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The Cubanacan Connecticut Cigar Is Available In Several Sizes
The Cubanacan Connecticut cigar is part of the company’s core line, and it remains one of the areas of focus for the established brand. Since 2006, the relatively small stogie maker has grown steadily, and is now making some significant moves in the industry.
The Cubanacan Maduro Cigar Surprises Reviewers
The Cubanacan Maduro cigar is part of the company’s core line, a line that has received some extra attention in the last few years. In fact, 2014 was a big year for every aspect of the brand, as it trained up new salesforce and got aggressive with marketing its blends to new retailers.
The Cabal Original Cigar Brings A Range Of Flavors
The Cabal original cigar is the product of two years of hard work, culminating a powerful partnership that has Chris Arolfo’s brand poised to make it big in the world of tobacco
A Review Of The Matilde Renacer Cigar Line
The Matilde Renacer was one of many cigars that suffered a delayed release in 2013, pushing back the actual launch until 2014. But you know what they say about delayed gratification; the wait just makes the experience all the more worth it.
Crowned Heads Yellow Rose Cigar Provides A Sweet And Tart Taste
The Crowned Heads Yellow Rose cigar is the third state exclusive released by the company, putting Texas in the spotlight this time around. It’s named after the iconic marching song played by the Texas Brigade during the American Civil War and remains an important piece of music history in the state....
Cubanacan Habano Cigar Has A Very Unique Flavor Profile
From the esteemed master blender Omar Aleman, the Cubanacan Habano Cigar is one of three flavors in the titular series. This particular stick has done well to carry this prestigious line of products, with critics across the net remarking on the rapid growth and user base of the company in general.
The Mbombay Classic Is A Mild To Medium Strength Cigar
The MBombay Classic is one of two releases that Mel Shah launched his company with back in 2014. Like a lot of boutique owners these days, Shah got his start in the industry as a retailer, a position he took on after retiring from an IT job.
Reviewers Are Impressed With The Mbombay Corojo Cigar
The MBombay Corojo is among the first batch of releases by the young boutique, a brand captained by former retailer Mel Shah. Few boutiques have had the kind of success Mel’s has had recently.
The Bloodline Habano Cigars Are Made With A Special Process
The Bloodline Habano cigars are also known as the O.P.A., named after three of the most important families (Olivia, Perez, and Agansora) in the tobacco industry.
Nat Sherman Panamericana Cigars Are A Shop Exclusive
The Nat Sherman Panamericana cigars are being handled with some importance by the company, as it is assuming the role of a shop exclusive, the company’s Townhouse shop in New York City, that is. Although, that was only the first step.
Nomad Connecticut Cigar Offers A Spicy Flavor
The Nomad Connecticut was part of the company’s first couple releases, and though one of its sizes was only available in a limited edition, the rest remain popular two years after their release.
Review Of The Nomad S-307 Cigar
The Nomad S-307 represents Fred Rewey’s third release and is produced with assistance from Tabacalera Fernandez. The young boutique has been splitting up its production between Nicaragua and the Dominican, and this one is straight out of Nicaragua.
Asylum Insidious Is A Mild Honduran Cigar
The Asylum Insidious cigar is a different kind of stick from the brand known for its crazy ring gauges. The brand, created by Tom Lazuka, recognized a bit of a hole in the Fabricas Unidas portfolio, and this blend is intended to fill it.
Review Of The Kristoff Classic Reserva Cigars
The Kristoff Classic Reserva cigars are the second blend put out by the company in limited qualities. After the success of their first, the 685 Woodlawn, it seemed like a natural choice. The stogie maker is also back to the well for another important detail, a collaboration with Abe Flores.
The Nomad C-276 Is A Medium Strength Cigar
The Nomad C-276 is a project that the brand’s creator, Fred Rewey, had to gear himself up for. Rewey launched his boutique back in 2012, and at the time, he was a little green behind the ears. After a couple years of successful releases, though, he felt ready to take on a fuller blend.
A Review Of The Quesada Reserva Privada Cigars
The Quesada Reserva Privada cigars are another notch in the company's belt, and like many of the brand's stogies, it was first debuted at the ProCigar Festival based out of the Dominican Republic.
Leccia Cigars Has Produced A New Line With Three Releases
Now that Sam Leccia has his own cigars and brand to work with, he can unleash his concepts on a willing audience. It took a while for Sam to get to this point, even though he was a highly respected member of the Olivia brand for some time.
