Star State’s reputation for supersizing everything.
The Davidoff Royal Salomones Cigar Is Part Of The Limited Release Series
Always known as the luxury cigar brand, the new Davidoff Royal Salomones are another triumph in the brand’s stogie offerings. Meticulously crafted by the company’s master blenders, this sumptuous cigar is part of the limited release Royal series.
Review Of The Viaje Zombie Antidote Cigar
Everything about the Viaje Zombie Antidote is ridiculous, but in a good way. First is the story behind this blend. For a while now, the company’s Zombie line has been managed by Andre Farkas.
Camacho Is Now Offering The BG Meyer Standard Issue
Like other cigars in the Camacho portfolio, the BG Meyer Standard Issue is the latest offering from a “Board of the Bold” member. Famous for penning the TV series, Entourage, Rob Weiss joins other Brand Ambassadors, Mike “Da Bears” Ditka and West Coast jewelry designer to the stars, Matt Booth.
Casa Fernandez Cigars Have Released The Aniversario Serie For 2014
Casa Fernandez cigars of Miami have released the Aniversario Serie for 2014. Their original limited edition release, Bohème No. 35, was a tribute to their 35 years in the business.
The Camacho Ecuador Cigar Was Made For Experienced Aficionados
The Camacho Ecuador is a release that embodies the manufacturer’s bold new approach, in both marketing and in flavor. When Camacho decided to completely rework its branding in 2013, most of the media’s attention was focused on the brand’s visual changes.
What Smokes Are In The Viaje Skull and Bones Line?
The Viaje Skull and Bones is one of the largest and hardest to track lines of stogies in the history of the industry.
Review Of The CAO Flathead 450 Also Known As The Sparkplug
The CAO Flathead 450, or the Sparkplug, is an addition to the third regular production line by master blender Rick Rodriguez. The initial release of this line had four vitolas at the 2013 IPCPR Tradeshow.
The Camacho Ditka 89 Cigar Represents The Chicago Bears
The Camacho Ditka 89 line is the company’s fifth cigar in its series of tribute lines to Mike Ditka. This particular stogie represents Ditka’s jersey number when he played as a Tight End for the Chicago Bears.
The Room 101 Big Payback Is Great For Any Cigar Enthusiast
In response to the devotion and support received over the years, Matt Booth developed the Room 101 Big Payback to show his gratitude. Once solely dedicated to luxury level custom jewelry, in recent years the company began to evolve to include leather jackets, knives, and premium cigars.
The Davidoff Royal Robusto Cigar Review
The Davidoff Royal Robusto cigar stands alone with excellence, flavor, and perfection. They are handled from seed to packaging at a factory located in the Dominican Republic. The company carefully controls the creation and processing of each cigar.
Meet Ike Karpides Director Of Premium Cigar Sales At Nat Sherman
Ike Karipides is the Director of Premium Cigar Sales at Nat Sherman, discerning aficionado, and one of the all-around nice guys in the tobacco industry.
The History Of Arturo Fuente Cigars
Arturo Fuente cigars are synonymous with resilience, as the brand has been hit with obstacle after obstacle, only to become one of the most respected stogie manufacturers in the world.
Review Of The Vega Fina Fortaleza Dos Cigar
Released in 2012, the Vega Fina Fortaleza Dos is a highly respected blend from Altadis USA that was first popularized in Europe. Only in the last couple years has it finally made it stateside, a development that many aficionados in the U.S. are extremely pleased about.
What To Expect When Choosing To Buy Cigars Online
Since 1997, Serious Cigars has offered one of the largest selections of premium sticks for any enthusiast looking to buy cigars online. Since 2003, we’ve opened several stores in the Houston area, and we are selective about the products we advertise.
The Vega Fina Limited Edition 2011 Is A Superior Cigar
The Vega Fina Limited Edition 2011, also known as the Jose Seijas, is named after one of Altadis’s master blenders. Seijas is in charge of one of the most iconic stogie factories in tobacco, the Tabacalera de Garcia, located in the Dominican.
The Nat Sherman Nats Cigarillos Review
The Nat Sherman Nats are a series of cigarillos that are marketed to people who don’t have the time to smoke a full size cigar. They are also on the milder side so smokers of all experience levels can enjoy them.
Vega Fina Classic Cigars Are Affordable For Aficionados
Aficionados agree that Vega Fina Classic cigars are an extraordinary stogie at an unbeatable price. Each stogie is carefully handcrafted in the reputable Tabacalera de Garcia factory located within the Dominican Republic.
What Are The Different E-cigarette Options
Herbert A. Gilbert created the e-cigarette prototype back in 1963. At that time, the device was never commercialized. In 2003, a pharmacist in China named Hon Lik was officially credited with the invention of this product.
Information About Nat Sherman Timeless Nicaraguan
Unveiled at the 2012 IPCPR in Orlando, the Nat Sherman Timeless Nicaraguan is an extension of the brand's original Timeless line-up.
Review Of The Nat Sherman 1930 Collection Cigars
Commemorating the year the Nat Sherman opened his eponymous tobacco store, the Nat Sherman 1930 Collection are a nod to the rich history this company has in the American cigar manufacturing industry.
Displaying 1 to 50 (of 499 articles) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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