The Ortega HeavyDuty Cigar Performs Extremely Well
The Ortega HeavyDuty fills a notable gap in the company’s portfolio by providing a large ring gauge smoke. In recent years, the demand for large ring gauge cigars has increased steadily, even though it is among the many points of debate among aficionados.
The Sindicato Flagship Maduro Cigar Reviewed
A couple years into the company’s grand experiment comes the Sindicato Flagship Maduro, the eponymous blend produced with help from Casa Fernandez.
About The Undercrown Manifesto Cigar By Drew Estate
The Undercrown Manifesto is one of those sticks that has to be seen to be believed. Also known as the Krump, it takes its name after the person that provided Drew Estate with the molds needed to produce the sticks.
A Review Of The Vega Fina Nicaraguan Cigar
Last year, Altadis debuted the Vega Fina Nicaraguan at the German Inter Tabac show. Soon after the show, the cigar was released to European aficionados, an expected move as the brand has long been most popular in Europe.
The L Atelier Extension de la Racine Is A Limited Edition Cigar
The L’Atelier Extension de la Racine cigar is the flagship blend of the young brand and has in the past used the best tobaccos available to the company.
The Jericho Hill Cigar Is A New Release From Crowned Heads
Crowned Heads’ Jericho Hill release is the company’s first offering since making several changes to its production specifics. Namely, the company has shifted its production from Tabacalera La Alianza in the Dominican to the My Father Cigars factory in Esteli.
The Illusione Singulare 2014 Is A Medium Strength Cigar
The Illusione Singulare 2014 edition is the newest version of the company’s annual take on its much beloved blend. The idea behind the stick is that Dion Giolito, a master blender, searches through bales of tobacco off of several highly respected farms, looking for the perfect leaf to create aroun...
The Hiriochi HR Cigar Is Part Of A New Brand By Cubanacan
The Hiriochi HR cigar is part of a new brand put together by Cubanacan and is yet another big change for a company that has experienced plenty of them in the past year. For the last several months, the company has trimmed down its portfolio, aiming to focus on its Conseros and Mederos lines.
The Cusano LXI Habano SG Is An Affordable Quality Cigar
The Cusano LXI Habano SG has slipped under the radar a bit, but is another respectable offering from the storied manufacturer.
The Cohiba Luxury Selection Is An Ultra Premium Cigar
The first thing that jumps out from the Cohiba Luxury Selection is its price; it’s an ultra-premium stick. The second thing that will jump out is the packaging. Each stick gets its own acrylic coffin to rest in, and it’s a modern looking choice to be sure.
The AJ Fernandez New World Cigar Reviewed
The AJ Fernandez New World cigar carries the name of the famous master blender, but it has more going for it than just a name. The stick was revealed at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show, and it stands out for a couple reasons.
The La Palina Black Label Cigar Is The Seventh Blend In The Line
The La Palina Black Label cigar was first revealed at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show and represents the seventh blend in the line. It also represents the second collaboration between the brand and the PDR factory.
There Are Several Reasons The Asylum 60x6 Ogre Cigars Stand Out
The Asylum 60x6 Ogre cigars stand out for several reasons, and not just because they are available in some monstrous sizes. For one, it’s a barber pole, and those are always visually interesting. Also, the barber pole contains a candela wrapper, a tobacco that isn’t seen in many sticks these day...
Vega Fina Limited Edition 2010 Cigars Are Perfect For Aficionados
Vega Fina limited edition 2010 cigars were a successful push by Altadis USA to break the brand on American shores. Also titled the “Sumum 2010,” this medium-full flavored stick was an ingenious boutique release. The company is a top seller in Europe and the number one line sold in Spain.
The Romeo y Juliet 1875 Cigar Is An Exotic New Offering from Altadis USA
The Romeo y Juliet 1875 cigar is among the newest offerings from Altadis USA, even though the name may confuse people at first. The date refers to when the Cuban marca was established, a date that aficionados may not be aware of.
A Review Of The Padilla Cava Cigar
The Padilla Cava cigar is a triumphant homage to Ernesto’s father, Heberto Padilla. Heberto was a well-known poet during his time in Cuba and was imprisoned by Fidel Castro for nine years.
Serious Cigars – 2015 Scholarship Application
Serious Cigars – 2015 Scholarship Application
The Macanudo 2014 Estate Reserve Limited Edition Cigars Review
The Macanudo 2014 Estate Reserve Limited Edition cigars bring the brand back to where it all began. The line began in 1968 by the Fernando Palicio family, who were in Cuba at the time.
The Hammer and Sickle Moscow City Cigars Are Produced By Henke Kelner
The Hammer and Sickle Moscow City cigars are another fine blend produced by the master Henke Kelner. Only 10,000 sticks are in the line and packaged in 10-count boxes, so they are particularly rare. They are also visually striking and back up their bold look with some bold flavors as well.
The Sindicato Maduro Cigar Is A Follow Up To The Natural Blend
The Sindicato Maduro cigar is a follow up to the company’s Natural blend, perhaps the most successful stick in the company’s portfolio. As a result, many aficionados have been waiting for this stick with some anticipation, hoping that it is a worthy sequel.
The Vega Fina Limited Edition 2012 Cigar Is A Mild Smoke
The Vega Fina Limited Edition 2012 cigar is of the most popular Dominican sticks in Europe, which should be expected as Altadis has long been a major player across the pond. VegaFina is one of the company’s more interesting brands, as it has been around for a while.
The Foundry Rare Air Cigar Line Comes In Four Unique Blends
The Foundry Rare Air cigar line is, like all of the company’s other offerings, surrounded by intrigue. It’s split up into four blends and was first debuted at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show, which was another big show for General Cigar Company.
The La Boheme Cigars Represents A New Brand By Boutique Blends
The La Boheme cigars were among the four blends debuted at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show, and it represents the beginning of a new brand by Boutique Blends. It’s been a while since Boutique Blends carved out a new brand, but this stick is a favorite of Rafael Nodal’s, the owner of Boutique Blends.
A Review Of The Flores y Rodrigues 10th Anniversary Cigars By PDR
Milestones are big in the tobacco industry, and the Flores y Rodrigues 10th Anniversary cigars celebrate a big one for Abe and his PDR brand. During PDR’s first decade, the company released a number of celebrated blends that have landed on many industry and publication lists.
The History Of The Dunhill 1907 Cigar
The Dunhill 1907 cigar is a reference to, perhaps, the most important year in the company’s history. It was 1907 when Alfred Dunhill established a humble tobacco store in London, and before long he was providing tobacco to many important people, including Winston Churchill.
The Black Label Trading Deliverance Cigars Is A Limited Production Smoke
The eighth blend to be released by Black Label Trading Company (BLTC), Deliverance cigars is one of two of their limited production smokes.
What Does The AVO Uvezian Greatest Hits Cigars Sampler Set Include?
The AVO Uvezian Greatest Hits cigars are a 14 piece sampler set of the legendary blender’s limited editions. Each of them tied to a single year, with the exception of 2012, which gets two of the blends.
The BG Meyer Slackers Cigars Are Intended To Be Enjoyed On The Go
The BG Meyer Slackers cigars are the second entry into screenwriter Rob Weiss’s brand, a brand that falls under the Camacho name. Camacho recently went all out with a major rebranding effort, going for a much bolder look and feel than it had executed previously.
The Asylum 50 x 5 Ogre Cigar Is Produced With Two Wrappers
The Asylum 50 x 5 Ogre cigar is going to get attention wherever it goes, and there’s no doubt that it’s the kind of stick aimed at a particular segment of aficionados. To begin with, it’s a barber pole, but it’s no standard barber pole.
The Aging Room M21 Fortissimo Cigar Is A Solid Nine Out Of Ten
The Aging Room small batch M21 is available as a Fortissimo (a Preferido 5 Âľ x 47) cigar that is a 100% Puro Dominican Habano. It got its name from its finalized date (Monday, January 21st), and the vitola term is for its full-bodied strength.
The A. Flores Serie Privada Cigars Reviewed
Every stick these days has a story extolling its importance to a brand or line, but the A. Flores Serie Privada cigars need none of that. There’s no mystique or romanticism surrounding these stogies.
The Hammer & Sickle Icon Cigars Were Voted The 2013 Cigar Of The Year
Hammer & Sickle Icon cigars were released at the 2013 IPCPR tradeshow in Nevada as the sixth series featured by the company. The latest H&S release is by far the mildest and corresponds to the luxury cigar industry’s shift in focus to medium and medium-full flavored sticks.
The Fernando Leon Cigars Are A Tribute To The History Of His Family
The single line of Fernando Leon Cigars is a tribute to the late chief of La Aurora Cigars and his family’s story in the industry. The tobacco industry is filled with tradition because some families have been in the business for multiple generations.
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